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Clinics and treatment in Hanover

New City Hall
New City Hall

Medical treatment in Hanover is known for its quality and efficiency. Information provided by our experts will help you find a hospitals and experienced doctors for treatment in Hanover. The analytical company GermanMedicalGroup monitors all medical services provided by Hanover clinics to facilitate the choise for foreign patients, because without knowing the structure of the Hanover hospitals it can be difficult to understand and choose the right doctors for the disease profile who would be happy to support foreign patients. Foreign patients often have hard time to navigate in the abundance of offers on the Internet.

Our primary task is to provide objective information about treatment in Hanover clinics. Our company guarantees the quality and reliability of information about hospitals and doctors in Hanover, which is collected objectively and independently of extraneous interests under the supervision of top-class analysts, who are specialists in their area. Thus, we hope that with the help of our company the treatment in Hanover will help you achieve the optimal result.

We welcome you to have a look at the presentations, choose the right Hanover healthcare facilities and their services, pick the most suitable option. First of all, it is recommended to select a treatment profile. Each medical institution we propose has a description of its experienced specialists. An individual approach to your situation and diagnosis, appropriate therapy, restorative procedures, traditional practices and the latest equipment make Hanover clinics leading in their area.

Hanover Attractions

Old city
Old city

In Hanover, you will find an atmosphere where antiquity and modern lifestyle are mixed together. On the adjacent streets, you can find the buildings of different epochs and each of them is unique and inspiring.

Here you will find a list of the top attractions in Hanover:

Hanover city in Germany is unique and attractive. Each building hides its unforgettable story to share with travelers.

History of Hanover

The bronze statues of the Göttingen Seven
The bronze statues of the Göttingen Seven

First colonists are believed to appear in the territory of modern Hanover in the Paleolithic period. There is quite clear evidence that people lived there in the 8th century BC. In the 2nd century AD, the settlement of Tylifurdum was marked there on the map of Claudius Ptolemy. Later, the Cherubs populated the place and had trade relations with Rome.

German tribes of Saxons subordinated by Karl the Great erected the first towers and fortifications in the modern city limits. The counts of Schwalenberg, who settled in the fortress, made Hanover their residence. They expanded the city and dominated over the territory since 954. The modern name of the city, Hanover dates back to 1150, when the market square and St. George's Cathedral were founded by the order of Hildebold I von Roden.

The active development and strengthening of the city started after 1160. Trade has become the main source of city income. Numerous merchants gained wealth and prosperity to the city. That was the reason, why the heirs of Barbarossa had seized the land and the burned the castle and surrounding territories.

By 1241, the city became independent again and was gradually restored. Trade was resumed. Receiving the Great Privilege had strengthened city status and made it one of the most powerful German states. The advantageous position at the intersection of the trade routes made the city the trade outpost between East and West. The merchants run the show and became the real lords of the lands, which helped to save Hanover from destruction during the thirty-year war: the merchants paid a considerable amount to the attackers and insured, thus, the safety of the city. After the Elector George Ludwig took the British throne in 1714, Hanover's was ruled remotely. The merchant houses concentrated considerable power in their hands.

The occupation of Hanover by the troops of Napoleon lasted for seven years. Entering the French Empire undermined the stability of the city. Over a hundred years, Hanover was in rather unstable position and gradually fell into decay. After 1946, when Hanover became the capital of German state Lower Saxony, the city entered a new prosperous era.

Holiday and Treatment in Hanover

Staying in Hanover will not leave a single traveler indifferent. Unusual architecture, majestic buildings, numerous monuments and museums, modern parks and theaters will make your rest in Hannover unforgettable.

The clinics in Hannover offer an endless list of medical services in various medical fields. It is enough to choose the required area of medicine and you will get a list of health facilities with detailed information on services and procedures. This will help you to select a clinic. Comfortable accommodation and professional staff will make your stay memorable and eventful. In Hannover city you can have a good time and also restore your health under the guidance of professionals.

Herrenhausen Gardens
Herrenhausen Gardens
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