Treatment in Switzerland

Public and private hospitals in Switzerland offer their patients the highest level of medical services. The basic principle of Swiss doctors is holistic and individual treatment as well as interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists with narrow specialization. The treatment, diagnostics and rehabilitation are performed here with the view to the latest scientific breakthroughs. Statistically, more than 10 000 international patients come to Switzerland annually for treatment.

The public clinics make up about 60%, and the private ones about 40% of all the medical institutions in Switzerland. The private Swiss hospitals provide their patients with the highest level of comfort, which corresponds to the comfort level of luxury hotels.

The Patient-Centered Medicine: Treatment Tailored to your Needs!

The well-funded Swiss healthcare is outstanding. It can boast the best equipped medical facilities and most experienced specialists in Europe. Among the benefits of treatment in Switzerland our patients single out the following:

  • no waiting lists
  • patient-centered approaches
  • transparency in price policy
  • in- and out-patient treatment by internationally recognized specialists
  • check-ups and tests with maximum precision
  • efficient rehabilitation after operations

The Swiss dental clinics and beauty centers are second to none on the global list. Besides, the Swiss orthopedic and infertility treatment specialists are recognized all over the world for their excellent and innovative methods. Each medical practitioner in Switzerland speaks excellent English, so there are no barriers for international patients.

Below you will find some brief information about the medical treatment as well as the examples of the clinics in Switzerland.

Medical Specialists in Switzerland

Each Swiss clinic, both private and public, is stuffed with the experienced specialists, who do their best to guarantee the extraordinarily high level of medical care and comfort during the medical procedures.

Specialists in Switzerland enjoy high qualification and extensive experience, which contributes to their reputation and attracts patients from around the world. Every dentist, surgeon or physician in Switzerland is under the constant supervision of the Association of Physicians of Switzerland, and must annually certify their level of professionalism.

Dental treatment in Switzerland

The innovative techniques, modern equipment and the best dental materials are keys to successful and safe dental treatment in Switzerland. All manipulations are accompanied by adequate anesthesia and advanced computer diagnostics. The major benefits of dental treatment in Switzerland: reduced treatment time for all the dental procedures, most modern equipment for the treatment and diagnosis (computer aided modelling), cooperation with dental laboratories, modern methods of pain relief, etc. Here are the brilliant examples of the Swiss dental offices, popular among both the local and the international patients:

THE PRIVATE DENTAL CLINIC OF MARINA THOMAS: Exclusive level of dental treatment in comfortable atmosphere!

If you are considering dental treatment in Germany or Switzerland, pay attention to this dental office in Luzern, which guarantees the highest level of dental care at highly competitive prices. The clinic, headed by an experienced dentist Marina Thomas, strives at offering their patients the medical care of premium class in the most comfortable medical surrounding. Be it a simple dental filling, a complex dental restauration or dental implantation, the specialists of the clinic perform it on the top level. The clinic is excellently equipped with dental scanners, modern modules aesthetic ceramic restorations systems (i.e. CEREC Bluecam), modern laser and ultrasonic devices.

ZURICHDENTAL: The dental treatment of premium class!

A particular area of specialization of this clinic is the implantation and prosthetics. The specialists pay special attention to the quality of dental materials. It allows manufacturing dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers and other dental constructions, tailored to design your personal needs.

The services of the clinic include: implantation and prosthetics, ceramic restoration of teeth, gum treatment, root canal treatment, treatment of caries in adults and children, etc. The founder and head of the clinic DM Gregory Lüscher pays a special attention to technological advancement of the clinic.

The clinic is equipped with modern tomography systems, innovative CAD / CAM modules, intraoral diagnostic cameras, the Airflow-Master, the spectrophotometer VITA Easyshade Advance (for color matching of dental structures), etc.

Hospitals for plastic surgery in Switzerland

Swiss clinics offer the widest range of services for beauty enhancement. Plastic surgery and modern cosmetic dermatology in Switzerland can really do miracles: remove wrinkles, scars, acne, stretch marks, pigmentation, vitiligo and vascular disorders. Peeling, lifting, injection sclerotherapy allow the specialists to make your skin look many years younger. Mesotherapy and vitamin therapy triggers the natural cell restoration procedure.

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at the clinics of Switzerland are famous all over the world due to the excellent treatment results

The following treatments are especially appreciated by the patients:

The Swiss plastic surgeons prefer endoscopic techniques. It allows surgeons to operate with fewer incisions, reducing obvious scars and optimizing the rehabilitation period. You will remain comfortable during the procedures. Statistically, the occurrence of side effects at the beauty clinics in Switzerland is 3 times as low as in other European countries. Here is and example of the prominent beauty clinic in Switzerland:

“NL” Dr. Nikolaus Linde in Zürich—Your Specialist in Health and Beauty!

Dr. Linde and his team are experienced specialists, offering the whole scope of cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery techniques. This clinic is a recognized leader in the application of the best technologies in the field of liposuction, as well as the author's methods of rejuvenation and revitalization. Premium quality, flexible system of discounts and special offers make services in this clinic attractive to patients from around the world. Around 10 000 surgeries are performed here annually.

Founder and director of the clinic, Dr. H. Linde is a plastic surgeon and scientist. His particular area of ​​specialization is a minimally invasive liposuction treatment of age-related skin changes and figure correction.

Infertility treatment: Reproductive health care facilities in Switzerland

All couples seeking a child should try the innovative infertility treatment in Switzerland. The assisted fertility centers perform the whole scope of services aimed at achieving health pregnancy as soon as possible. The Swiss specialists are at the global list when it comes to reproductive health. The following treatments are especially efficient:

  • Surgical endoscopic treatment of adhesive processes, restoration of patency of the seminiferous tubules, fallopian tubes, plastic, uterus, vagina, and correction of congenital malformations
  • Diagnostic and restoration of spermatogenesis in men
  • In vitro fertilization, cryopreservation and embryo implantation in the uterus.

There are more than 800 centers for infertility treatment in Switzerland. Here is only one example:

PROCREA: International leader in infertility treatment!

The international center for reproductive health care in Lugano, Switzerland is among the major fertility centers in Switzerland. More than 40 professionals consisting of doctors, biologists, geneticists cooperate under one roof to offer you the most efficient treatment of infertility.

The treatment techniques encompass: intrаuterine insemination (IUI) / in-vitro fertilization (IVF) / intracytoplasmatic sperm injection (ICSI) and many other efficient techniques. The rate of pregnancies made up more than 40% in 2014.

Accurate diagnostics is the key to efficient treatment!

The Swiss medical centers managed to achieve the highest level of precision in diagnostics. Due to the cutting-edge equipment and advanced techniques they are now able to point at the diagnosis in the earliest stages of the disease, i.e. the oncological diseases can be detected even before the morphological changes.

Each patient at the clinic in Switzerland receives a comprehensive medical consultation as well as diagnostics and treatment, tailored to his or her needs. Treatment in Switzerland involves both maximum efficiency and the highest level of comfort.

Switzerland is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Combine the treatment, diagnostics or rehabilitation with the unforgettable vacation! Don’t hesitate to call us, if you have questions concerning further treatment in Germany or Switzerland. Treatment which will suit your individual needs is our main concern!

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