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Dermatology is the science of skin diseases. The complete field is called "dermatology and venereology".

The Department of Dermatology and Venereology has approximately 2,000 independent diagnoses. It is in constant contact and exchange with all other medical specialties - both internist and surgical subjects. Virtually all the medicine can be experienced via the "Dermatology Department" of Dermatology. The diseases of the oral mucosa, hair and nails are also included.

At its core, dermatology and venereology treat non-infectious diseases such as eczema or psoriasis, common infectious diseases of the skin such as shingles, herpes simplex or erysipelas, and finally the transmissible STDs.

A particularly important area is the treatment of skin tumors, dermatooncology. About every third person develops skin cancer in the course of life. Most patients can be cured. The investigation and treatment of skin cancer is predominantly the domain of dermatology and venereology. This includes the surgical treatment of skin cancer, where several specialties, including dermatology, make a major contribution to the correct treatment of skin cancer patients.

Other important sub-areas include allergies (allergology), skin dermatology (pediatric dermatology), sebaceous gland diseases (eg acne), circulatory disorders of the skin (eg clarification and treatment of chronic wounds), hair and nail diseases, skin problems in organ transplant patients, laser treatment of the skin and the aesthetic dermatology.

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Dermatology is the area of health that diagnoses and treats problems with the skin. Dermatologists specialize in health problems that affect the skin, hair, nails and feet. 2020-03-09 Dermatology
Profiles of Doctors for Dermatology

Dermatology clinics in Germany offer an exceptional level of quality thanks to rich experience and skills of their health professionals selected by the strictest criteria.

We take pride in our professionals

The vast majority of leading professors and doctors specializing on dermatology have graduated from Europe’s most prominent medical institutes and academies: Medical University of Vienna, Charite - Medical University of Berlin, University of Munich, Hannover Medical School, University of Freiburg, Heidelberg University and so on. That guarantees a high level of knowledge and prolific practice of all professionals.

German medicine has made a significant advance in all areas related to skin treatment due to multidisciplinary approach: working collectively, doctors manage to define a correct diagnosis and make the most efficient treatment plans. That minimizes risks and reduces overall type of treatment for each patient. German dermatology works closely with venereology and allergology to deal with cases that require complex analysis and approach: doctors get a broader picture of patient’s medical background and take decisions based on various health aspects.

Advanced equipment

German dermatological clinics are praised for state-of-art devices and equipment used to treat skin diseases on a habitual basis. Today, the most advanced devices deployed in local hospitals include:

  • robotized DaVinci apparatus;
  • equipment for minimally invasive surgeries;
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devices;
  • units for PET-CT analysis;
  • erbium laser.

The range of equipment is constantly added with new technologies, and devices are regularly renewed and improved. That allows reaching maximum treatment efficiency and totally restoring skin aesthetics and functionality.

Safe and reliable techniques

German dermatological clinics are among the first ones to use innovative skin treatment methods. These are the following:

  1. Skin flaps and grafts. Scars and serious skin damage is repaired with the help of flaps – areas of skin taken from another body parts. Today, these can be transplanted with or without vessels: external blood supply significantly reduces the risk of tissue necrosis and promotes faster recovery. In serious cases, skin is transferred together with muscles and other tissues, so the entire site can be restored.
  2. Laser scar treatment. Carbon dioxide, erbium and low intensity cancer allow reducing scar visibility by up to 90% and are used for all body parts including face.
  3. Z-plasty and W-plasty are surgeries aimed to eliminate serious scars and skin distortion.
  4. Dermabrasion is used to improve skin aesthetics and get rid of scars and traces of acne.

Together with advanced techniques, German clinics provide high-quality conservative treatment: medications, hormones and therapies. German medicine covers the full spectrum of skin diseases and conditions using modern devices and valuable experience of doctors.

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