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The capital of Germany is known to be the center of international medical tourism. Currently Berlin experiences a real boom in popularity among the patients from all the world, who come to Germany for treatment. Annually more than 455,000 international visitors look for medical treatment at the top clinics in Berlin.

Clinics in Berlin enjoy excellent reputation due to rich traditions in medical treatment and innovations. One of the oldest and the most famous university hospital in Germany is Charité. It looking back at the 300 years of history of treatment and clinical research. Charité consists of nearly100 institutions, clinics and diagnostic centers. More than 5000 specialists of different specializations closely cooperate with each other and are able to manage even the most complicated diseases. The university clinic Berlin Charité is funded from the federal budget of Germany, which has a positive effect on costs of medical treatment and price policy.

Besides Berlin is proud to house more than 80 multidisciplinary clinics, 360 private centers and 18 thousand qualified doctors, who offer reliable and scientifically-funded. Due to the close cooperation with the university clinic, most of the clinics in Berlin combine excellent medical treatment with unique research and scientific breakthroughs.

The medical database of German Medical Group features only the best clinics and specialists in Berlin, which top the current medical ratings. Here are the examples of specialization diversity and treatment areas:


MD Viktor Hess MD Viktor Hess

MD Viktor Hess- Medical Director of the Dental Clinic in Berlin. Specialization areas: Dental implantation and endodontics; Laser Treatment

The clinic was founded 1932 and since then has become a powerful dental center, offering the whole scope of dental treatment service. In April 2002 MD. Viktor Hess has become a medical director of the clinic. Being a leading specialist in dental implantation and painless dental treatment, Dr. Hess and his team perform about 400 dental surgeries a year.

The dental clinic of Dr. Hess in Berlin specializes in gentle and minimally invasive implantation in treatment of toothlessness (mainly using the modern „Champions“ implants). This is a high quality alternative to bridges, partial and full dentures. Viktor Hess has completed the curriculum in "Endodontics", which is an extensive and prestigious training, offered by the German Society of Operative Dental Treatment (DGZ). Having completed this extensive training, he has become one of the most qualified specialist in endodontics (root canal treatment) in Germany.


MD. Peter Sydow MD. Peter Sydow

MD. Peter Sydow - Medical Director of the VivaNeo Network. Specialization: Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART); Infertility treatment

Vivaneo is a network of medical centers in Germany (Berlin, Dusseldorf, Wiesbaden) and the Netherlands, specializing in reproduction and infertility treatment. The medical concept of this clinic involves close cooperation of reproductive and scientific centers, increasing the quality and effectiveness of treatment, as well as helping to increase the probability of pregnancy in women. „Vivaneo“ guarantees an individual approach to their patients and targeted treatment using the latest reproductive techniques.

Various assisted reproductive technologies and procedures are performed at the VivaNeo center in Berlin. Among them are: hormone therapy, intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), gynecological surgery (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy),surgical sperm retrieval, treatment of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, obstruction of the fallopian tubes and other disorders. In 2010 has introduced the special computer-based monitoring system that documents every step in our laboratory, which helps to promote the modern security regulation.

Yearly around 450 IVF/ICSI protocols are performed at the VivaNeo center in Berlin. The general success rate of assisted reproductive techniques at this clinic in Berlin makes up about 58%, which is almost twice as high as the national average.


This Heart Clinic with the maximum scope of medical service serves as part of the University Heart Center Berlin. Being a modern university hospital, the clinic offers high-level medical treatment to patients with cardiovascular diseases. All established diagnostic and therapeutic methods of modern heart / circulatory medicine are offered at this heart clinic in Berlin. The clinic is located in the center of the Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF) of the Charité and works closely with the Department of Cardiac Surgery (Director: Prof. Volkmar Falk), and all other medical centers with excellent reputation.

Four highly-modern cardiac catheterization laboratories with modern digital, angiography systems are available at this center in Berlin. The specialization area includes: aortic valve implantation, balloon valvuloplasty, MitraClip implants, reconstruction of the the tricuspid valve, percutaneous (catheter-guided) pulmonary valve surgery, interventional angiology and rehabilitation after heart treatment. Annually about 7 000 heart surgeries are performed at this heart clinic in Berlin.

Since 2006 the special Chest pain unit (CPU) has been working at Berlin Charitè, treating patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome.


This Clinic for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in Berlin is part of the University clinic Berlin Charité. The team of the clinic, consist of the board certified experts and promotes the concept of minimally invasive plastic and reconstructive treatment, offering the most advanced medical solutions to patients from over the world. About 5 000 surgical treatment intervention are performed annually under guidance of MD. Christian Witzel.

In particular, the clinic offers treatment to patients who have undergone extended surgerical treatment of tumor diseases or suffer from congenital malformations with a deficit of physical integrity. In close cooperation with the Breast Clinic of Berlin Charité the reconstructive and plastic interventions make up the major clinical focus of this clinic. The specialists perform all types of lipofilling, implant reconstructions, breast reductions or enlargements.

Besides the special focus of medical activity oft he specialists of this clinic lies on surgical treatment of injuries, burns, fractures of hand and foot.

Beauty enhancement and treatment of age-related skin problems is another priority of the clinic. Specialists of the department help to define the best method for the skin tightening, correction of the nose, chin or lip form. Modern methods of liposuction, body sculpturing and laser therapy help to perform the dream about the perfect apperance.


The excellent level of medical service at the clinics of Berlin Berlin, good location and infrastructure, easy access to the city center and the perfect combination of medical, cultural and entertainment programs attract the tourists from over the world.

The clinics and centers in Berlin have always had a special scientific and economic status. Berlin is gradually evolving towards the most important center of production of medical equipment in Germany. Clinics in Berlin are therefore equipped with the state-of-the-art medical devices, which help to achieve maximum precision in diagnosis and surgical treatment.

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