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Clinics and treatment in Munich

Munich Frauenkirche
Munich Frauenkirche

Medical treatment in Munich is known for its quality and efficiency. Information provided by our experts will help you find a hospitals and experienced doctors for treatment in Munich. The analytical company GermanMedicalGroup monitors all medical services provided by Munich clinics to facilitate the choise for foreign patients, because without knowing the structure of the Munich hospitals it can be difficult to understand and choose the right doctors for the disease profile who would be happy to support foreign patients. Foreign patients often have hard time to navigate in the abundance of offers on the Internet.

Our primary task is to provide objective information about treatment in Munich clinics. Our company guarantees the quality and reliability of information about hospitals and doctors in Munich, which is collected objectively and independently of extraneous interests under the supervision of top-class analysts, who are specialists in their area. Thus, we hope that with the help of our company the treatment in Munich will help you achieve the optimal result.

We welcome you to have a look at the presentations, choose the right Munich healthcare facilities and their services, pick the most suitable option. First of all, it is recommended to select a treatment profile. Each medical institution we propose has a description of its experienced specialists. An individual approach to your situation and diagnosis, appropriate therapy, restorative procedures, traditional practices and the latest equipment make Munich clinics leading in their area.

Dentistry in Munich

The German Medical Group analyzes the medical services market in Europe and provides information on leading practicing dentists in Munich. Choose a suitable dentist, based on preferences to the location of the clinic, doctor specializations, assessments of his patients.

If you need organizational support for a trip to the dentist in Munich, such as getting the time and date for admission, an invitation for a visa and other issues, contact us by phone, messengers, or e-mail. For scheduling treatment and getting information about the timing and cost, it is recommended to send a request in advance with your data and description of the problem. We recommend to get in advance panoramic images, 3D-X-rays, images of teeth from different camera angles.

Presented dentists in Munich have a solid experience of treating German and foreign patients. The experts recommended by us successfully compare the desires of patients with the medical and aesthetic aspects of dentistry.

We wish you successful treatment in our dentists in Munich!

Joint surgery in Munich

Knee and joint surgery Munich, replacement of the hip and knee joint in Munich, joint implants in Munich, joint replacement surgery in Munich, implantation of the endoprosthesis in Munich, correction of valgus deformity in Munich, joint surgery Munich, endoprostheses in Munich, prosthetics in Munich.

Our consultants are often referred by patients with questions related to the replacement of the knee and hip joint in one of the clinics in Munich.

Represented here experts from the field of orthopedic surgery, conducting surgery in Munich for arthroscopy, or replacing the hip and knee joints that establish implant joints in Munich, usually have a lot of experience. Each of these specialists has hundreds of operations for partial or complete replacement of the joint per year.

In the trend recently, a minimally invasive operation to replace the joint surface in Munich.

Along with this, classical implantation of the endoprosthesis in Munich with the use of artificial joints, proven manufacturers. In our time, joint replacement in Munich has become almost routine, while high quality standards have been achieved and the length of stay in clinics has been reduced. With a minimally invasive technique, there is virtually no scar left on the site of surgery. After the knee or hip joint replacement, our patients usually have 3-4 days in the clinic and then 1 week in the rehabilitation clinic. When choosing a clinic you will be offered the optimal cost option, which corresponds to your financial capabilities, from budgetary to maximally comfortable.

Our expert consultants will prepare and coordinate the entire process of arranging your arrival and stay to replace the knee or hip joint in the clinics of Munich. We are waiting for your requests by phone or email. The mail specified in the contact information.

Urology in Munich

Dear patients!

This page provides information on urological examination, diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases in Munich, examination and treatment of chronic prostatitis, treatment of good and malignant tumors of the prostate in Munich, such as adenoma and prostatic hyperplasia, prostate or bladder carcinoma and others.

Our experts and urology clinics in Munich occupy high positions in medical ratings, thanks to numerous positive results, both in diagnosis and in the treatment of urological diseases. In the treatment of prostate diseases, Munich uses both a modern, gentle method of treatment - brachytherapy, and a more classical surgical method, such as radical prostatectomy (surgical removal of the tumor) and, of course, a popular and also gentle method of operation with the application of the Da Vinci Robot system.

Among our urologists in Munich there are experts who also deal with the causes of impotence and infertility. Often our men-urologists in Munich are treated by men suffering from azoospermia. The treatment options for this disease are considered individually for each patient. The same can be said with certainty about the treatment of impotence. Our urologists in Munich argue that impotence is not a sentence, and often in an individual case, treatment is possible when combining psychosomatic and medicinal methods. To do this, you need to seek the help of qualified urologists, without refusing to receive in advance information about the possibility of treatment. Another common problem in men today is chronic prostatitis, which can also be treated if, at a time, you contact a professional urologist. Among the results of treatment of prostatitis, experts in Munich have a significant percentage of successfully treated cases.

In any of the above cases it will be useful to provide up-to-date tests and extracts from the history of your illness. It is best to translate these documents in advance into German or English to speed up the processing of your request. As you understand, most German doctors do not speak foreign languages, so providing an extract from your urological clinic, for example, in Russian or Arabic language, will at least not be convenient. In English, documents are accepted for review more often and such processing will be faster. Often in the presence of a specific diagnosis, it is necessary to provide images of MRI. To do this, when you contact the request, you will receive instructions from our specialists on how to provide our urologists with your pictures. This procedure is standardized and used the same way in all urology clinics in Munich.

We hope that the information on urology and urologists in Munich provided here will be useful to you. Do not hesitate to contact our office, for organizing your visit to a urologist in Munich.


Munich Attractions

No matter how many times you visited Munich, you admire it every time. You enjoy the inevitable beauty of the city, its historical sites, monuments and museums, operas and theaters – all what makes your stay here unforgettable. Here, you will discover real Germany.

Attractions in Munich worth to see:

The BMW Museum
The BMW Museum

Munich in Germany is a city that goes its own way and has many faces. The traveler can find here many historical attractions and wonder the beautiful views of the city.

History of Munich

The territory, where the city is now located, was inhabited more than 4 thousand years ago. For a long time, the Romans, tied of their conquests, spent the time here, having a rest after long campaigns. During the Great Migration of peoples, Bavarian came here. They founded a duchy that became a part of the Frankish kingdom in the 5th century AD. Numerous wars and disasters soon made the territory joined the Holy Roman Empire.


Munich got its historical name in 1158 as evidenced by the act of June 14, signed by Friedrich Barbarossa, Henry the Lion and Bishop Otto I von Freising, regarding the crossing of the bridge over the Isar River and the collection of duties. In addition, Friedrich Barbaross decided to build a market on the territory and open a mint. The name “Munich” owes to the monks who once lived on the territory.

Henry the Lion took care of the construction of city fortifications and high walls. In 1175, the status of a city was given to the territory. By 1214, urban law was practiced, and by 1239 the Parliament was also in effect. Ludwig of Bavaria made the city his residence and began to build a castle and fortify the walls. For a long time, Munich was the capital of the united duchy.

In 1609, the Catholic League was founded in the city. A decade later the city reached the status of the capital of the Bavaria. In several centuries the city managed to be under the hand of many states and started declining.

The First and Second World Wars significantly destroyed the city. Most of the buildings were subject to reconstruction. Finally, Munich became the capital of the Bavaria again.

Holiday and Treatment in Munich

Staying in Munich is memorable and unique. This city with rich history has numerous sites belonging to the different eras and a number of cultural attractions to see. To make your holiday in Munich even more impressive you can take a sightseeing tour. You will find a lot of things to see and admire.

At the same time, you can benefit your stay in this German if you spare a part of your time to your health, combining medical procedures with excursions. Clinics in Munich offer advanced treatment, according to the latest technologies and under the supervision of highly qualified doctors. In comfortable conditions of German clinics and relaxing environment of Munich, you are guaranteed a favorable outcome and full restoration of your health.

Olympiapark (Munich)
Olympiapark (Munich)
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