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Dentures are designed to preserve the natural function and aesthetics of the teeth when one, several or all teeth are missing.

Dentures are always necessary when the natural function and aesthetics of the dentition are impaired by missing teeth. Fixed dentures offer a much higher wearing comfort and a more harmonious result than removable dentures. In addition, it is long usable. Bridges and implants are used on single missing teeth. Crowns are used to preserve teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay, accidents or teeth grinding or to stabilize teeth for bridges.

The partial denture and combined dental prosthesis usually replace several teeth and are used instead of bridges if they can no longer be anchored. If all teeth are missing in a jaw, full dentures are used.

The prosthesis is to ensure the chewing ability and phonetics and to create a harmonious look of the face. There are different types.

Fixed dentures include bridges, crowns and implants. They are made of metal, ceramic or equivalent combinations. Meanwhile, plastics are also used. Bridges replace lost teeth. They consist of bridge links and bridge anchors, which are attached to adjacent teeth (abutment teeth). Crowns are placed over the remains of a tooth and give it stability and shape. Depending on the material, they are almost invisible. Implants replace tooth roots or whole jawbones. A dental prosthesis (supraconstruction) can be drilled or cemented on them.

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Replacing teeth in Germany - rated dental clinics. Find out prices, direct contacts and relevant information. 2020-03-11 Teeth Replacement (Dentures)
Teeth Replacement (Dentures)
Teeth replacement

Tough weather conditions, busy working days, imperfect heredity and unavoidable process of ageing lead to destruction of molars and, as a result, painful sensations, unpleasant appearance, inability to chew food normally, speech defects and gradual bone tissue atrophy. Modern dentistry is capable of making your smile attractive again even in the most neglected cases, when it is impossible to restore teeth perfectly and teeth replacement is required.

Complete teeth replacement: when you may need it

Loss of molars can be a result of neglected disease of oral cavity, chips or loss of tooth which caused the deformation of surrounding teeth.

Sometimes people mistakenly think that replacing one lost tooth is enough, but, unfortunately, in such cases other teeth may also become misplaced. Perfect results can be achieved only if you use serious approach to solving this problem.

Quality implants look just like natural teeth, and, unlike removable dentures, they do not cause neither physiological nor psychological discomfort.

Contraindications to dental implantation:

Like most surgical operations, dental implantation has a number of contraindications you should remember

  • Replacement of molars is contraindicated to patients younger under 22;
  • In case there are any chronic diseases of connective tissue;
  • If there are any alcohol or drug-related problems;
  • Osteoporosis, decompensated pancreatic diabetes, acute period of myocardial infection, renal and liver failure;
  • Acute mental diseases.

List of relative contraindications:

  • Inclination to gritting of teeth;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Constant smoking (20 and more cigarettes a day).

Replacing all teeth with implants. About surgery process and reasons for desire to achieve the best quality

Dental implantation is a painless surgical operation. Defective teeth are removed and replaced with implants (each implant also includes tooth crown replacement). Denture consists of three parts: titanium screw implanted into jawbone, tooth crown and abutment, which connects the screw with the crown.

Teeth replacement

The main part of implant – titanium screw – should be mentioned separately. Poor quality of screw material, dentist’s mistakes, technology violation and bringing microbes into the wound may lead to repeating dental surgery if the foreign body of the implant does not survive. Choose a reliable clinic which can guarantee the success of dental surgery.

In most cases tooth crowns are replaced with ceramics which bear esthetic and practical characteristics of a natural tooth. Apart from full ceramic crowns, metal-ceramic crowns, which are cheaper, can also be used. However, it is much more difficult to choose the inner components of the implant. The range of brands and types create an extremely wide choice and makes implants hard to choose.

More about types of dental implants

There are several types of dental implants by their construction: root-form, combined, subperiosteal, intramucosal and endodontically stabilized implants.

  • Root-form dental implants are threaded and cylinder-shaped. They are used if there is enough space in the jawbone to install them. The main disadvantage of root-form implants is that it is often needed to use sinus lift technology to grow bone tissue onto the jawbone. Root-form implant is based on a titanium screw the structure of which may considerably differ depending on the chosen manufacturer.
  • Flexible-form implants can be used in case there is no place for a root-form implant. The foreign body is implanted deep into the bone which makes it really stable.
  • Combined implants, as you understand from their name, combine plate and root-form components of artificial teeth. They have intricate form and are used in case of complicated jawbone defects or if all teeth need to be replaced.
  • Subperiosteal implants are an advanced dental solution which allows installing an artificial tooth even if jawbone tissue is extremely thinned without using sinus lift technology.
  • Endodontically stabilized implants stimulate wound healing and cause less harm to tunica mucosa of the mouth. When this technology is used, the old tooth does not need to be removed: instead, its root system gets strengthened.
  • Intramucosal implants do not require foreign body to be implanted into bone tissue. Partial dental implant is installed into the damaged natural tooth.

Brands and their offers

The most well-known manufacturers of dental implants are companies AlfaBio, Nobel Biocare, Medical Implant System, Astra Tech, Straumann, Dentsply Friadent, Schutz, Zimmer, Niko.

The abovementioned manufacturers show themselves to good advantage and enjoy well-deserved recognition with dentists of many leading dental clinics. These companies give life-time warranty for their dental products. Moreover, premium brands supply clinics not only with implants, but also with highly specialized high-precision equipment for performing exact diagnostics and computer-aided modeling of the jaw.

Three leading companies

Alfa Bio are dental implants from an Israeli company which are even fit to be installed into a narrow bone without any additional preparation. Alfa Bio’s titanium rod is porous, and bone tissue gradually grows into the structure of titanium making the connection very solid.

Nobel Replace’s implants have a special cut on the rod which makes the fixture reliable and the installation process fast. Survival rate of Nobel Replace’s implants is really high - 98,5% on average, according to open world statistics.

Medical Implant System are reasonably priced but this does not affect the quality of their material. MIS have several international certificates, and the company has gained trust of leading clinics of the world.

Each of the mentioned manufacturers belongs to top ten dental brands. These companies are well-financed, and this allows them to do research which results in advantageous offers for final consumer.

Implant serves a patient for their whole life, and this is the main point – you shouldn’t save on your smile.

The cost of teeth replacement

The cost of teeth replacement can differ depending on the clinic, materials used, dentist’s experience. If you want to replace your teeth fully and make your smile perfect for a long time, then you should understand that you cannot save on the material which will become a part of your body or on a skilled dentist. And it is not a secret that best dentists usually work in European clinics where their work is valued and top-quality equipment allows them to completely fulfill their skills and experience.

German clinics are chosen nowadays by people whose work is related to closely dealing with customers. First impression is highly important for them. Here your teeth are not just replaced for dentures: your smile is restored step by step using the latest achievements of dental sector.

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