TOP Doctors for Laser Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

An appealing smile is an important factor for a pleasing appearance. However, if the teeth are not really white, a bright smile is no longer possible. Discolored teeth can have serious consequences both at home and at work. A bright smile always gives a positive impression. Discolored teeth are neglected.

This gives a negative first impression that can have a negative impact on both private relationships and career opportunities. Bleaching stands for bleaching. The purpose of laser bleaching is to whiten your teeth. This is done for aesthetic reasons only. A cleaning of the teeth, which improves the health of the teeth, does not take place during the laser bleaching.

However, professional laser cleaning (PZR) is usually done prior to laser bleaching. This tooth cleaning not only has a positive effect on the external appearance, it also improves dental health. There are many different whitening preparations that are available for home use. The laser bleaching differs from these in their effectiveness. Whilst whitening products have only a minor effect on home use, laser teeth whiten teeth much more effectively. The effect also lasts much longer.

While the effect of the measures in the domestic application decreases after a short time, the teeth remain white during professional laser whitening for up to five years. Also compared to other professional whitening methods, the laser bleaching brings many benefits. First, it can be done relatively quickly. Many other treatments require much more time. Another advantage is that no previous laboratory examination is necessary for laser bleaching. While other forms of teeth whitening may require laboratory testing first, laser whitening can be started immediately.

Professional laser bleaching is performed exclusively in a dental office. This has two reasons. For one, the laser that is necessary for these measures is very expensive. Since the effect of laser bleaching lasts several years, the investment for home use would not be worthwhile. The second reason is the aggressiveness of the substances used. The bleaching gel, which is used in laser bleaching, can attack the mucous membranes and seriously injure. Therefore, extensive precautions are necessary. These must be taken over by trained personnel. This too is one reason why laser bleaching is only done in professional dental offices.

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Laser teeth whitening uses a strong bleaching gel that the laser activates and enhances for quick, dramatic results. 2019-10-25 Laser Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)
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