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Concert Hall Baden-Baden
Concert Hall Baden-Baden

Medical treatment in Baden-Baden is known for its quality and efficiency. Information provided by our experts will help you find a hospitals and experienced doctors for treatment in Baden-Baden. The analytical company GermanMedicalGroup monitors all medical services provided by Baden-Baden clinics to facilitate the choise for foreign patients, because without knowing the structure of the Baden-Baden hospitals it can be difficult to understand and choose the right doctors for the disease profile who would be happy to support foreign patients. Foreign patients often have hard time to navigate in the abundance of offers on the Internet.

Our primary task is to provide objective information about treatment in Baden-Baden clinics. Our company guarantees the quality and reliability of information about hospitals and doctors in Baden-Baden, which is collected objectively and independently of extraneous interests under the supervision of top-class analysts, who are specialists in their area. Thus, we hope that with the help of our company the treatment in Baden-Baden will help you achieve the optimal result.

We welcome you to have a look at the presentations, choose the right Baden-Baden healthcare facilities and their services, pick the most suitable option. First of all, it is recommended to select a treatment profile. Each medical institution we propose has a description of its experienced specialists. An individual approach to your situation and diagnosis, appropriate therapy, restorative procedures, traditional practices and the latest equipment make Baden-Baden clinics leading in their area.

The Best Clinics in Baden-Baden:

Lichtentaler Allee

High-quality treatment in Baden-Baden is carried out by competent specialists all year around. You can choose an option, which is proper for you, and learn more about the procedures and treatments in the complete list of services offered.

Baden-Baden Attractions

Baden-Baden historically was a favorite place for medical tourism from abroad starting from Roman legionnaires and including outstanding boom of popularity in the XIX century. There are many sights of the Roman Empire, as well as modern architecture attractions, that worth your special attention in a town.

Popular attractions in Baden-Baden:


We believe you will like the German town Baden-Baden regardless you are an experienced traveler or short-term tourist. This beautiful place of Germany has many hidden secrets to surprise and delight you.

History of Baden-Baden


The city has been dated as far as of the Roman emperor Caracalla. The first baths on the thermal springs were founded there in 214 B.C. The emperor came there to improve his health together with his family. Roman soldiers had a rest for rehabilitation after battles in Baden for next 6-7 centuries. But with the fall of the Roman Empire, Baden-Baden started declining. For dozens of centuries, the Germans considered the place a kind of “entrance to hell” and avoided it.

The status of the summer capital of Europe the city received only in the XVII century. The enterprising Germans had realized how much profit they loosed with the devastation of the place and decided to build around the Market Square a spa for respectable gentlemen. Gradually, representatives of the European aristocracy started to gather there. The royalties also occasionally visited Baden-Baden.

In XIX century, Baden-Baden had reached the pick of its popularity. Queen Victoria and German Emperor Wilhelm were among the famous people who visited the spa. Everyone wanted to be in Baden-Baden. From that moment, princes and grandees, writers and composers had leisure in Baden-Baden. Restoring health in Baden-Baden turned to be fashionable and prestigious. After Russian Emperor Alexander I had married to the Princess of Baden, the town started growing popular among the Russian nobility too.

Nowadays, modern curing techniques and first-class clinics with luminaries of world medicine also make Baden-Baden attractive for travelers who want to enjoy the beauty of the ancient town and restore their health.

Holiday and Treatment in Baden-Baden


In Baden-Baden you can both have leisure and improve your health. In the clinics of Baden, you will find services in all medical spheres to solve any health problem. There are many special programs for rehabilitation, recovery and body detoxification. The best specialists will design a tailored treatment plan for you based on your wishes, requirements and health indications.

In a spa town, you can easily combine your holiday in Baden-Baden and full treatment for you and your whole family. Numerous clinics, hotels and pensions offer an individual approach to each customer. Leading experts in medicine will consider on your health issues whilst good facilities, fresh air and relaxing environment will contribute to your rehabilitation a lot. The variety of historical sites, cultural places, beautiful architecture and the rich spiritual history of the city make staying in Baden-Baden unique.

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