MD T. Kamm
Dental Clinic Baden-Baden

MD T. Kamm

Main Focus

    • Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry
    • Periodontal treatment
    • Holistic dentistry
    • Microsurgery
    • Bone Extension
    • Ozone therapy
    • Laser Therapy


Hans-Bredow-Straße 24
76530 Baden-Baden
Nearest airport: Stuttgart (90 km)

About MD T. Kamm

Carefree laughter is one of the most important components of a person's quality of life. Today, with the help of modern dentistry, healthy, beautiful teeth are possible for everyone. They are evidence of a conscious attitude to their health and careful care of appearance, make you attractive, confident, sexy!

With beautiful teeth, you win sympathy - just your radiant smile. All life seems simpler.

See for ourselves our competence

Our clinic corresponds to the highest level of achievements in the world of dental medicine, where the well-being of our patients is always at the center of our work! We want you to feel safe with us!

Here you will meet the competent and benevolent reception of our highly qualified staff. In addition to high social and professional competence, our employees speak and speak different languages, and of course in Russian!

We know that trust and reliability include various components of different aspects, therefore, when planning our clinic, we equipped it not only with the most modern medical equipment, but also created a special atmosphere of high quality with "love of detail." As a patient of Baden-Baden's dental health you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a private high-level European clinic.

We are willing to help our patients from abroad, with accommodation in the desired hotel in Baden-Baden or its surroundings, for the entire duration of treatment.

The road to beautiful teeth

The way to success of medical events has various aspects. In addition to technical equipment and know-how, the time factor plays an important role. The time that is dedicated to you and in which we work for you.

As part of a thorough preliminary examination, we determine your status. The results will be detailed in a conversation with our doctors, the possible consequences will also be discussed. On this basis - together with you - the optimal treatment option will be chosen and agreed upon.

As gently and gently as possible

We attach paramount importance to the fact that treatment in our clinic takes place in a free from pain, pleasant and calm atmosphere.

During the treatment, you can choose concomitant therapy, such as computerized anesthetic management for deep relaxation, or deep-sleep treatment.

You can always be absolutely sure that we are doing everything to ensure that your treatment is guided exclusively by your individual needs.

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