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Increasingly large number of Omanis seeking medical care in Germany

Over the last 10 years our company has redefined the benchmarks of medical care in Germany for patients from around the world. Due to the extended experience, the world-class team of professional staff and excellent reputation, we have become the German market leader in medical tourism. Now we are happy to introduce the most qualified and talented German doctors to the Oman patients. Having direct access to the exclusive health services from the best experts in Germany, you can be sure that your diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation will be performed on the top level of European medicine.

Increasingly large number of Omanis seeking medical care in Germany

It is not a secret that Germany enjoys the attention of millions of international tourist, with the Omanis making the whole 15% of the total patient number. Annually about 10 000 patients from Oman come to Germany for treatment services. This year even the Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman has used the opportunity to get treatment at one of the best German hospitals. He returned home in perfect health condition after an 8 months course.

You may ask why Germany is so attractive for medical tourists from Oman. The answer is obvious, because of the unique quality-price index, individual approach and efficiency of medical services. Let’s specify:

Why to get your diagnostics or treatment in Germany?

We asked this question among our patients who have already got their treatment in Germany and they have highlighted the following issues:

1. No waiting lists at German clinics

The treatment in Germany is well organized. You don’t have to wait for orthopedic or any other surgery for more than a week. According to statistics, the patients in Oman and some other Arabian countries have to wait for months to get their surgery done in their motherland. German medicine saves lives of many patients in need of a transplant and gives the greatest guarantees for the successful outcome of the operation.

Why to get your diagnostics or treatment in Germany?

2. Personalized medicine

Since the native doctors are still looking for ways of tailoring health care to each person’s unique needs, the German medical have found the key to perennial health and beauty for everyone. The idea behind the personalized German medicine is to offer individualized and holistic approach to everyone. You tell the German doctor about your health problems and his or she views them in respect to the whole picture of your body and mind.

3. Culture- and gender-sensitive medicine

Cultural sensitivity and awareness in delivering medical services is the distinctive feature of the German medicine. Appointments related to women’s health issues, especially those regarding gynecology and obstetrics, are performed taking in account the gender factor. Female doctors are presented in all the gynecology clinics and departments in Germany. Women can get a check-up, carried out by female doctors, which is especially appreciated by our patients from Oman and other countries of the Arabian world. Male health care professionals offer their services for urological examinations and discussing the urological treatment procedures.

4. Pocket-friendly medical services

Treatment in Germany is not cheap, but you are sure to obtain top quality and minimal risk medical care at reasonable prices. Due to the high quality of the surgeries in Germany, there never occurs the risk of complications and revision. We always supply you with the realistic picture of the cost of medical treatment in Germany as well as provide you with the information about the organizational matters. Compare cost of medical treatment we that in the other medical tourism destination and you understand, why so many patients from Oman prefer to have their treatment in Germany.

The doctors in Germany are not so much concentrated on money. They view you as a personality who needs their assistance and not as a source of income.

Visa requirements for citizens from Oman

The patients from Oman do need a visa to come to Germany for treatment. We are eager to assist you in visa matters. Apart from the usual documents, you will have to submit the following ones:

  • confirmation from the doctor in medical institution in Germany
  • an official letter from the German hospital
  • a detailed cost estimate for the expected treatment and a possible date for coming to Germany

Please, call us and we will inform you on the further information on medical visa application.

German orthopedic surgeons occupy a leading position in the world

German orthopedic surgeons occupy a leading position in the world

Orthopedic surgery in Germany is one of the most advanced sections of German medicine. Through practical and theoretical experience of German orthopedic surgeons, high level of professionalism, as well as the modern equipment, the orthopedic surgery can really perform miracles. In 2012 about 200 000 of joint replacement surgeries were performed at the German orthopedic centers. In 2014 about 300 000 people had successful operations on the hip and the knee joint in Germany.

Ultra-precise diagnostic systems, advanced surgical units, intraoperative computer navigation system, active use of robotics, introduction of nanotechnology-all these allow the orthopedic doctors in Germany to achieve the highest results in successful treatment of the joint problems.

Infertility treatment in Germany: the highest IVF success rates

Infertility treatment in Germany implies individual approach, higher pregnancy rate and absolute confidentiality. Advanced reproduction centers in Germany and Europe are able to ensure higher chances of achieving pregnancy through the use of the latest achievements of science. The in-vitro fertilization success rate has made up about 35-45% in first attempt, which is almost twice as high compared to the same results in Great Britain or the USA.

Dental treatment in Germany

The dental tourism to Germany is increasingly popular among the patients from Oman. German Medical Group cooperates with leading dental centers in Germany, which offer the services of

  • dental implantation and prosthetics
  • teeth restoration with veneers
  • maxillofacial surgery
  • aesthetic dentistry (bleeching, decoration, bite correction)

Dental treatment costs at German dental clinics are lower than in Canada, the UK or the US. The German dental price politics is supervised with the German Dental Organization, which means that you pay only for those services you really need.

Compare costs for dental treatment in different countries and make the right choice.

Urological treatment in Germany

Due to unique technology, high professionalism of the German doctors, the latest research and the possibilities of early diagnosis at German urological clinics, the urological diseases are treated more efficiently. The robot-assisted surgery, modern laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques allow doctors to perform the great variety of procedures with more precision, flexibility and control than in the other countries.

What can the German Medical Group do for you?

What can the German Medical Group do for you?

German Medical Group aims not only to provide the patients from Oman with the top class medical treatment, but also to make their stay in Germany enjoyable. Thus, we offer:

  • High-quality and professional translation of medical records
  • Medical visa assistance
  • Making an appointment with the doctors
  • Assistance at the hospital
  • Hotel reservation
  • Organizational assistance of your personal case manager
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel or clinic
  • Organization of tours
  • Etc.

We know that organization of treatment in Germany is not really easy for the international patients. For this reason we overtake the organizational tasks to make your treatment process as efficient as possible, without stress, queues, language barriers and bureaucratic hurdles.

For more information about experts, modern methods of treatment and prices, please call the hotline: 49 (7221) 39-65-785. We are waiting for your call!

Best wishes, Your team of German Medical Group

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