Getting Dentures

Getting dentures

A dazzling healthy smile has always been the key to success. Unfortunately, injuries and accidents, as well as lack of dental care often lead to loss of teeth. The lack of teeth can significantly reduce the self-esteem and cause severe health problem. The dental prostheses allow not only restore the full range of functions of the patient’s jaw, but also to provide excellent aesthetic results. The dentures can be divided into three groups:

These permanent dentures are implant-retained constructions, which are placed on a titanium screw, previously implanted into the jawbone. Getting implants to maintain dentures in Germany is a quick, painless and safe procedure. In some cases the German dentists offer the mini-implants (less than 3mm), which are smaller than the regular ones. The difference in implant size is crucial, as it helps to reduce the healing process and to cut the treatment time. In some cases the patients get their dentures within 1-2 visits of a dentist.

Usefull Information About Getting Dentures

To get a permanent denture, you have to implant a special foundation into the jawbone. Getting an implant is an important step prior to setting the denture. A dental implant is a small titanium screw, which replaces the root. After the implantation this screw fuses into the bone, which takes 2-3 months. The benefits are numerous:

  • Implant-supported teeth restore functionality
  • Muscle support and support of facial structures
  • You can chew food and smile
  • One prevents the loss of other teeth
  • The life quality and self confidence is restored

The cost of a dental implant at German clinics is affordable: 1 000-3000 euro, which is lower than in the USA, Great Britain and Canada.

The German dental clinics offer a variety of dentures. The German specialists in restorative dentistry do their best to provide their patients with high-quality crowns and dental bridges. Crowns are tooth-shaped caps, which disguise the tooth problems and strengthen it. The crowns made in Germany look natural and are perfectly reliable. Made of the innovative porcelain such crowns will serve you over the decades.

A dental bridge is a bridge-like construction, which fills in the gap between the teeth (in case one or more teeth are missing). A bridge prevents your teeth from changing their position and other dental pathologies.

The dental crowns and bridges are manufactured with the help of a CEREC technology of digital modelling. With the help of a CEREC machine, the German dentists create 3D digital images of a patient’s tooth. And produce the natural-looking crown or bridge within an hour. The price for dentures (dental crowns or dental bridges) varies according to the individual indications and materials.

The dental prosthetics has achieved tremendous success, allowing to dramatically cut the rehabilitation time after the dental implant surgery. If getting the dentures cannot wait, you can thing about express implantation called “Teeth in an hour”. This technique has been introduced 2005 by a Swiss company Nobel Biocare. The essence of this technique consists in implanting the immediate load implants. The dentures, either temporary or final, are fitted immediately after the dental implantation. The high precision for immediate load implants is achieved with special imaging system. The computer based planning enables creating a 3-dimensional virtual model of the jaw. The implants are placed with top accuracy, which excludes the possibility of mistakes, pain, swelling or any further discomfort.

The major steps for getting the dentures are the following:

  • The dentist evaluates the indications for Teeth-in-an-Hour implants.
  • The imaging data are thoroughly studied and a 3-dimensional virtual model of your jaw is created.
  • Implants are surgically installed.
  • Getting dentures directly after implant placement
  • You get the immediately functioning teeth and can leave the clinic
  • In a couple of months you can thing of getting permanent dentures (however, the temporary false teeth may also serve you for years)

Note! This procedure is possible if a patient has enough dental substance and no augmentation or bone grafting are needed. Teeth-in-an-Hour cost makes up 2 000 euro to 5 000 euro per implant. If you need more than five implants the cost may be substantially lower.

Getting implants and dentures in two visits: “All on four” procedure

This is one of the most advanced and reliable technique, which gives an opportunity to permanently attach a denture to a dental implants, anchored in the jawbone. The “All-on-Four” solution is attractive to those wanting to finally get rid of the removable denture. The procedure seems easy, however needs much experience and the innovative digital techniques. The four dental implants are integrated into each jaw to support the false teeth. The entire “All-on-Four” treatment is completed under general anesthesia. Getting dentures in 24 hours is a tremendous experience. The cost of such procedure varies from 5 000-10 000 euro. The most popular and reliable denture solutions are:

  • Getting acrylic prosthesis/dentures attached to the implants
  • Getting the acrylic prosthesis on titanium or cobalt chrome frame

The All-on-4 is a dental surgery, which allows to restore many up to all your teeth in two visits.

If you wish to find out more about the ways of getting modern dentures ion Germany, we would be glad to comprehensively consult you.

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