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Whether coffee, tea or tobacco - invisible and visible deposits damage the teeth. With a prophylaxis, the teeth can be gently and thoroughly cleaned, thus preserving the natural teeth permanently. We explain step by step the procedure of a professional tooth cleaning.

To make plaque and tartar visible, there are test tablets for staining the teeth. Older plaque appear after z. B. in a bluish color.

After the discolorations have been visualized, the dentist cleans the affected areas in a gentle procedure either with hand instruments such as scaler and curette, or with special airflow and ultrasound machines. For deposits in the interdental spaces and at the edges of the gums, dental floss and dental appliances such as interdental brushes and scrapers are used.

With a Pulverstrahlgerät the dentist removes tooth discoloration z. B. of luxury foods.

In the next step, the teeth are rinsed with water and then dried with air.

After thorough cleaning of the teeth, exposed tooth necks and fine cracks within the tooth substance are polished and sealed with a special paste.

Following the polish, a fluoride gel is then applied. In the end, the teeth radiate again and the formation of new deposits is made difficult by the fluoridation.

How long a professional tooth cleaning takes - depends on the necessary effort and the method used in the dental practice. Not every dentist routinely uses fluoride varnish. Frequently, different cleaning instruments are used. In general, you have to allow for a period of 45 to 60 minutes.

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Dental care is the maintenance of healthy teeth and may refer to: Oral hygiene, the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean in order to prevent dental disorders. 2020-03-11 Dental Care
Dental Care
Dental care

Say goodbye to all of your old fears of dentists and nightmare scenes picturing you losing your teeth without slightest hope to have them back. Modern dentistry is a highly developed field of medicine allowing you to keep your oral health smart, easy and without pain. Dental care in Germany provides a number of up-to-date services of teeth treatment and restoration from basic dentistry to complex aesthetic procedures involving surgery and transplantation.

Oral Health Care in Germany

Dental health care starts from prevention and includes the whole complex of measures for keeping teeth healthy and restorations procedures:

  • Dental and oral examination
  • Tooth decay removing
  • Tooth filing
  • Routine tooth extraction
  • Tooth roots treatment
  • Dentinal tubules cleaning
  • Periodontal disease therapy
  • Gingivits and periodontitis treatment

Many clinics in Germany offer comprehensive dental service, when different kinds of treatments carried out by specialized physician that allows providing highest level of professionalism. During initial consultation, a team of specialists consisting of Dental Therapist, Orthodontist , Periodontist, and Implantologist performs diagnosis with help newest equipment and, then, designs a treatment plan which may include tooth and gum therapy, oral surgery and advancing restorative procedures. The personnel mostly can speak English, so you do not need an interpreter for communicating with your doctor.

3D CEREC in Germany

There are a number of dental centers in Germany offer 3D CEREC technology for producing implants. With help of 3D dental modeling it is possible to screen the patient’s teeth and gums, create a digital model in a computer evaluating the situation and, then, develop and produce necessary implants. All of this takes just a few hours, what means you do not need to go to the clinic for months to complete treatment but could spend a single day of your vacations for your tooth care. Based on patient’s wishes, the treatment could be followed by cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic aspect is very important in dentistry as many patients want to have attractive smile. Honestly, in modern dentistry it is difficult to separate tooth health care and cosmetic aspects as they goes very closely. The above mentioned CEREC technology allow to produce bridges, implants, veneers and install them, for example, immediately after tooth extraction. But cosmetic dentistry includes some additional procedures, as bleaching, bonding, contouring, and reshaping. In some cases, maxillary surgery can be applied if needed. With help of GMG you could find a clinic according to your individual needs in a few minutes.

Children's Dental Care

The smaller patients are always welcomed in German clinics, as many of them have special pediatric dentistry departments. If not, in any case, you will be guaranteed attentive and painless treatment for your kid. Children dental health is one of the main focuses of dental care in Europe. We will help you to find the best pediatric specialists without any delay.

Why Dental Care in Germany?

German quality always associated with the high level of reliability and ‘German accuracy’, does not matter it is related to engineering or medicine. German quality also means using only high level German materials (and also some from USA as whitening gel). Specialists in Germany very rarely use metals for sealing and dentures preferring biocompatible materials such as ceramics. And what is surprising, nowadays, dentistry in Germany could offer not only qualified professional service but also quite reasonable price range.

Dental service (treatment) required Average cost in the USA (calculated in EUR) In Great Britain(calculated in EUR) Average cost in Germany, EUR
Dental implantation cost (min.) from 1300 € from 1500 € from 697 €
Bridge cost from 1200 € from 1600 € about 800 - 1000 €
Dental Crown, Composite from 800 € from 950 € about 597 €
Dental Crown, Porcelain about 1800 € about 1800 € about 1100 €
Dentures, Full (one tooth) about 2000 € about 2000 € from 1000 €
Dentures, Partial about 1200 € about 1200 € from 416 €

Flight costs to Germany

Berlin Munich Frankfurt am Main
New York from 489 € return flight from 489 € return flight from 521 € return flight
London from 45 € return flight from 71 € return flight from 125 € return flight

The citizens from UK do not need visa to Germany.

Enjoy Medical Tourism

Modern life style gives us so many possibilities and preferences. Quick arrangements and rapid communications make it possible to travel whenever you want just in a few days. You could enjoy your sightseeing and have your health treatment at the same time. And you do not need to spend much time in investigations. With help of GMG you will find your clinic and your treatment in a few minutes.

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