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Pediatric dentistry includes all treatments in the mouth, throat and jaw area of ​​children and adolescents. And from birth on. In addition to the preventive examinations, a variety of measures for the health of the teeth are taken, such. Caries prophylaxis with fluoride, the treatment of caries and the treatment of malocclusions. Pediatric Dentistry forms an independent and preventive field in dentistry. It differs considerably from adult dentistry because the dentition still grows into adolescence.

The dental care is not innate, but must be learned and practiced as well as reading and writing. The ideal time to start with dental care is the breakthrough of the first tooth. An important motivation for early dental care is the childish impulsive impulse parents should use. Children should therefore often have the opportunity to watch adults or siblings brush their teeth. Even simple films or picture books on the subject of dental care and dentistry can help.

If toothache occurs, the teeth are usually already damaged and must be treated by the dentist. Bad experiences with these first treatments in childhood are more often the reason for a pronounced dental fear in adulthood. Therefore: Prevention is better than cure. Proper dental hygiene or proper oral hygiene is therefore particularly important in children and should be continued as far as possible into old age.

In addition, nutrition and education about the health hazard posed by sugar in drinks and food plays a major role in the health of the teeth.

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Paediatric Dentistry. Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry dealing with children from birth through adolescence. 2020-03-11 Dentistry for Kids
Dentistry for Kids
	Dentistry for Kids

You notice something about the tooth position of your child? The school dentist or your family dentist has made you aware of a possibly necessary orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment of children and infants requires special attention. Since many malocclusions can be resolved by controlling growth in children alone, careful consideration of other factors is important. For example, a malfunctioning nasal breathing can cause a narrow jaw, a wrong tongue function an open bite and teeth lost too early can cause crowding.

We are happy to advise you on the necessity and the possibilities of a treatment.

Kid’s dentistry is not accidentally recognized as a separate branch of dentistry.

Treating children, a dentist should take into account not only their special psychological features, but also a fact that temporary teeth differ from permanent ones: they smaller, have thinner hard tissues (enamel on the tooth side is only 1 mm thick) and a rougher surface and, atop of this, have poor mineralization. This is why temporary teeth are less stable and more exposed to adverse factors.

Another important feature of the development of the dentoalveolar system in kids is the proximity of the roots of temporary teeth to the rudiments of the permanent. If you do not treat caries of a milk tooth in time, the infection can affect the nerve and pulpitis will develop. Further, the infection can spread through the root canal into the bone tissue, which can damage the rudiment of the permanent tooth.

That is why you need to take care of your baby's teeth. If you are travelling in Germany and your child has some problems with teeth, do not delay your visit to a dentist until you will be at home: German dentistry for kids offers you the highly professional service of specialists with a qualification in pediatric dentistry.

Dentistry for Kids: The Right Treatment

A child often does not understand how to behave in a dentist office, which would make it difficult to give treatment to children unless you are experienced to work with kids. German pediatric dentists understand that, treating smaller patients, you should be professional not only in dental services but also be a psychologist.

It is very important for a child to have a positive impression of visiting a dentist, as in childhood we create behavior models. Do you know how many people have a dental phobia? Millions! Probably, they all, when were children, had a wrong treatment. But it could not happen to your child in kid’s dentistry in Germany.

First, a doctor will talk to your child and, probably, even will suggest to play a game, the game with a name “A Doctor and a small patient”. Have you ever played? Oh, you have not. Let’s go! Dentistry for kids starts from playing games and, then, continues with treatment.

Children's dental services

The root of all tooth problems is poor oral hygiene and a lack of prevention. That is why dentistry for kids should start from the education of children together with their parents.

Prevention of Kid’s Oral Problems

The German dentists are addicted to hygiene and we hope you will be lucky to find one who will tell you a saga on right tooth cleaning in English. After that your child will never separate with his/her toothbrush and floss. But prevention is not only cleaning, but also professional services. German pediatric dental clinics offer the following services:

  • Fluoride treatment: fluoride varnish is applied to the teeth to prevent them from decay
  • Professional tooth cleaning for kids.
  • Placing space maintainers after losing toot to prevent moving of adjacent teeth.
  • Regular examination for decay.

Dentistry for kids in Germany means to be vigilant and do not miss a slightest problem.


A pediatric dentist will examine the teeth of your kid visually and apply X-rays if necessary.

Dental Treatment for Kids

Dental clinics in Germany offer the full range of dental treatment for children.

  1. Filling. German clinics offer for children colored seals if they wish. Your child can choose a color.
  2. Crowns: stainless and resin.
  3. Pulpitis treatment.
  4. Tooth extraction
  5. Pediatric periodontics.
  6. Pediatric dental surgery.
  7. Emergency Dental Services for Kids

The most of German dental clinics support travelling insurance. Please, check before applying.

Children's anesthesia for dental treatment

There are two approaches to anesthesia in pediatric treatment: some dentists prefer to give general anesthesia to children before dental treatment, but other prefer not to. The most of German dentists incline to the second option. General anesthesia may be decided when there is no other way to perform treatment which is extremely necessary. In other cases, local anesthesia is preferable.

Orthodontic Dentistry for Kids in Germany

Pediatric orthodontics is a large branch of kid’s dentistry as bite problems are better treated in children, as in their bones are more pliable, but it is not recommended to undertake something before permanent teeth starts (6-7 years). In German dental clinics you will receive valuable advices and a proper bite correction with the help of modern orthodontic systems for children and teens.


Braces are the fixed appliances for bite correction and for alignment of crooked teeth. Currently there is a great choice of braces on the market and you can choose for your child whatever you want.

The braces consist of brackets attached to every teeth and metal wire holding them in place. The wires, normally, made of stainless steel or metal alloys (nickel-titanium, copper-titanium) and brackets are produced of such materials as metal, plastic, composites and porcelain.

Now the braces are not necessarily fully bonded and more comfortable. Your child will wear them readily, especially, because it has become trendy in recent years and it seems as the whole world has decided to align the teeth as solders. Your kids will hardly meet misunderstanding socializing with peers. The braces need time to get used to them, but, then, you will feel okay.


Retainers are the next step after braces. They made of metal and plastic and used on a final stage of orthodontic treatment to keep the teeth in position for some time after braces removal. It is recommended to wear them overnight.

Retainer also can fix some other problems in the mount as a tongue thrust or temporomandibular disorder.


Elastics or rubber bands helps are used together with braced to create additional pressure to the teeth. Elastics are removable and you can put them temporarily off. But it is better not to remove elastics for a long time and replace immediately if one is broken. If worn constantly they help to keep your teeth tighter. Rubber bands are made of latex and produced in different colors.

Prices for Children’s Orthodontics in Germany

Here you will find average prices for some orthodontic appliances In Germany. Please request for exact quotation.

Services Price
Metal braces €1.200-1.500
Porcelain braces €1.500-4000
Lingual braces €3.000-6.000
Invisalign Braces €1.800-3.2000

When travelling in Europe, you may have orthodontic treatment of your child at affordable prices. Ask German Medical Group for assistance and we will find you a clinic for pediatric orthodontics in Germany.

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