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Old House of Commerce
Old House of Commerce

Medical treatment in Freiburg is known for its quality and efficiency. Information provided by our experts will help you find a hospitals and experienced doctors for treatment in Freiburg. The analytical company GermanMedicalGroup monitors all medical services provided by Freiburg clinics to facilitate the choise for foreign patients, because without knowing the structure of the Freiburg hospitals it can be difficult to understand and choose the right doctors for the disease profile who would be happy to support foreign patients. Foreign patients often have hard time to navigate in the abundance of offers on the Internet.

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Attractions in Freiburg

Freiburg Cathedral
Freiburg Cathedral

The Germans know a lot about how to construct majestic buildings. Freiburg is a vivid proof. Located between France and Switzerland, it absorbed their flavor and magic. The fusion of architecture, art and traditions has made this city inimitable.

The best attractions in Freiburg:

  • Kaufhaus. Located on the Cathedral Square, a “gingerbread house" became a symbol of the city. Despite its modest size, it radiates a special mood, transmitted to each visitor. Enchanting decorations of the rooms and its exhibits help to reveal the soul of the citizens of the city and their philosophy.
  • Freiburg Cathedral. A Gothic building of the Cathedral dominates majestically above the city. This perfect structure of the Middle Ages is preserved in its original design. The interior of the building is decorated with mosaics, frescoes and luxurious canvases depicting the Saints. The services that are held here to this day are of particular interest.
  • The Martin’s Gate. The structure was constructed on the site of the first city gate. In a few centuries, The Martin’s Gate has changed a lot, retaining its attractive appearance and rich decorations. It is one the main city landmarks meeting a traveler entering the city.
  • Europa Park. The countries of Europe and their fun are represented in themed areas of the park. Every European state has its own ways to entertain. You can spend time in miniature countries, enjoying favorite games and amusements of different nations.
  • The Augustinian Monastery. The complex is more than 700 years old. The building includes some fragments of the initial masonry preserved till today. Some of hermits still live in the monastery.
  • The Swabian Gate. It is one of five entrances to the city. The original structure dates back to the 13th century. In the last century, the building was significantly damaged and, then, reconstructed and modernized, which allowed broadening the entrance to the city and reducing the traffic.
  • The New Town Hall. Initially, it was a semi-detached house but, in 1896, the building was reconstructed and became the Town Hall, where the city government holds its meetings.
  • Old House of Commerce. The foundation of the building was laid in 1520 and, then, it was under construction for 12 years. Hans Sixt von Staufen was the architect who designed a project. The building honored the heritage of the Habsburgs and was dedicated to their family. Initially, the House was used to accommodate the management of the city market.
  • The Old Town Hall. It is located in two buildings. Initially, its facade completely lacked decoration and stucco, but with the increasing importance of the structure it was started being decorated.

Freiburg in Germany offers many attractions for tourists. You will appreciate its beauty, admire the innovations and once may return back.

History of Freiburg

The Swabian Gate
The Swabian Gate

The city was founded in 1120. The founder, is believed, Duke Berthold Zerringen. The constituent franchise granted to Freiburg gave the city additional rights and a special status.

As a result of long wars and the change of rulers, the city fell into decline. In a few centuries, it was restored and expanded. Joining to the Austrian Empire was a significant leap in development. The Habsburgs made great efforts to revive and strengthen the city. The most important event that influenced the city development was the opening of the University of Freiburg. In 1457, Archduke Albrecht VI Austrian founded the oldest university in Germany that became the alma mater of the numerous luminaries of philosophy and history, medicine and economics.

The French occupation of Freiburg did not last long. There were no great devastation; on the other hand, the citizens were imbued with the culture of the neighboring country.

World War II caused significant damage to the city. In spite of the agreement on neutrality, the French aviation destroyed the city. It took several decades to restore buildings and monuments of architecture. Some buildings were lost irretrievably.

Holiday and Treatment in Freiburg

Freiburg in Germany was long in the shadow of the neighboring territories. But its beauty and attractions are not inferior. Unique monuments of modern and medieval architecture are scattered on the territory of the city. Holiday in Freiburg also gives you the opportunity to visit France or Switzerland, as you need only a few hours to reach the border. Close proximity to other EU countries allows travelers to learn more in less time.

The clinics in Freiburg offer a full list of medical services. In the specialized medical facilities in Germany, you can have rehabilitation, cure any disease, restore metabolic processes and have surgery. Qualified doctors help you to solve any health problems and contribute to your healthy life.

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