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Tooth crown refers to an artificial denture, which is applied to severely damaged teeth. The insertion of the tooth crown is called the dentist Überkronung. The tooth crown, however, is not just the denture "crown", but also the natural tooth crown, ie the part of the tooth that protrudes from the gums.

Dental crowns are differentiated into full crowns and partial crowns. The full crown covers the tooth completely. A partial crown, however, covers only a part of the tooth, for example the occlusal surface.

In addition to temporarily used temporary crowns, dentists use permanent dentures with a crown. Dental and jaw surgeries can make the temporary tooth crown directly. It serves the patient as a temporary solution until he receives the final dentures. A permanent tooth crown is carefully adapted to the individual dentition of the patient and made in special dental laboratories.

The dental crown material used is metals, ceramics or plastics. Metal crowns are usually made of gold or other metal alloys. They are very stable and wear only very slowly. The disadvantage is the eye-catching color, so that many patients only choose a metal crown for tooth crowns for molars. An alternative are dental crowns made of metal, which are coated with ceramic in the appropriate tooth color, so-called veneers.

Dental crowns made of plastic are cheaper, but they are also easier to use and are more likely to be damaged than dental crowns made of metal.

Dental crowns made of ceramic offer an appealing aesthetic result: they differ in their color hardly from a natural tooth and are particularly well suited for the visible front teeth.

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