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Diabetology is a branch of human medicine dealing with the prophylaxis, diagnosis, therapy and research of diabetes mellitus. Clinically, this field of specialization belongs to internal medicine. Furthermore, it can be counted to the internal part of endocrinology.

The central concern of diabetology is the detection, treatment and research of diabetes mellitus. The most important basic types of this disease are type 1 diabetes mellitus and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, diabetology deals with gestational diabetes. The classification in the field of endocrinology is due to the fact that it is inseparably linked to diabetes insulin is a hormone. Since diabetes mellitus is a common disease that is often treated by the family doctor, more and more general practitioners specialize in this medical field. Diabetology organizes all matters relating to patient education, attitude to the drug or insulin plan, nutrition and other precautionary measures. She also deals with the diabetological sequelae such as:

  • hyperglycemic shock
  • hypoglycemic shock
  • diabetic nephropathy
  • diabetic foot syndrome
  • diabetes induced polyneuropathy
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Diabetologist definition, a physician, usually an internist or endocrinologist, who specializes in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. See more. 2020-03-12 Diabetology
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Germany is one of the world leaders in diagnosis and therapy of hormonal diseases. Timely professional medical advice and treatment will not only prevent the development of diabetes, but also allow the patient to forget about its symptoms for a long time.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with the range of services of certified German diabetology centers.

Diabetes mellitus — The importance of the problem

According to the statistical data, about 10% of the population of Germany aged 20 to 79 suffers from diabetes mellitus type 1 or 2. Considering the large number of patients affected by the disease, as well as numerous diseases associated with diabetes mellitus (cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, stroke, renal failure, eye disease and risk of limb amputation), the treatment of diabetes is currently one of the main tasks of modern medicine.

Certification by the German Diabetology Society DDG

In Germany, the certification of diabetology centers is carried out according to the quality criteria of the German Diabetology Society DDG.

Certification aspects of Diabetology centers in Germany:

  • Medical institution specializing in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2
  • Medical institution specializing in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 1
  • Centers for the treatment of diabetes in children and adolescents

Types of diabetological medical institutions:

  • Stationary/clinical institution without an outpatient unit
  • Stationary/clinical institution with an outpatient unit
  • Institution as a part of a polyclinic/university clinic
  • Clinics with day and night stay
  • Private practise
  • Other types

The range of services of German diabetology centers

Treatment of diabetes type 2

  • Drug therapy
  • Traditional insulin therapy
  • Intensive insulin therapy
  • Adaptation to insulin therapy

Treatment of diabetes type 1

  • Intensive insulin therapy
  • Therapy with the use of insulin pump
  • Adaptation to insulin therapy
  • Round-the-clock blood pressure measurement (Guardian REAL-Time)
  • Collection and processing of information using computer-assisted systems

Treatment of pregnant women with diabetes mellitus

  • Treatment of diabetes in pregnant women consists of nutritional advice and, if necessary, preparation for insulin therapy
  • Care and treatment of pregnant women suffering from diabetes type 1
  • Care and treatment of pregnant women suffering from diabetes type 2
  • Close cooperation with specialists in the field of gynecology and obstetrics
  • Control of blood sugar levels after childbirth

Treatment of concurrent conditions in diabetes mellitus

  • Diabetic foot syndrome
    • Regular foot examinations
    • If necessary: wound treatment, assistance in the selection of suitable footwear
    • Cooperation with qualified specialists in orthopedics, surgeons and vascular surgeons
  • Diabetic lesion of the lower limbs nerves
    • Regular check-ups of the lower limbs nervous function
    • Collaboration with neurologists
  • Diabetic kidney disease
    • Regular control of urinary protein excretion
    • Ultrasound examination of the kidneys
    • Cooperation with nephrologists
  • Erection disorders (Erectile dysfunction)
    • Drug therapy
    • Cooperation with nephrologists
  • Diabetic lesion of the visual system
    • Regular check-ups of ocular fundus condition by ophthalmologist
  • Diabetic heart and vascular system lesions
    • Examination of the condition of the coronary heart vessels with the help of ECG and ECG under stress
    • Diagnostic of cardiac function using ultrasound examination: echocardiography
    • Examination of the brain and the lower limbs vessels by means of a duplex sonography
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