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Austria - is a great European country, which is famous for its mild climate, the beauty of the landscape, resort towns, spas, as well as for its high level of medicine. It is in Austria that you can get top quality medical care at affordable price. There are many clinics, providing highly professional services to people with diseases in the field of oncology, cardiology, gynecology, orthopedics, urology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, etc. Dental treatment and aesthetic surgery in Austria enjoy the excellent reputation, attracting thousands of international tourists annually. The orthopedic treatment in Austria is performed on the highest level of modern orthopedic science. Austria is a number 1 destination for patients who look for rehabilitation after joint replacement or other joint surgery.

Treatment in Austria is not only very effective, but also enjoyable, satisfying both the health and the aesthetic needs.

Why to come to Austria for treatment

According to statistics, at least 10% of all the tourists coming to Austria, are medical tourists, i.e. those who look for medical assistance abroad. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) Austria ranks third on the global list when it comes to efficiency of treatment.

Annually about 30.5 million euro are invested into the health sector, which makes the highly equipped and perfectly stuffed Austrian clinics really attractive for the foreign medical tourists. Clinics are located in a picturesque place with clean mountain air and mild weather, so you can combine the treatment and vacation.

Infertility treatment in Austria

A special attention is paid to the discoveries in the field of reproductive medicine. Austria is proud with more than 3000 centers of reproduction. The interdisciplinary, individual and holistic approach is the key for successful infertility treatment both in men and women.

The reproductive center of Prof. Szalay, in Austria

The clinic enjoys excellent reputation in infertility treatment. The specialists are involved into the research in the field of artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization, which contributes to the quality of infertility treatment. Due to the tight cooperation with university clinics, it has become one of the most renowned IVF-centers in Austria. The success rates of IVF treatment at the clinic, headed by Prof. Dr. Szalay makes up about 45%.

A team of IVF specialists, biologists and psychotherapists remain in constant contact with well-known research institutions and has permanent access to the latest results of scientific research. The high quality infertility treatment is the highest concern of this clinic in Austria. Prof. Szalay would be glad to personally consult you about the modern IVF techniques, applied in Austria!

International center of reproduction, Prof Zech in Vienna

This reproductive center located both in Salzburg (Austria) is one of the most famous in Europe. Head of the clinic Prof. Dr. Zech pays much attention to introduction of new innovative methods of infertility treatment. The specialists of the clinic have already helped thousands of couples to have a healthy child. The clinic enjoys excellent reputation. The success rate of IVF treatment makes up more than 40%. Every third female patient gets pregnant already in the first cycle of IVF treatment. Modern methods of treatment in combination with the professionalism, pleasant atmosphere and interdisciplinary approach guarantee achieving the desired result.

Dental treatment in Austria

The modern dentistry services attract about 5000 medical tourists annually. A key tenet of dental treatment in Austria is patient-oriented and interdisciplinary approach. Dentistry in Austria has at its disposal all the newest types of professional equipment, thereby providing optimal treatment success and high level of safety. Among the benefits of the Austrian dental clinics one should mention:

  • Sparing technology of dental treatment
  • Excellent skills of dentists
  • Precise planning of dental treatments including dental implants surgery
  • Transparent price policy
  • Long-term, predictable results
  • Compliance with the latest standards of dental science
  • Compliance with the strict conditions of hygiene

The following clinics serve just as an example of highly professional Austrian dental clinic. Our database contains more than 80 dental centers, each of them enjoying excellent reputation both in Austria and beyond its borders.

SMILE4LIFE. Your modern dental clinic in Austria

This modern clinic in the heart of Vienna specializes in implantology and cosmetic dentistry, offering the patients the best dental solutions. The highly experienced dental medical team and state of the art technologies are the key factor of successful dental treatment. State of the art medical facilities with modern equipment such as 3D X-ray determines diagnostic accuracy, clinical efficiency and patient-centered, holistic dental therapy. More than 3 000 of international patients have already appreciated dental treatment at this clinic.

This and other clinics offer the following general dental services:

  • Laser treatment
  • Oral surgery
  • Dental implantation
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • All types of dental restorations (Veneers and lumineers)
  • All types of modern bridges and crowns made of ceramic and metal-ceramic materials
  • Pediatric dental treatment

This dental center is renowned for the high quality of dental surgeries. The clinic is staffed by the best specialists, dentists of the highest category. Technical equipment of the medical center allows performing the implantation with immediate loading as well as a one-stage procedure of dental implantation treatment.

Aesthetic and plastic surgery in Austria.

Treatment by the best European plastic surgeons!

Plastic surgery clinics in Austria perform all kinds of plastic surgery treatment in accordance with the highest European standards. The aim of the Austrian specialists in plastic surgery is to achieve optimal aesthetic results without any risk to the health. Be it beauty injections, breast augmentation or lifting—the treatment will be performed in accordance with all the strictest demands and standards of modern medicine.

The Austrian plastics surgeons offer an individual treatment plan for each patient, taking into account all the physiological characteristics and individual needs. The result of plastic surgery and laser aesthetics will surpass your expectations.

Before the operation, there will always be appointed as detailed consultation and preliminary examination. After surgery, the patient will be provided with the necessary medical care at the highest professional level.

Clinic of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Vienna

This clinic of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Vienna offers patients a wide range of modern methods to achieve aesthetic perfection and health. Head of the clinic Prof. Dr. med. Science Edvin Turkof is a plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive medicine. This medical institution brings together the best experts in the field of aesthetic surgery, whose main concern is to achieve excellent treatment results with minimally invasive techniques. Droopy eyelids, a disproportionate nose, too big or too small breasts or stretched skin after major weight loss all these and many other problems can be easily decided at this center.

All clinics in Austria are equipped with high end diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, allowing the diagnostic procedures at the unprecedented level of accuracy. The internationally renowned specialists in Austria employ all their experience, working with great commitment to achieve the excellent treatment results. We are engaged in the support of medical tourism in Austria, Germany or Switzerland and will give you all the necessary information about treatment abroad.

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