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Using advanced medical technologies makes Germany a leader among European countries in terms of the quality of services provided. With the help of our website, you can choose the desired treatment and find a clinic meeting all your requirements. It is important to take your time to make the right choice of a doctor and clinic for treatment or rehabilitation. The multidisciplinary clinics in Hamburg offer you high-quality comprehensive service at a reasonable cost.

The recognized worldwide medical luminaries of different specializations practice in Hamburg. Modern equipment, advanced technology and a variety of treatments and rehabilitation methods allows you to receive effective and quality treatment in Hamburg. Having learned possible options on the clinics’ pages beforehand, you will able to select the appropriate treatment program and get all the necessary information on the doctors and recovery techniques.

Hamburg Attractions

Hamburg Rathaus
Hamburg Rathaus

The city of Hamburg has a huge number of cultural and historical sites. There are many beautiful places in Hamburg both came from the depth of the centuries and newly created. Each attraction of Hamburg, imbued with the spirit of German respectability and solidity, is of considerable interest for travelers.

Popular Attractions of Hamburg:

The German city of Hamburg with its amazing historical artifacts and unique collections of paintings and music events is worth to see.

History of Hamburg

Fountain on Lake Alster
Fountain on Lake Alster

The history of the city starts at the time of the Great Migration of the people in Europe. The first buildings survived till our time date back to the 9th century. In 808, Karl the Great, Charlemagne ordered to build an outpost to protect the Western lands from forays. Thus, the first fortress of Hamburg had appeared. For a long time, the fortress experienced countless disasters. It was captured many times by numerous tribes.

Friedrich I Barbarossa had expanded the privileges of Hamburg and reinforced the city to support active trading on the territory. Numerous merchant vessels flocked to the city along the Elbe River and duties were levied on them. Hamburg became the breadbasket of Germany and needed more protection. In 1510, it was named a “free imperial city” and became a part of the Hanseatic League of Northern Europe.

After Napoleon's invasion in 1806, the city was annexed to France and lost its free status. But the French administration did not last long. In 1812 Hamburg returned its status of free territory.

The Unification of Germany in 1871 turned the port city Hamburg into the main German gateway into the world. Elba started bringing incredible revenue and authority of Hamburg to German lands had become determinant. The opening of the Kiel Canal, which entered the Baltic Sea, made the port one of the largest in Europe in terms of the number of vessels entering and passing the port.

The Hamburg Uprising, insurrection of the Communists in 1927, allowed Hamburg to expand its borders significantly. It included several nearby cities. Since that moment, the territory of the city has not changed.

The Second World War made its own adjustments and destroyed most of the historical buildings. Operation “Gomorrah” by the U.S. Army in 1943 claimed more than 50 thousand lives of civilians.

Holiday and Treatment in Germany

Staying in Hamburg is interesting and enriching. You will enjoy the city with its centuries-old history, numerous museums and galleries, theaters and opera, as well as beautiful architecture. Even an experienced traveler will be struck both by its classical beauty and informal contemporary art. In modern buildings of the museums are hidden many historical treasures of art and social life that have survived to this day thanks to the assiduous efforts of Germans.

Holiday in Hamburg is an ideal choice from all points of view. Numerous clinics and medical centers will help you to restore health and overcome various problems. Qualified doctors will design individual programs for you and select proper treatment methods. It is enough to choose required medical specialization and an exhaustive list of specialists dealing with your particular problem will be presented on the screen.

Clinics in Hamburg are leading pioneers in medicine. Proven methods of treatment and rehabilitation always reach their goals. Staying in Hamburg, a traveler gets acquainted with the history of the great nation, perceives its values, observes peoples’ wealth accumulated through the ages and restores his body under the vigilant supervision of medical staff of the highest grade. In Hamburg, it is easy to combine your leisure with high-quality treatment.

Panorama of Hamburg
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