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Above all, aesthetic dentistry aims to maintain or restore the beauty and natural appearance of the teeth. Of course, this takes into account the chewing and speaking function - so it's not just about dental aesthetics or a cinematic smile, but also about oral and dental health and long-lasting, comfortable and nature-identical dentures.

Aesthetic dentistry is closely linked to modern implantology, maxillofacial surgery and periodontics. Many master laboratories and dental technicians have meanwhile specialized in aesthetic dentistry and especially high-quality aesthetic dentures. New materials such as tooth-colored high-performance ceramics (eg zirconium oxide) and major advances in the field of computer-aided denture fabrication and fitting make it easier, safer and more affordable to have beautiful teeth and an all-round good mouthfeel into old age.

An important prerequisite for beautiful, aesthetic teeth is the harmony of red and white dental aesthetics: white, nature-oriented teeth are surrounded by healthy, pinkish gums.

Of particular importance is the restoration of the red aesthetics for the anterior teeth in the upper jaw, because here they are clearly visible when talking and laughing. Even with loss of teeth defects in the gums, which can only be reconstructed perfectly with the most time-consuming pretreatments. The specialized dentist in these cases, using a long-term temporary restoration, can form soft tissue lobes into so-called pseudopapillae, which restore the natural gum tissue between the anterior teeth.

Gingival treatment for periodontal disease is another area of ​​use for red aesthetics. Due to periodontitis, the chronic bacterial inflammation of the gums and bony gums, gums and jaw bones recede. A specialist in dental aesthetics has surgical options to rebuild bone and connective tissue. Prior to this, inflamed gums (gingivitis) and periodontal pockets as well as damaged teeth must be remedied with special measures.

For the restoration of white aesthetics, there are numerous options available to the patient.

For simple discolorations, the teeth can be brightened by bleaching. Unaesthetic and health-threatening fillings made of amalgam can be replaced by tooth-colored ceramic inlays. Crowns made of all-ceramic or zirconium allow a perfect and natural dental aesthetics with low grinding of the teeth.

With the help of thin ceramic shells, so-called veneers, which are adhesively bonded to the teeth, the dentist can correct stubborn discoloration or optically shorten teeth that appear long due to the gum's decline.

Even superstructures made of plastics or composites can compensate for a tooth substance loss aesthetically, especially in the anterior region.

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Aesthetic dentistry


Beautiful teeth are the best prerequisite for a sympathetic smile. A healthy tooth substance as well as brilliant white rows of teeth belong to it, if one wants to convince in the job and private life with an appealing laugh.

But often leave your own teeth to be desired, if discoloration, visible dentures or missing teeth make life difficult. Aesthetic Dentistry today offers each patient a range of treatment options to turn a defective tooth substance into a healthy and radiant smile.

Aesthetic dentistry is the part of dentistry that deals with the appearance of teeth. While tooth preservation is primarily geared to preserving the dental substance through preventive and conservative measures, and implantology focuses on the fabrication and fitting of high quality and functional implants, esthetic dentistry focuses on the preservation of natural tooth structure using aesthetically pleasing dentures. The spectrum of possible treatments ranges from classic amalgam restoration through the use of high-quality dentures to the adaptation of veneers. Thus, aesthetic dentistry occupies a wide space in dentistry. Smileforever specializes in Aesthetic Dentistry, high dental and dental quality is in the foreground. Thus, the dentures used not only excel by their optical perfection, but it also convinces by a high functionality and an extremely good biological compatibility.

Inlays, veneers, crowns and bridges for esthetic dentures take the greatest importance. If you had to settle for some time ago with silver, gold and their alloys as a dental prosthesis, the range of materials continues today significantly. Although precious metal is due to its physical nature today as a durable alternative in dentures, but in particular the optical claim carries a crown of gold in the rows of teeth hardly bill. If it was already possible to recognize well from a distance, if a patient was treated with gold-colored dentures, the variants of modern dentures are much more appealing to the eye. Modern inlays, veneers, crowns and bridges are made of tooth-colored material, which even on closer inspection can no longer be distinguished from the natural tooth substance. An experienced dentist can choose a denture that exactly matches the patient's tooth color when selecting the material color. He will also take into account whether bleaching is planned in the foreseeable future. If the patient decides after the treatment for a whitening of the teeth, an experienced physician will consider this already in the selection of the tooth-colored replacement and then opts for a slightly lighter tone, so that the dentures are no longer distinguishable from the natural teeth after bleaching is. The patient has the good feeling to wear a visually appealing dentures, where he has many years of pleasure and convinces with maximum functionality.

Aesthetic dentistry also includes the use of veneers when these are appropriate as dentures. Veneers are very thin shells, which are applied especially to the anterior teeth and which are optically indistinguishable from the natural tooth substance. Veneers are the method of choice when gaps in teeth need to be closed, when broken teeth have to be replaced, or when a natural tooth has grown too small. In these cases, they offer a functional denture that meets the highest optical standards.

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