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One speaks of a sexual disorder when the physical sexual function or the sexual experience and the resulting satisfaction is disturbed. The causes of sexual dysfunction can be mental or physical.

Sexual disorders can be caused by mental or physical factors. Mental causes include, for example, depression, sexual development disorders or stress.

Physical causes include diabetes, thyroid disorders, circulatory disorders, cardiovascular disease, neurological problems and genital infections. But even the intake of medication can cause as a side effect sexual dysfunction.

In any case, the sexual disorders should be discussed with a doctor. It can help you to identify the cause and begin treatment.

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction include lack of sexual satisfaction including orgasmic disorders and loss of libido. Sometimes it can lead to sexual aversion, premature ejaculation or pain during intercourse.

Both men and women can suffer from sexual disorders. In fact, women are even more affected. There are also differences in appearance. In women most often occurs the so-called libido loss, so the lack of desire for sex. Orgasm disorders and pain during sex also affect more women than men.

Men in most cases suffer from sexual dysfunctions such as potency disorders, such as erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction is when a man can not achieve sufficient sex for over six months in more than 70% of cases.

The treatment of sexual dysfunction depends on the triggering cause. If the disorders are caused by another disease, it will first be treated with medication. These may be, for example, genital infections, diabetes or thyroid disorders. Often the sexual disorders disappear with a successful therapy of the underlying disease.

If the causes are of a psychological nature, therapy can promise great success. This can be done for example in the form of couple therapies or behavioral therapies.

In most cases, erectile dysfunction will be treated very successfully with potency-increasing drugs (PDE-5 inhibitors) such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

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