About our company

What is German Medical Group?

German Medical Group has been a leading provider of medical tourism from abroad to Germany for many years, founded to professionally handle inquiries from international patients worldwide and to organize efficient communication between German clinics and potential foreign patients.

For the last eighteen years, our company has been enabling patients from all over the world to receive medical treatment in the best German, Austrian and Swiss private practices and clinics.

The German Medical Group cooperates with most medical centers and clinical facilities in Germany and offers patients comprehensive and detailed information about the services provided by these facilities. The renowned German specialists, professors and specialists in various medical fields can be represented by the German Medical Group to the outside world.

Why has the German Medical Group Association been founded?

The activities of German Medical Group have several advantages for patients as well as clinics / practices.

The advantages for the practices and clinics:

  • the optimized online marketing in the target areas, the representations of the specialists abroad,
  • the processing of patient inquiries, the associated inquiry management, including the implementation of effective coordination,
  • Translating and interpreting appointments, providing medical services to international patients.

The dynamic development of medical tourism in the modern world and the ever increasing flow of international patients seeking medical care in German, Austrian or Swiss hospitals create additional needs for the introduction of structured administration and optimization of hospital quality control services.

The benefits for patients: comprehensive support in the selection of specialists and clinics as well as reliable information on the conditions and costs of medical care

The German Medical Group is an independent organization whose main aim is the evaluation of the quality of medical care in German hospitals and comprehensively supports patients in the planning and organization of treatment as well as during their stay in Germany. When selecting a specialist clinic and a qualified doctor, we orientate ourselves to the interests of our patients and select the clinic that is tailored to individual needs. Before we start working with a particular medical facility, we carefully analyze the clinic's activities and check that the strict medical standards and quality control criteria in Europe are met.

Additional services:

  • meeting at the airport,
  • transfer services
  • services of an interpreter
  • booking of hotels etc.
  • organizing your leisure activities

Payment for medical services is carried out directly at the medical institution: you can pay by bank transfer, a credit card or cash.

We also help you to obtain medical visa, if need one. You will need a medical letter from a German specialist, inviting you for treatment. We will also provide with official documents (i.e. estimated hospital costs) to ensure the easy visa process. The highest concern of GMG is to control the quality of medical services in Germany and analyze their correspondence to the European standards. The quality control is also performed in the field of reproductive medicine, which services are especially popular among the medical tourists.

The principle of an independent Association of German Medical Group:

The renowned health care institutions of Germany do not have sufficient resources and personnel for the expeditious processing of applications from international patients as it requires knowledge of the language of the patient, as well as knowledge of the mentality and culture. The German Medical Group (GMG) helps the German clinics to handle the inquiries from abroad. It helps to streamline the medical tourism to Germany and make the international tourists benefit from the European medicine.

The biggest health centers in Germany apply to the services of GMG for communicating with the patients from abroad. Applications are obtained in the form of a full-fledged medical history and x-ray images. It is important to assess the availability of patient data in advance, so that the specialist can efficiently plan the treatment or diagnostics process.

Details of the applications processing from the international patients:

  • Applications are accepted by e-mail.
  • If necessary, the diagnostic images can be uploaded to the site server, such as Dropbox. On getting your application, our specialist will get in touch with you within 48-72 hours.
  • If you need an invitation for accompanying persons, you will be required to produce copies of passports.

If you have questions about diagnosis and treatment at German clinics, our staff is ready to answer your questions at any time.

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