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Dentures are designed to preserve the natural function and aesthetics of the teeth when one, several or all teeth are missing.

Dentures are always necessary when the natural function and aesthetics of the dentition are impaired by missing teeth. Fixed dentures offer a much higher wearing comfort and a more harmonious result than removable dentures. In addition, it is long usable. Bridges and implants are used on single missing teeth. Crowns are used to preserve teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay, accidents or teeth grinding or to stabilize teeth for bridges.

The partial denture and combined dental prosthesis usually replace several teeth and are used instead of bridges if they can no longer be anchored. If all teeth are missing in a jaw, full dentures are used.

The prosthesis is to ensure the chewing ability and phonetics and to create a harmonious look of the face. There are different types.

Fixed dentures include bridges, crowns and implants. They are made of metal, ceramic or equivalent combinations. Meanwhile, plastics are also used. Bridges replace lost teeth. They consist of bridge links and bridge anchors, which are attached to adjacent teeth (abutment teeth). Crowns are placed over the remains of a tooth and give it stability and shape. Depending on the material, they are almost invisible. Implants replace tooth roots or whole jawbones. A dental prosthesis (supraconstruction) can be drilled or cemented on them.

Depending on whether the removable denture supplements existing teeth or replaced all teeth, it is called a partial denture or a full denture. A partial denture is fixed with clamps on the existing teeth. On a denture base, which consists mostly of metal and plastic, sit the artificial teeth. Compensating elements stabilize the partial denture and distribute the force when biting and chewing on the real teeth. The full denture replaces all the teeth of the upper or lower jaw. It also consists of a plastic base with anchored artificial teeth and can contain metal elements for reinforcement. The prosthesis adheres by negative pressure and adhesion and cohesion forces on the mucosa. Adhesive creams serve as saliva substitutes.

The combination prosthesis is usually a connection between a removable partial denture and fixed crowns to which the partial denture is attached (blocking). The denture is blocked with bars (connection between two crowned teeth), attachments (anchoring element on a crown) or telescopes. Telescopes consist of a primary crown, which is fixed to the tooth stump and a secondary crown, which is incorporated into the removable part. Primary crown and secondary crown can be telescoped together.

The teeth replacement is already possible at a price from €1,700. Please send us your inquiry with a current x-ray image to get a detailed estimate cost.

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Single implant placementfrom €1,700
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