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Treatment in Freiburg

Old House of Commerce
Old House of Commerce

Treatment in Germany gives positive results and helps even hopeless patients to restore their health. On our website you can find the best German clinics specializing in various health problems. You need only to select the profile you want. Highly qualified specialists and luminaries of medicine make treatment in Freiburg an effective and qualitative. The latest equipment, advanced techniques, qualified personnel and comfortable accommodation help everyone to solve problems.

Having studied medical facilities available in Freiburg, you can easily find a suitable clinic. An additional advantage is English-speaking personnel helping to resolve all the issues that appear and adapt a patient to a new situation. The clinics of Freiburg provide real opportunities to regain health.

Attractions in Freiburg

Freiburg Cathedral
Freiburg Cathedral

The Germans know a lot about how to construct majestic buildings. Freiburg is a vivid proof. Located between France and Switzerland, it absorbed their flavor and magic. The fusion of architecture, art and traditions has made this city inimitable.

The best attractions in Freiburg:

Freiburg in Germany offers many attractions for tourists. You will appreciate its beauty, admire the innovations and once may return back.

History of Freiburg

The Swabian Gate
The Swabian Gate

The city was founded in 1120. The founder, is believed, Duke Berthold Zerringen. The constituent franchise granted to Freiburg gave the city additional rights and a special status.

As a result of long wars and the change of rulers, the city fell into decline. In a few centuries, it was restored and expanded. Joining to the Austrian Empire was a significant leap in development. The Habsburgs made great efforts to revive and strengthen the city. The most important event that influenced the city development was the opening of the University of Freiburg. In 1457, Archduke Albrecht VI Austrian founded the oldest university in Germany that became the alma mater of the numerous luminaries of philosophy and history, medicine and economics.

The French occupation of Freiburg did not last long. There were no great devastation; on the other hand, the citizens were imbued with the culture of the neighboring country.

World War II caused significant damage to the city. In spite of the agreement on neutrality, the French aviation destroyed the city. It took several decades to restore buildings and monuments of architecture. Some buildings were lost irretrievably.

Holiday and Treatment in Freiburg

Freiburg in Germany was long in the shadow of the neighboring territories. But its beauty and attractions are not inferior. Unique monuments of modern and medieval architecture are scattered on the territory of the city. Holiday in Freiburg also gives you the opportunity to visit France or Switzerland, as you need only a few hours to reach the border. Close proximity to other EU countries allows travelers to learn more in less time.

The clinics in Freiburg offer a full list of medical services. In the specialized medical facilities in Germany, you can have rehabilitation, cure any disease, restore metabolic processes and have surgery. Qualified doctors help you to solve any health problems and contribute to your healthy life.

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