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A periodontal treatment is not a standard therapy, but always an individually tailored treatment plan in several stages - depending on the severity of periodontal disease and other factors. It is necessary in order to minimize the risk of tooth loss and thus to preserve one's own teeth or - in the case of very problematic cases - at least extend the life span.

If periodontitis is suspected, a so-called pre-treatment is performed. This calculus, soft deposits and other irritants removed and the patient receives instructions for proper oral hygiene.

If the pretreatment proves that the patient has periodontitis requiring treatment, the dentist will make X-rays of all teeth and make an individualized treatment plan. In the next step, the patient submits the findings together with the treatment plan to his health insurance. If this is approved, then the main treatment starts in several stages.

After completing the treatment, regular follow-up examinations are important and necessary because many patients tend to develop gingivitis after therapy. The follow-up also controls the patient's cooperation. If necessary, plastering techniques can be discussed and the patient motivated to take care of them regularly. At the same time, the appointments give the dentist the opportunity to repeat local measures (for example removal of the hard and soft coverings) on individual periodontal ligaments.

The success of periodontal treatment depends on several factors. How quickly and effectively the therapy strikes is due to the severity of periodontitis, the condition of the dental bed, the jawbone and the teeth as well as the number and type of disease-causing germs and bacteria. A prerequisite for the success of any systematic treatment is the cooperation of the patient. These include a careful and correct oral care as well as regular toothbrush massage of the gums as well as an increased nutritional awareness and the right chewing behavior.

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Dental clinics in Germany have all the necessary conditions for treatment of periodontal disease of any degree at very reasonable cost. 2020-03-12 Periodontal Treatment
Periodontal Treatment
Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal diseases differ and required different treatments. The simplest one is common gum inflammation which could be improved with simple measures as anti-inflammatory rinsing and applying antiseptic balms and gels but in the most advanced cases even surgery could require. Dental clinics in Germany have all the necessary conditions for treatment of periodontal disease of any degree at very reasonable cost. Applying of comprehensive approach allow to perform different procedure with highly specialized dentists that gives better result comparing to the general practice dentists.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Any issues related to the gum problems are called periodontal diseases. The mouth is full of bacteria coming with food. When teeth are not cleaned properly, they gather in different hidden cavities and cause inflammations. The best measure for gum problems is prevention. That is why it is necessary to clean teeth twice a day and have a professional cleaning at least once in a half of year. But even being accurate with hygiene, sometimes it is difficult to avoid complications affecting in various disorders.


The symptoms of gingivitis are red and swollen gums, bleeding and discomfort. It is comparatively easy form of periodontal disease and, if treated timely, it does not lead to damage of soft tissues and teeth loosing.


Periodontitis is inflammation of the gums around the teeth. When bacteria are not removed timely they cause appearing spaces that called pockets between the gum and tooth. Those pockets become a permanent source of infections and cause pain, suppuration and, then, the teeth come loosing. If not treated, periodontitis leads to massive teeth lost and degenerative gum changes. For successful treatment of periodontitis different non-surgical and surgical methods are applied in Germany.

Non-surgical Treatment of Periodontitis

To remove periodontal plaques a hygienist or periodontist perform deep cleaning which called scaling. During the treatment, tartar and plaques are mechanically scrapped from a razor between the gum and teeth. Sometimes a laser could be useful for this purpose. As result, the swelling and bleeding are reduced.

Normally, medication also used to reduce the signs of inflammation and to restore the affected gums. Depending on stage and symptoms different various kind of medicine could be use both internally and locally as antiseptic rinse, antibiotic gel, enzyme suppressant and oral antibiotics. Please have a consultation via our site to know which treatment is better for you.

Periodontal Surgery

But in advanced cases, surgery is the most effective method for curing of periodontal disease.

Flap or pocket reduction is a basic operation performed by periodontal surgeon with assistance of hygienists. During this operation the pockets are reduced and all the areas around are cleaned. After the procedure healthy gum could tightly fit to the bone again.

When, as result of chronic disease, the bone and gum are badly damaged, the bone or gum graft or, in other words, implant could be required. Performing a surgery of this type a periodontist takes donor tissues from a palate (for gum) or another patient’s own source and transplant it to the affected area. When successfully taken, the tissues regenerate and create healthy environment which with proper cleaning and prevention allows avoiding the relapses in future.

Average Cost for Periodontal Disease Treatment in Germany

Many dental centers in Germany offer periodontal disease treatment at affordable prices. Please apply via GMG for procedures.

Price*, EUR USA UK Germany
Periodontal surgery, per quadrant**, without extraction 800-2000 € 570-690 € 390-950 €
Periodontal surgery, per quadrant**, with extraction 2000-4500 € - on request
Scaling and Root Planing, traditional, per session 200-330 € 170 € 145-300 €
Scaling and Root Planing, laser, per session 220-350 € - on request
Perioscopy, per quadrant 300-800 € - 200-550 €
Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy (RPE℠), per quadrant 670-890 € - 500-700 €

*All the prices are based on a few estimations from different site and could not be an offer. Please enquire to clinics for precise pricing
** There are 4 quadrants in a mouth

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US and UK citizens not need visa to Germany, when stay less than 90 days. If you are interested in treatment in Europe please apply through GMG. We have many highly qualified dentists in Germany and could speak your language.

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