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Whether coffee, tea or tobacco - invisible and visible deposits damage the teeth. With a prophylaxis, the teeth can be gently and thoroughly cleaned, thus preserving the natural teeth permanently. We explain step by step the procedure of a professional tooth cleaning.

To make plaque and tartar visible, there are test tablets for staining the teeth. Older plaque appear after z. B. in a bluish color.

After the discolorations have been visualized, the dentist cleans the affected areas in a gentle procedure either with hand instruments such as scaler and curette, or with special airflow and ultrasound machines. For deposits in the interdental spaces and at the edges of the gums, dental floss and dental appliances such as interdental brushes and scrapers are used.

With a Pulverstrahlgerät the dentist removes tooth discoloration z. B. of luxury foods.

In the next step, the teeth are rinsed with water and then dried with air.

After thorough cleaning of the teeth, exposed tooth necks and fine cracks within the tooth substance are polished and sealed with a special paste.

Following the polish, a fluoride gel is then applied. In the end, the teeth radiate again and the formation of new deposits is made difficult by the fluoridation.

How long a professional tooth cleaning takes - depends on the necessary effort and the method used in the dental practice. Not every dentist routinely uses fluoride varnish. Frequently, different cleaning instruments are used. In general, you have to allow for a period of 45 to 60 minutes.

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Dental care is the maintenance of healthy teeth and may refer to: Oral hygiene, the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean in order to prevent dental disorders. 2019-10-25 Dental Care
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