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Treatment at clinics in Frankfurt

Frankfurt offers the unlimited number of medical services to meet all possible customer needs. Along with clinics in Berlin and Munich, the Frankfurt clinics have a reputation of the best medical institutions in Europe. This is due to highly qualified physicians and medical personnel, the research at the university centers, excellent treatment results and the state-of -the-art equipment for precise diagnosis and treatment.

The city combines a variety of specialized medical clinics, offering high-level and cost-effective treatment for all patients categories. The database of the German Medical Group features more than 80 top clinics in Frankfurt an we will navigate you to the most appropriate one!

Examples of clinics in Frankfurt

Dental clinic „WESTEND“ in Frankfurt

MD Hans Werner DildeiMD Hans Werner Dildei

Specialization areas: Laser dental treatment, dental implantation, dental treatment in children

The unique dental treatment center in the downtown of Frankfurt is headed by MD Hans Werner Dildey, who is an experienced dental surgeon. The center implements the most advanced patterns of dental treatment, making use of the latest dental technologies for painless treatment and restoration of teeth (i.g. digital veneers matching, immediate dental implantation).

Dentists with diverse priorities and specialization areas provide all-round support in compliance with the strictly controlled quality norms. The scope of services includes: Functional analysis and functional therapy for comprehensive detection and treatment of tooth-related somatic problems (headaches, neck and shoulder pain, migraines, etc.), dental restoration, professional cleaning, periodontal diagnosis and treatment, modern dental implants.

Around 5 000 international patients visit this clinic for professional dental treatment and support.

Cancer treatment: Center for hematology and oncology „BETHANY“

Prof. MD. Hans TeschProf. MD. Hans Tesch

Prof. MD. Hans Tesch Specialization area: Cancer treatment and rehabilitation after cancer surgery

The Clinic of Hematology and Medical Oncology is part of the Centre for Internal Medicine and the University Cancer Center in Frankfurt. In particular, the clinic specializes in the treatment of cancer and of benign and malignant diseases of the blood.

Treatment of cancer patients is performed at four stations with a total of 69 beds, including a special station for allogeneic and autologous stem cell transplantation, a leukemia ward, and private station of Radiation oncology ward. In addition, special centers for stem cell transplantation, blood clotting disorders and a second opinion center offer their services for patients from around the world The clinic is a member of the lung tumor center and the Breast center at the University Clinic of Frankfurt.

2008 the clinic was officially certifies as the „Oncological Center North-East“ and is now part of the networl of 35 oncology centers with maximum support in Germany. Around 7 500 international patients are treated here on the outpatient basis annually. Every year the specialists perform about 800 surgical interventions for cancer treatment.

Through intensive cooperation with hospitals of different care levels of the metropolitan area, the clinic provides the maximum medical care for the metropolitan region Frankfurt Rhein-Main.

Treatment of all diseases at the University hospital of Frankfurt

University Hospital Frankfurt, founded in 1914, is one of the leading university hospitals in Germany. It offers high-quality medical treatment to patients from all over the world. Yearly 50,000 inpatient and 220,000 outpatients are treated at the University hospital of Frankfurt. With an area of ​​433,200 square meters, the clinic is comparable to the old quarter of the city of Frankfurt.

The departments of neurology, oncology, cardiovascular medicine feature a special multidisciplinary approach. Thousands of patients are treated at the highest level in the clinics of ophthalmology, gynecology, dermatology, urology and internal medicine. 4.532 employees care for patients around the clock.

Numerous treatment methods and therapies, applied at the University clinic of Frankfurt, are globally unique. Being one of the best university hospitals in Germany, the clinic offers all the cutting-edge technologies in different branches of medicine.

Medical specialists in Frankfurt

Specialists at Frankfurt clinics are not only good doctors, but the leading experts in Germany. They are continuously engaged in enhancing their skills, performing a variety of innovative research, closely following the innovations and achievements of science, and then translate this knowledge into practice. They provide competent, attentive examination and tretment, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.

Sightseeings in Frankfurt: Enjoy your time in the business capital of Germany!

Frankfurt is the European center for business and trade, which combines a variety of international cultures. Frankfurt is located in the heart of Germany, it is very easy to remember due to the unlimited number of contrasts. The business part of the city is filled with skyscrapers and malls. Most clinics are close to the downtown, so you can take a tour of

Frankfurt after your diagnosis, consultation or treatment. Numerous museums, the Old Opera House, carmelite convent, and of course, the Goethe House are especially worth visiting.

Therefore, if you decide to undergo a medical examination or to go to Germany for treatment, you will certainly need to take Frankfurt clinics to consideration. We will help you to organize the comfortable trip to one oft he top Frankfurt clinics!

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