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Switzerland is considered to be the ideal place for medical treatment and recovery. If you are looking for a clinic with the best healthcare services, visit our website and check for the most suitable options. The luminaries of the world medicine practicing in Basel take care of their patients starting from initial medical examination to full recovery with the first priority in having effective and stable result. Swiss medicine is famous for its reliability and meets even the most demanding expectations.

Advanced technologies, high-quality equipment, qualified specialists, the latest techniques and modern practices guarantee you a quick health improvement and complete recovery. Clinics in Basel are multidisciplinary. When choosing the appropriate option, take your time to carefully evaluate each facility. The optimal price-quality-result ratio will help you to make the right choice and find a suitable place to care your health.

Basel Attractions

Basel Town Hall
Basel Town Hall

Switzerland, in a flash, captures you with its luxury and respectability. Sights, monuments, architectural masterpieces, churches, museums, castles, palaces and modern buildings leave a permanent imprint deep in your heart. Any place in the country is unique and Basel is a vivid proof of this.

Interesting attractions in Basel:

Numerous thematic museums of Basel are famous for their unique collections. Basel in Switzerland will be interesting to anyone who is enthusiastic of history, technology and natural history. Extensive collections deserve your attention and admiration.

History of Basel

History of Basel

The Romans were first who discovered the place. In 44 BC, Lucius Minatius Planck quartered his regiment on the territory. The Gauls, who inhabited the territory, were subdued to the Roman Empire. For three centuries, the Romans built their structures; the place was called Augusta Raurica and it was located in about 20 km from future Basel. The tribe of warlike Germans that came in the V century expelled the old residents and fortified the territories.

The city Basel grew around the fortifications. By the 7th century AD, Bishop of Augusta Raurica moved his residence to Basel. By 890, the city joined to Upper Burgundy. Swept through the territories in 917, Hungarian tribes completely destroyed and plundered the settlement. The city needed much time to recover and was not able to resist the Germans, which made Basel the part of the Holy Roman Empire.

In 1090, Bishop Burkhard von Fenis built fortified walls in Basel. The city became impregnable for enemy attacks and prolonged sieges. Built in 1225 by Heinrich von Thun, the first bridge across the Rhine opened up new prospects for the city. In a period from 1348 to 1356, the city successively suffered from the plague, conflagration, earthquake and anti-Jewish pogrom.

After numerous adversities, Basel had gradually begun to flourish. Together with numerous privileges, the city obtained the right to mint coins. The appearance of the printing, establishing universities and spreading the paper making predetermined the future history of the city: Basel became an educational center.

Joining the Swiss Confederation had become a new birth of Basel. Since that moment, wealth and magnitude have never left the city. The Second World War did not affect Basel, and its numerous enterprises, universities and architectural monuments remained untouched.

Holiday and Treatment in Basel

Your stay in Switzerland will be full of numerous discoveries. Holiday in Basel may become memorable and interesting. It is here, where you can find some special attractions, comfortable boarding houses and historical relics and feel the spirit of the Swiss city. The trip will be intriguing for your whole family.

Clinics in Basel offer modern methods of treatment and rehabilitation. A variety of medical spheres and facilities allows you to choose qualified specialists, convenient accommodation and first-class services. The main thing is to select the clinic in advance. The rest will do the professionals.

Panorama of Basel
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