Your medical travel to Germany. Tips and Strategies

German medical treatment attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, which bears record to a high level of German medicine. Our company enjoys more than 10 years cooperation experience with German hospitals and best doctors, and is ready to assist you in regaining your health in Germany. Being one of the most competent health care providers, we are dedicated to our main task: provide best medical care in Germany, attuned to the needs of international patients.

First class medical care

Figures speak better than facts: about 12.4 percent of the country’s gross domestic product is spent on health. The state-of-the-art methods, unique medical qualifications, innovative hospital equipment, cultural sensitivity and awareness in delivering medical care—all these key pillars contribute to the successful image of the German medicine for decades.

German physicians work strictly according to the European guideline system of medical care, which maximizes quality and eliminates risks. A standardized approach to medicine is regulated by governmental medical societies (German Medical Assembly), which determine the highest demand to hygiene in medical institutions.

Preparation and travel plans

(Transfer, Visa, Accomodation, Interpreter)

Our utmost concern is: make you feel at home during you medical trip to Germany. We help you to prepare for an oncoming medical trip to Germany, when you are still in your home country. In order to benefit from medical services in German hospitals, you have to know the procedure in the slightest detail. We are glad to inform you on all the matters, concerning the organizational issues. We arrange appointments, make hotel reservations, plan your stay and care about visa matters.

What is the process of deciding, which German hospital to choose?

The German medical landscape covers a huge variety of excellent clinics, private practices and medical institutions (more than 2000!), offering a great command of efficient services. In order to make a decision and to find the clinic or hospital, tailored to your specific individual need, you can call us any time or just have a look at clinic presentations, collected on our homepage. We can also give you primary information via email and live chat.

There are following steps, preceding your medical trip:

  1. Before a patient comes to Germany, we get a report and medical documents (if there are any). These are studied in detail to determine which facility is the best fit.
  2. After case assessment, the medical documents get translated by professional medical translators. You can also send us your CT- or MRI-CDs through any of the modern file exchange systems (e.g. dropbox), so that the doctor could get a complete mental picture about your case.
  3. We wait until we receive acceptance from the hospital. Due to the coordinated approach, there are no lines and bureaucratic hitches. You will get a feedback from a clinic within a couple of days.
  4. Once the hospital accepts the case, we send you all the information about prices and services as well as an official letter with estimated cost.

Citizens of many countries can travel Germany without applying for visa. Do not hesitate to contact us for support, if you do require visa assistance. To obtain a signed invitation from the clinic (which is important for your visa formalities), you will have to send us a copy of your pass and some other information. It is also possible to make an invitation for any accompanying person, coming with you to Germany.

Top quality for reasonable price

German medicine offers medical services at reasonable prices, which makes medical treatment in Germany even more attractive.The price system in Germany is controlled by German governmental system. The treatment costs are calculated in accordance with Medical cost system (GOÄ/UV-GOÄ), which means that you will not have to pay more than the German patients do. The final sum depends on the severity of your illness, number of medical services, and duration of treatment.

It should be mentioned that the average price for many medical services in Germany is lower than in such countries as Switzerland, Denmark or France, which are other popular destinations for medical tourists. When it comes to serious surgeries, the price can come up to be up to 10% lower than in your native country. What is crucially important, you won’t be overtreated, i.e. only the necessary treatment measures (in accordance with your real indications) will be carried out.

Your first hours in Germany

When in Germany, our English speaking stuff will meet you at the airport (even if you come at night), pick you up to the hotel and make sure you find the clinic and come to the appointment on time. We want you feel protected during your stay in Germany.

When at clinic…

On arriving to clinic you can relax and make German specialists care about your health. There are no waiting lines for consultations, treatments and operations, so you can avoid any kind of stress. What is more, we have English speaking representatives at hospitals. Don’t hesitate to contact them, if you have any organizational questions.

If you need any language assistance, we have a pool of professional translations, eager to help you to communicate. It should be stressed, however, that German physicians and medical stuff do speak very good English, so you will definitely feel at home in the German surrounding.

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