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Lumineers are very thin shells that are glued to the front incisors. They are very similar to veneers in many aspects. Both treatment options, Lumineers and Veneers, allow you to have a nice new smile - easy and fast.

Slightly crooked, slightly discolored and slightly damaged teeth can usually be corrected in a painless treatment to the dentist using Lumineers or veneers. The trays are glued directly to the tooth substance of the patient, no syringes are needed. However: The scope of application is limited by the glued technique of the delicate shells.

Lumineers have the advantage of non-prep technique. This means that the teeth are (usually) not ground before treatment. If a preparation is unavoidable, it will be as minimal as possible. In this way, the patient and the dentist arrive at a particularly gentle way for the dental substance to an aesthetic smile.

The technology developed and patented from the USA is based on tooth-specific adhesives. Special adhesives and a composite material provide an adhesive connection between the tooth and the Lumineer to be applied.

Lumineers, unlike other types of veneers, can only be used by certified dentists. These dentists have completed a training course of the manufacturer and have the necessary expertise to process and use Lumineers.

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