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Chipped or broken tooth is always a trouble, especially if it is in a front, but, currently, when it is so many solutions how to reconstruct damaged teeth, it is not real problem. 2020-02-13 Tooth Repair

Usefull Information About Tooth Repair

Under a tooth repair much can be understood, as well as an artificial crown which serves the restoration of a natural tooth crown, when the upper part of the tooth by tooth decay or by a dental accident is partially or completely destroyed.

In dentistry, the tooth repair or preservation has priority, because each denture as well as the dental implant tooth replacement can not be better than your own tooth with the tooth roots and the periodontal (fiber apparatus as a ligaments of the teeth). The tooth repair is a tooth preserving measure and is referred to the dentist as or "preservative dental treatment" or "preservative therapy". When repairing teeth, it is usually about a tooth filling, which is popularly referred to as a dental seal and the dentist as filling therapy.

Beauty Dent covers a wide range of dental services, such as tooth repair, dental cosmetics as well as dental restoration or dental treatment for white teeth and healthy gums. Beauty Dent means beautiful teeth, which in the aesthetic dentistry usually the dental hygiene, whitening or beautifying the teeth with veneers as well as a gum treatment at the dentist is understood, so that a perfect and harmonious tooth image with white teeth and a beautiful facial aesthetics.

For dental restorations or dental restorations, the aesthetic, functional and holistic aspect should be taken into account. When it comes to repairing teeth, the dentist's first goal is to preserve the teeth so that there are no further dental problems and bite problems. Dental fillings become necessary in case of tooth decay (hole in the tooth) as a result of tooth decay or other tooth damage to the tooth hard substance at the tooth neck or the tooth crown.

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