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Our company is a dedicated team of doctors and patient managers who view it as the main concern to provide the international patients with coordinated support and direct access to German’s best medical services. The medical institutions, offering an appropriate level of medical support tailored to your individual needs are not so easy to define on the landscape of the German clinics. We will make sure that you get right treatment at the best clinic at the right time! The best German doctors are ready to help you.

Why to get to Germany for treatment?

Why to get to Germany for treatment?

According to the German Federal Statistical Office, annually about 70,000 to 90,000 international patients have their treatment, diagnostics or rehabilitation done in Germany. The number of patients from Great Britain has more than tripled over the last years. This is due to

  • medical «Know-how»,
  • cutting-edge medical technologies
  • a good image of the German health care
  • strict state control over the quality of medical services
  • no waiting lists for surgeries

The affordable price for medical treatment is another argument for the UK patients to have their treatment performed in Germany. Cost of medical treatment is in many cases the same as in the UK, but you get more services of better quality for the same price. It should be noted that cost of surgeries in the UK is 20 – 25% higher than in Germany. Due to individual approach treatment in Germany is performed in a more targeted and efficient way, since a patient is the central point of a German doctor’s attention.

If you get to Germany for treatment, you get access to scientifically funded medicine, which complies with the highest medical standards and medical innovations. We will make sure that you get priority access to the premium class German medicine without any hurdles or waiting lists.

Are Austria and Switzerland as good as Germany?


Austrian and Swiss clinics are as good as the German ones when it comes to dental treatment or beauty surgery. The Swiss dental implants (i.e. Nobel Biocore or Straumann) are second to none in the world and the techniques of breast augmentation in Austria are the most accurate and precise. Treatment in Switzerland will be a good choice for those who want to combine the health tourism with the unforgettable vacation.

Austria and Switzerland have excellent reputation for diagnostics (e.g. medical check-ups). It is also worth considering these countries in case of rehabilitation after the orthopedic surgery. Around 3 000 of the UK patients come to the Swiss resorts for rehabilitation courses after knee or hip resurfacing. One should, however, note that Germany is still the number one destination for orthopedic surgery, oncological treatment or general medical care.

You are sure to benefit from the treatment in Germany, Austria or Switzerland since the best practitioners or dentists will look into your case.

German clinics welcome the UK patients

Germany is rightly famous for its health system and effective therapy. With the development of medical technology, continuous upgrading of the scientific basis, high quality education and training of doctors and staff, Germany enjoys excellent reputation around the world. Medical institutions in Germany have all necessary resources for effective therapy, rehabilitation and care, and have years of experience with the patients from Great Britain.

How to get to Germany for treatment

We will give you a helpful hand and

How to get to Germany for treatment
  • Arrange appointment at the clinic
  • Assist in getting medical visas (if required)
  • Organize your travel
  • Organize your accommodation in Germany (in Austria or Switzerland)
  • Organize the educational tours

To ensure you feel at home in Germany, your own patient manager will coordinate the organization of your treatment and will assist you at hospital. Due to our support you will feel gut prepared for efficient treatment, which helps to minimize anxiety and concentrate on recovery.

You will be met at the airport and brought to the hospital. Our representative will make sure that your appointments take place as scheduled and everything runs smoothly.

The patient managers come from medical surrounding and have experience in social work. They anticipate your needs and concerns in order to make your treatment in Germany as comfortable as possible.

Being a patient of a German, Swiss or Austrian clinic is a unique experience, which will contribute to better life quality and health problems elimination. If you have question or intend to get your treatment abroad, please, feel free to call us for further information: + 49 (7221) 39 65 785

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