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Orthopaedic rehabilitation is a form of therapy that treats a wide variety of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. 2020-03-19 Rehabilitation
All you need to now about Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in countries as Germany and Austria is an integral part of the holistic medical care. Rehabilitation in Germany is mostly carried out after serious medical interventions, such as complex surgeries, or after severe diseases (stroke, injuries of spinal cord, musculoskeletal apparatus, amputation of limbs, traumatic brain injury, etc.).

Rehabilitation includes preventive and rehabilitative aspects. In general, the purpose of rehabilitation measures is to preserve and restore the body's functional capacity and the ability to work, and to support the patient reintegrating them into active, independent daily life. In other words, rehabilitation in in countries as Germany and Austria is focused on maintaining the functional balance of the human body activity.

Rehabilitation in Germany is a combination of holistic, interdisciplinary organized therapeutic and recreational concepts. Rehabilitation in Germany offers the possibility of stationary, outpatient or stationary-outpatient health-care activities.

Rehabilitation in Germany provides a wide range of rehabilitative measures (medical, occupational and social rehabilitation). Nowadays there are various forms and areas of rehabilitation as for example orthopedic, neurological, cardiological and other types of rehabilitation procedures.

Rehabilitation in Germany is carried out in general hospitals, in specialized rehabilitation institutions, such as rehabilitation clinics, professional rehabilitation centers, as well as in rehabilitation schools, etc. Many German rehabilitation institutions are located in resort areas and have long taken the leading position among European sanatorium-resort and recreational centers. The mountain climate with clean air is extremely suitable for patients suffering from asthma and allergy. Thermal, mineral and curative springs of German resorts positively affect chronic illnesses of the digestive system, diseases of the liver and biliary tract, peripheral nervous system and post-traumatic diseases, metabolic and nutrition disorders, degenerative rheumatism, allergies, immune diseases, etc. Rehabilitation in Germany is the best solution to your health problems and the opportunity to experience the joy of a full life again.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Germany

In the field of orthopedics in Germany and Austria the rehabilitation in following diseases is possible:

Rehabilitation in the field of orthopedics in Germany and Austria, measures

Cardiological Rehabilitation

In the field of cardiology in Germany and Austria the rehabilitation in the following diseases is possible:

The use of interdisciplinary organized therapeutic concepts can reduce risk factors in high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, excess body weight and impaired fat metabolism.

Rehabilitation in the field of cardiology in Germany, measures:

Oncological Rehabilitation

In the field of oncology in Germany and Austria the rehabilitation in following diseases is possible:

Psychosomatic Rehabilitation

In the area of psychosomatic in Germany and Austria the rehabilitation in following diseases is possible:

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