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Treatment in Munich

Munich is the second largest "medical" city after Berlin. More than 700 clinics and hospitals, located in the capital of Bavaria, offer qualitative, saf and efficient medical services to patients from all over the world. German clinics are divided into three categories: public clinics, university clinics and private clinics. According to international ratings, Munich clinics enjoy a leading position among European medical centers. Treatment at one of the Munich clinics implies

The specialists of the Munich clinics have achieved particularly noteworthy results in the treatment of cancer. According to the international rating, Cancer Center of the University Clinic of Munich has a leading position among all the specialized cancer centers in Europe.

Medical spectrum of the clinics in Munich

Medical spectrum of the Munich clinics covers all areas of medicine: nuclear medicine, orthopedics, physical therapy and rehabilitation, radiation therapy, urology, dentistry and prosthetics, orthodontics, child and youth psychiatry, pediatric surgery, pediatrics, pediatric cardiology, ophthalmology, surgery, dermatology and allergy , obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, infectious diseases, clinical chemistry and biochemistry, medical genetics, neuroimmunology and neurology.

In many areas of medicine, Munich clinics have become leaders. Here are the benefits of treatment at the clinics of Munich at a glance:

Many patients who failed to get sufficient help at home, come for treatment to the Munich University Clinic to enjoy the highly professional medical support at one of the specialized departments, clinics or medical centers.

University Clinic of Munich: scientific excellence for your health!

One of the most prestigious and well-known university clinics in Germany is located in Munich. It has a well-established tradition, which accounts for already more than two hundred years. The clinic is one of the largest not only in Germany, but also in the Western Europe. Scientific and therapeutic achievements of the university clinic in Munich are known far beyond the borders of Munich. Around 10 000 of medical tourists visit this clinic annually.

The clinic has more than 2,000 beds for inpatient treatment and is proud to offer wonderful living conditions: single or double rooms, which remind of a hotel appartment. In the lobby of the hospital there is a mini-supermarket, a hairdressing salon, a coffee shop, library, internet cafe and more.

The unique equipment enables physicians to conduct unprecedentedly complex surgeries (a bone marrow transplantation as well as kidney, liver, heart, pancreas and lung transplantation). Munich University Clinic operates on 44 specializations

Multidisciplinary Hospital Munich Grosshadern is Europe's largest medical complex, which includes 17 specialized clinics and approximately 10 research institutes. Equipped with the most advanced equipment, it has achieved achieved excellent results in the fields of neurology, oncology, urology, gynecology, tumor and pediatric orthopedics.

Why to come to Munich for treatment?

Clinics of Munich offer the most advanced medical treatment. There are two universities in Munich, each of them coordinating the network of clinics. The University clinic in Munich tops the list of the best medical institutions in the world.

Higher standards at equal price for treatment

The standard of living in Munich and Bavaria is higher than in other parts of Germany. Therefore the requirements for health care and treatment are higher in Munich. The costs for medical treatment correspond to the health legislation and are not higher than in the other parts of Germany.

Higher level of comfort:

In the annual international ranking for the 113 largest cities, which are most comfortable for living, Munich has occupied in 2014 the fourth place. The following factors have been estimated: the development of urban infrastructure, the quality of the healthcare system, cultural life, climate,

You can find a hotel for every taste and be sure that your appartment is clean, convenient and safe. This is important, if you come to Germany for treatment.

Is one of the most friendly European cities for living and recreation. Soft climateand constant feeling of general well-being, promotes good health. Business or sightseeing trip is convenient to combine with treatment or diagnosis in Germany.

Munich - the center of medicine, art and culture!

Munich is the center of art and culture in Germany. It houses famous shopping and sports centers, bars, restaurants and museums, diverse gastronomy facilities and excellent public transport links. Historic sights in Munich include ancient castles, green parks and gardens, as well as the well-known tradition festivities, like Oktoberfest.

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