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Treatment in Dusseldorf

Promenade along the Rhine
Promenade along the Rhine

Clinics in Germany are proved as leading health facilities. Whatever you are looking for: a complex of specific procedures, quality treatment or rehabilitation program, you easily can find the most suitable option via our site. The best world recognized experts will conduct a complex diagnostics, determine a course of procedures required and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

Clinics in Düsseldorf are comfortable and offer various accommodation options. Family treatment is available: an individual treatment plan will be designed for each family member to address specific health problems.

English-speaking medical personnel make you to feel at home, help to receive procedures and solve any problem that may arise during your stay in a clinic. Therapy in Düsseldorf is known as high-tech, effective and affordable.

Düsseldorf Attractions


The glorious city offers to the traveler a number of amazing places to explore. Beautiful architecture, museums, monuments, castles, palaces and embankments makes Düsseldorf irresistible and magnificent.

Attractions in Düsseldorf are numerous and intriguing.

Dusseldorf is a surprising city. You can enjoy the history and learn the secrets of the present in every quarter. The main thing is to find your best route and, then, unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

History of Düsseldorf

Königsallee in Stadtmitte
Königsallee in Stadtmitte

The first mention of the city in written sources dates back to 1135. By the time, a small settlement on the river Düssel had already existed. Gradually, the village expanded its territory due to the population growth. The battle lost by William V in 1288 significantly reduced the boundaries.

When Johann Wilhelm became the Elector and decided to make the city his residence, Düsseldorf began expanding its borders and strengthen the territories. The first castle was built in Düsseldorf in 1382. Duke perfectly controlled the territory and made the city a real fortress with strong defensive structures. Science and religion were paramount in the city. It was here where all the philosophers and monks, artists and writers were congregated. Johann Wilhelm became a significant person in the history of Düsseldorf. The people respected their ruler so much that gave their silver cutlery to cast his statue erected in the center of the main city square. Düsseldorf in Germany was the residence of numerous rulers for a long time. When Napoleon Bonaparte decided to settle at this place of Germany, he chose a few local castles for his high presence.

The Second World War caused significant damage to the city. According to the estimations of historians, bombs destroyed more than 70% of historical buildings in Düsseldorf. Many people believe that, finally, it has benefited the city. Düsseldorf has been “arisen from the ashes” and changed a lot. The architects did a great job to restore castles and monuments and reconstruct the embankment.

Holiday and Treatment in Düsseldorf

The Mecca of travelers, artists and free-spirited people, Düsseldorf is considered one of the best places to relax and learn something new and fourth-rate. Attractions and interesting places are at every turn. Your holiday in Düsseldorf can be multifaceted. Seekers of inspiration find it in intricate architecture and museum collections of art objects. Here, travelers discover the new face of Germany, whilst medical tourists restore their health in spa resorts and clinics that offer numerous medical services and procedures.

Clinics in Düsseldorf are multidisciplinary, have advanced equipment and offer the latest technologies and treatment methods. The luminaries of the world medicine precisely determine effective procedures and assign a treatment plan to bring real results. You only need to choose the clinic timely and leave the rest to the professionals.

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