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The laser is a treatment instrument that emits a highly concentrated, high-energy beam of light. By different wavelengths of the laser beam, in different tissues, e.g. achieved on the gums or hard tooth substance but also on metallic structures, such as a dental implant, different effects.

The light rays are absorbed by the tissue and then, in the form of heat, serve to cut tissue, reduce the number of germs in the treatment area and stop bleeding. Laser technology is already being used in many areas of dentistry.

Because laser treatment is virtually painless and gentle on the tissue, many patients can reduce their fear of dental treatment. Local anesthesia is usually unnecessary for the application.

In dental surgery, the laser is used in the treatment of abscesses, the removal of gumular growths and fibroids and the removal of the labial tape for orthodontic treatment. An additional advantage lies in the germ reduction by the use of the laser in the wound area.

In the diagnosis of caries, the use of the laser is helpful as well as for the subsequent low-pain removal of the carious tooth substance.

The laser can also be used in the field of metallic structures. In the area of ​​dental implants bone material can be removed to expose it or to prepare the bone bed for implantation. Even with inflammation in the tissue around a dental implant (peri-implantitis), treatment with a laser is advantageous.

Also for the treatment of inflamed gums and teeth, the use of laser is beneficial. In deep gingival pockets, the laser beams remove inflamed tissue between the tooth root and the gums and at the same time achieve disinfection or reduction of the number of germs. Wound healing succeeds faster.

In the treatment of tooth root inflammation, laser beams can penetrate deeper into the dentinal tubules than is possible with conventional irrigation.

The reduction of the germ count in the root canal by the laser also has a supporting effect here.

When teeth and cervicals are sensitive to hot and cold, the dentinal tubules of the tooth root are often open, passing the sensations directly to the nerve.

The closure of the dentinal tubules reached the dentist by means of a applied fluorine gel, which is irradiated with laser. The treatment is painless and usually takes place in one session.

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Laser technologies are widely used in medicine and dentistry one of the areas where laser is applied. Many clinics in Germany use laser both for treatment and in aesthetic purposes. 2019-10-25 Laser Dentistry
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