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Our company German Medical Group brings patients, leading German physicians and healthcare professionals together to facilitate their efficient cooperation. Being a number one medical tourism facilitator we do our best to provide the international patients full access to hospitals and specialists in Germany and to scrap all kinds of barriers. We strongly believe that the even more patients from the USA can benefit from our contracts with new medical institutions across Germany.

Reasons for treatment in Germany

Reasons for treatment in Germany

According to statistics more and more patients come to Germany for medical treatment. They appreciate the services of the world-renowned physicians at hospital ranked first on the world list. The unparalleled quality of medical services and affordable prices is the number one reason why the USA citizens look no further than Germany. Medical tourism statistics shows that about 20,000 Americans travel to Germany for affordable medical treatment annually.

The German clinics enjoy the fact that the USA citizens appreciate their services and do their best to provide the excellent outpatient or inpatient services for the international guests. These clinics are staffed by highly skilled doctors, most of whom speak English. So there are no language barriers, between you and the specialists.

The major benefits of treatment in Germany are:

  • Affordable cost of treatment
  • Skilled doctors and staff at German clinics
  • Excellent reputation of the German medicine
  • No waiting lines
  • Greater scope of modern methods and innovative surgical techniques
  • Privacy and confidentiality of German medicine
  • Rigorous hygiene standards and quality control
The major benefits of treatment in Germany are

Germany enjoys having more than twice as many hospitals per 1,000 citizens than Canada, the USA or Great Britain. There are 34 university clinics, which are actively cooperating with all the public and private health centers, providing a solid scientific and technical foundation for the solution of health problems. German medicine has reached unprecedented heights, primarily in the following disciplines of medicine:

  • orthopedic treatment (the computer-assisted joint replacement techniques are second to none in Germany)
  • dental treatment (dental implantation and restoration)
  • infertility treatment (modern IVF procedures, laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery)
  • oncology therapy (early diagnostics of cancer, cancer surgery)
  • cardiac surgery (coronary artery bypass grafting, valve replacement, installation of pacemakers)
  • ophthalmology (including laser vision correction, retinal and macula treatment, cataract surgery)
  • plastic and aesthetic surgery

The individual approach to patients is the hallmark of our work. In each case, we select for you a specialized clinic and a specialist who will be able to really solve the health problem of health. You stand before a choice? You can apply to us with any health problem. We will give you all the information and help to organize your treatment abroad at the most suitable medical institution.

Surgical and dental tourism: lower price-better quality

Traditionally the patients from the USA come to Germany for surgical treatment.

The surgical tourism to Europe gained popularity, with its success and cost benefits ringing across the world. The German surgeons have saved lives of thousands of patients from the USA, which contributes to the excellent reputation of the German clinics. The leading place in the number of procedures performed at German clinics are treatments of the musculoskeletal system (3.3 mln.); gastrointestinal tract (2 million.), and heart surgeries (900 000).

Dental tourism in Germany is very popular among the international patients. Dental services in Germany are second to none when it comes to quality. The Swiss and German implants, veneers and dentures help to restore the natural beauty of your smile in no time. In the US and UK, and many other countries, dental care is pretty expensive, especially dental restoration and implants. Here is the table, illustrating the cost of medical treatment Germany and the USA:

Kind of surgery Total cost in Germany, EUR Total cost in the USA, (calculated in EUR)
Laser varicose vein surgery (1 leg) From 1500 From 3 000
Hemorrhoidectomy From 500 From 1 200
Hip resurfacing From 10 000 From 15 000
Knee resurfacing From 8 000 From 15 000
Total hip replacement From 12 000 From 25 000
Gamma knife surgery (radiosurgery) From 10 000 From 16 000
Tumor surgery From 5 000 From 8 000
Liver resection From 7 000 From 12 000
Bypass heart surgery From 10 000 From 22 000

We will consult you in detail about methods, costs and organizational matters and provide you with reliable information about best medical clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in all areas of modern medicine. The following price comparison should give you a picture of the costs of dental treatment in Germany and the USA:

Type of service Total cost in Germany, EUR Total cost in the USA, (calculated in EUR)
Inlays or Onlays (biocompatible ceramics), 1 tooth From 300 From 800
Porcelain crown From 500 From 1 000
Zirconium metal free crown From 600 From 1 400
Bridges From 800 From 1300
Camlog implants (Titanium or Zirconium), including the preparation, 1 tooth/td> From 1200 From 2 150
Sinus Lift or augmentation From 800 From 1400

Please note that the prices you find here are only the average one. The price calculation at German clinics is always transparent and includes the cost of services you define with the specialists. As a foreign patient you fall in the category “PRIVATE PATIENT”, which means that you can count with the medical services of premium class.

German Medical Group will find a suitable clinic for you. All the medical divisions are represented at our database: orthopedic, urology, oncology, dental, gynecological, reproductive medicine, plastic surgery, vascular and abdominal surgery, prosthesis implantation, and the others. The best doctors in Germany are at your service.

What to keep in mind before coming to Germany for treatment…

Treatment abroad is challenging for international patients. First of all, check if you need visa to come to Germany for treatment. Normally, the US citizens do need medical visa to come to Germany for treatment. We will be glad to assist you in getting the official letter of invitation from the German institution as well as estimate cost for further medical services which you can present at the Consulate or Embassy.

Please make sure that your medical documentation is readable. If your medical reports are in English, it won’t be a problem for a German specialist. We will guide you step-by-step so that you could get your visa and to prepare for your treatment in Germany without stress and hurdles.

We also offer

We also offer
  • Translation of medical documentation from German into English or vice versa (optional)
  • Visa assistance
  • Booking hotel rooms
  • Transfer from the airport
  • Language assistance at the hospital (optional)
  • Organization of interesting tours

English-speaking representatives of the clinic will take care of you since your arrival to Germany. You are interested in treatment in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Our web site contains much interesting information. We are ready to give you a helpful hand and will do our best to organize your efficient treatment in Germany. Make a request or call us for more information: + 49 (7221) 39 65 785.

With best wishes Your Team of German Medical Group

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