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The Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (VDÄPC) presents the new results of its annual doctor survey in Munich. "Our figures show current trends and developments in aesthetic plastic surgery," said VDÄPC President Prof. Dr. med. Dennis from Heimburg. The results of the 2018 plastic surgery statistics show that the so-called cosmetic surgeries are still on the rise: With a total of 77,485 operations reported, according to VDÄPC statistics, around nine percent more surgeries were performed in 2018 than in the previous year. "Both aesthetic, plastic and minimally invasive procedures continued to increase in 2018," explains von Heimburg. There is a change in the gender-specific distribution of operations compared to the previous year. While the trend towards minimally invasive procedures with botulinum or hyaluron for wrinkle treatment continues for women, the demand for surgical procedures such as upper eyelid surgery is increasing among men.

Aesthetic interventions continue to enjoy great popularity in Germany, and the trend is rising. The most common procedures for men and women in 2018 are wrinkle injections with botulinum, which are the front runners with 19,922 treatments, closely followed by 18,269 hyaluronic treatments. Also in third place are the lip corrections, which rose by around 48 percent in 2018 with 4,578 procedures compared to the previous year. The proportion of women among patients in 2018 is around 86 percent; compared to 2017, it has decreased by about 3 percent.

Minimally invasive treatments in places one to three

In 2018, 44,281 minimally invasive treatments were performed for VDÄPC members in Germany, according to the VDÄPC survey in plastic surgery. That means an increase of around 15 percent compared to the previous year. Prof. von Heimburg explains this increase: "A handsome face is more important to many than a good figure." According to Prof. von Heimburg, professional success is also an argument for surgery for men and women.

Women prefer minimally invasive procedures

"Women start with plastic surgery carefully and prefer minimally invasive interventions", explains von Heimburg and adds: "Women often opt for a small intervention faster than men." Von Heimburg makes it clear: "Wrinkle treatments are in the area of ​​aesthetic treatments Women most popular."

Most common surgical procedure in women: breast augmentation

In the case of purely surgical interventions in plastic surgery for women, breast augmentation moves from third to first place. In second place is the upper eyelid surgery, which was still the number one surgical procedure in 2017. Prof. von Heimburg is amazed at the demographic development: "We suspected an age-related intervention in the first place." Because breast enlargement is more desirable for younger patients, von Heimburg sees a surprise here.

Upper eyelid surgery is the top treatment for men

From fifth place in 2017, the upper eyelid lift for men has jumped to first place and liposuction has increased in popularity from four to two in plastic surgery. Prof. von Heimburg explains: "Upper eyelid surgery is number one in Germany for operations - overall and especially for men." With nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) in third place, gynecomastia is in fourth place and abdominoplasty in fifth place.

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