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Costs of medical treatment

Patients from outside the European Union appreciate the transparency of the German price policy and highest level of quality standards. The German price-quality index (PQI) of medical care is on top of the global list.

Treatment in Germany is not cheap. However, you should keep in mind that the costs for treatment in Germany will be definitely minor compared to those in the USA, Great Britain or Canada. Don’t compromise yourself, when it comes to health.

Millions of international patients have already found out that costs for services of the German clinics compare favorably to those in many other popular medical destinations (the USA, Israel, Canada, Australia or Great Britain). Due to the recent German scientific breakthroughs (robotic operations, ionic therapy, laser techniques, computer assisted surgery), the quality of treatment is in most cases much higher than in those countries mentioned above.

For your convenience, we have made out a chart, based on our empirical basis, which illustrates the average treatment rates in Germany compared to those in the US. We must, however, emphasize that the cost estimates in this price table are by no means fixed prices (we give only average cost). This price information serves only for basic orientation of a potential patient prior to coming to Germany for treatment. There can be price fluctuations depending on the kind of treatment, accommodation preferred and the scope of medical services. The total price/cost for treatment in Germany also depends on major diagnosis, secondary diagnoses, and patient characteristics.

Average price rates for treatment in Germany and the USA

(Comparative analysis of approximate prices/costs)

Type of treatment Approximate time of treatment (days) Approximate price
Treatment (€) in Germany
Approximate treatment in the USA
*Price calculated in (€)
Pacemaker Implantation (1 camera) 8 days 12.200 From 19,000
Pacemaker Implantation (2 cameras) 7-10 days 15.750 22,000
Pacemaker implantation (3 cameras) 10-15 days 18.200 25,000
Implantation of a defibrillator (implantable cardioverter, 1 camera) 7 days 20.750 26,000
Implantation of a defibrillator (implantable cardioverter, 2 cameras) 11 days 25.700 30,000
Implantation of a defibrillator (implantable cardioverter, biventricular) 15 days 32.200 37,000-40,000
Coronary artery bypass grafting CABG 15 days (including the preliminary diagnostics) 26.000 33.000
Heart valve surgery (with cardiopulmonary bypass) 14 days 21.000 28.000
Balloon / Coronary angioplasty, 1 stent 6 days 10.350 17.000
Coronary angiography (invasive cardiac diagnostics) 4 days 5.100 About 10.000
Check-up (ultrasound/EGG/ rhythmus investigation) 2 days 850-1530 2,000.00
Knee arthroplasty 4-7 days 10.100 20,500
Knee replacement 16 days 15.000 33.000
Replacement (“Revision”) of the knee joint prosthesis 14 days 16.550 25,000
Hip replacement 16 days 15.150 18,000
Reverse shoulder prosthesis 14 days 13.200 15,000-20,000
Arthroscopy (including biopsy) of the knee 2 days 2.800 4,000
Kyphoplasty, fusion of vertebrae 8 days 10.750 17,000
Operation on the herniated discs 14 days 11.950-15.950 From 22,000
Colonoscopy (including polypectomy) 1-2 day 2.600 3,500
Gastroscopy 1 day 1.400 2,500
Hemorrhoids (diagnosis+treatment) 2 days 2.800 4,000
Tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils) 2 days 3.400 7,200
Correction of the nasal septum 2 days 4.700 8,500
Diagnosis of dizziness 2 days 800,00
SURGICAL TREATMENT Hyperplasia (adenoma) of the prostate (“Green laser”) 5 days 5.450-8.500 15,000
Carcinoma of the prostate (Surgical treatment) 9 days 12.600 22,000
Testicular carcinoma (Surgical treatment) 3 days 4.500 10,500
Kidney stones treatment (lithotripsy) 3 days 3.500-8.000
DaVinci surgery on the prostate 5 days From 10,500 From 25,700


As an international patient, you will be classified as a ‘self-payer’ in Germany, which means that you will be responsible for your own healthcare bills. Being a “private patient” has a number of benefits, since there are no waiting lines for you. Moreover you will be treated by a chef doctor (head of the department, usually a professor with more than 20 years experience), which is really a privilege for you.

Germany is famous for its standardized approach. Prices for most of the activities and procedures that occur during diagnostics and treatment at German clinics, are fixed, which leaves no place for subjectivism, mistakes or double standards. Be sure that there will be no extended (“hidden”) charges (costs) during your treatment in Germany!

Since January 1, 2004, almost all hospitals in Germany (with the exception of rehabilitation centers) are obliged by law to base their prices for medical services on the DRG (‘Diagnosis-Related Groups’) pricing system. This means that the official price regulations apply to all the patients, irrespective of whether they are Germans (and their bills are covered by social security health insurance) or come from abroad. Although the DRG price (total price) is calculated after the treatment has been completed, the clinics are authorized to give estimate cost calculations prior to any treatment. So don’t hesitate to apply for this information.The German clinics appreciate their reputation, so there would be no cheating.


We are not a tedious go-between. We consider it to be our highest concern to take together those who need help and those who are ready to help. Our company will help you to tackle all the organizational issues: get an estimate price for your treatment prior to coming to Germany, assist you in visa issues, obtain a medical invitation for you e.t.c. We also translate your medical documents (only in case of need) and accompany you during your whole medical trip. We will be glad to answer all your questions per phone + 49 (7221) 39.65.785 or E-mail: info -at- german-medicalgroup -dot- com

Anyway, we endeavor to always find a good solution for everyone who requests medical treatment in Germany. Our specialist will comprehensively consult you about cost/price of further treatment and help to find the best hospital, perfectly suited to your needs!

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