Get medical second opinion by renowned experts in Germany!

When a person is not satisfied with the diagnosis or proposed treatment plan, there’s a possibility to ask for another doctor’s opinion. Based on your medical background, results of analysis and other information related to your health condition, a specialist will make a diagnosis and offer possible treatment options.

GermanMedicalGroup allows getting second opinion online, which means you may send all documents and certificates via email and receive the answer with recommendations the same way. You can get a proffesional second opinion without expensive costs and wasting time on a trip to another country!

The practice of using the second opinion service in Germany has existed for many years and is used both for German patients and for patients from abroad. A second opinion can be obtained quickly and costs between €250,- and €450,- depending on the case. For this, the second opinion experts need the current medical reports and ideally also the imaging, for example MRI or CT images. These should be sent to our service team in order to introduce the doctors as comprehensively as possible to the situation. Get competent medical consultation within 48 hours!

Send an email and we choose the best specialist for your case

you can submit a request directly on chosen doctor specifying the purpose of the treatment.

What is included in the second medical opinion program?

A detailed written correspondence consultation with a german doctor, conducted on the basis of the medical documentation and photographs provided by you.

The consultation expresses:

If you need a competent medical second opinion by renowned specialists, follow this steps:


To get the second opinion service please fill out the contact form here on our website, indicating your details: name, surname, date of birth, and a description of your problem. Send us the latest medical reports and MRI, X-Ray or CT scans that could be relevant to your case per email.


Please note: In more than 90% of cases, images (MRT / X-ray / CT) in good digital quality are required to process a second medical opinion. To share the digital information (CT, MRI, PET-CT, X-rays, etc) you can use one of the cloud storage providers, like Dropbox or Google Drive. then send us a link and the access data for this cloud that we need to download your files. We give each patient for second medical opinion a case number. The files are assigned to this case number. We will forward this images information for evaluation to our specialists, who have a vast experience and expertise in such cases.

ATTENTION: the images should not be older than 3 months.


After identifying the medical specialists that meet your request and obtaining the necessary information, our patient office will send you an invoice. After receipt of the advanced payment, the evaluation of your case begins. The second opinion will be made as an extended written document. This document represents a basis for decision-making for further treatments and can be used as the official medical opinion of a high-level expert anywhere, in any country and in any hospital of your choice.

Patient reviews

Decoding images – second opinion online

Our specialists will review the images, help clarify the diagnosis and give recommendations on further steps. Express decryption allows you to get a second opinion of the radiologist as quickly as possible. Reviews about the interpretation of MRI, CT, X-ray, mammography, PET/CT, SPECT, CBCT and the second opinion of the doctor service.

Second opinion saves time and money of clients, since you get an objective medical inquiry from at least one more expert, specializing in your clinical case. Besides, it is worth getting second opinion, if you have a complex surgical case or several treatment options are available. In particular, this service gives a real opportunity to

  • receive an additional consultation;
  • reduce travelling costs;
  • learn about alternative surgical or non-surgical care methods;
  • get objective and non-biased estimation of your condition;
  • avoid the unnecessary diagnostics and consequences of erroneous treatment
  • obtain remote medical counseling from the reputable specialists.

The processing of your case is highly confidential. Only the trustworthy medical experts have access to your health information and we inform you about his/ her name and specialization.

Cancer is complicated to manage and diagnose. Getting a second opinion in Germany helps to clear up the situation as quickly as possible and with the maximum precision. Only the board certified oncologists and radiologists are involved into the “second opinion program”.

Many patients from abroad want to seek second opinion, because they are not confident in doctor’s ability to treat cancer properly. Some cancer types are resistant to the definite types of therapy, which means that the treatment plan should be adjusted. In many cases second opinions lead patients to different cancer treatment opportunities which are

  • less invasive,
  • have fewer side effects
  • are more adjusted to their clinical case

Breast cancer

This is the fast way that you will receive your second opinion from expert boards

Getting a second opinion is easy for you with breast cancer and does not mean that the diagnostic process has to start over. Our experts will assess your case on the basis of the diagnostics that have already been carried out. You have the option of sending the necessary documents to us electronically or by post.

The following are useful when assessing breast cancer:

  • discharge letters.
  • Pathological assessment of the cancer material.
  • Laboratory overviews.
  • Findings letters for diagnostic examinations (ultrasound, endoscopy).
  • Findings letters for radiological examinations (MRT, CT, PET-CT, X-ray).

The transmitted data will be treated with strict confidentiality and will only be passed on to third parties for the purpose of obtaining an expert opinion.Ask your treating doctor for assistance.

He is obliged to do so. You have the legal right to a second opinion and your attending doctor must help with the compilation of the documents as well as the transmission of the documents.

He is familiar with the benefits of cancer second opinion:

  • We provide quick certainty about the best possible therapy path. We support you in the decision-making process for complex cancer diagnosis issues.
  • Our commissioned tumor board corrects misdiagnoses or recognizes outdated recommendations.
  • The tumor board also checks the planned cancer therapy and in many cases provides important additional information or recommends more modern therapy. Second cancer opinion strengthens your self-help potential and your patient competence.

We will find the tumorboard with the highest competence for your case

Cancer Second Opinion works together with over 140 top oncological centres nationwide in order to be able to provide you with the right specialists for any cancer disease at any time.

As soon as patients with a second cancer opinion have contacted us and sent their documents to us, we will review and analyze your case and immediately determine the most suitable tumor board for your individual disease. We will then arrange an assessment of your case there.

You can more than trust the know-how and experience of our specialists:

  • The facilities are university clinics, teaching hospitals or tumor centres that have been certified by the German Cancer Society. Which guarantees that the quality of these institutions is checked and optimized annually. Each oncology centre specializes in the detection and treatment of certain types of cancer, e.g. breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a common tumor, but it is rarely life threatening. In the past, it was often discovered too late as a painful stray cancer and the "fight against cancer" was lost. Today we diagnose prostate cancer when it is still limited to the prostate gland; this is the initial stage.

There are several methods of treatment available for this. They range from the different techniques of an operation to the different radiation methods to drug therapy. Surveillance is often enough instead of an operation. The doctors who are available to our group as cooperation partners on the subject of prostate cancer will provide you with information about these methods. It is often even possible to start treatment only when the tumor development makes it necessary.

What does the prostate cancer diagnosis made during early detection mean?

In most cases, the tumor diagnosed by early detection (elevated PSA) is a cell change that does not always allow a prediction of the expected course of the disease. If necessary, we recommend and arrange a second assessment of the tissue samples taken from you.

Even if the pathologist speaks of a "cancer of the Gleason 6 category", it is only a "near cancer" that is not life-threatening and with which one can live "in friendship" for a long time - often to the end of one's life. Some speak of pets, others of "basalioma of the prostate" and even famous American urologists and pathologists ask whether these cell changes should be called cancer.

Prostate cancer diagnosis is rarely life threatening these days

Only one to three in 100 men diagnosed with Gleason 6 prostate cancer will die from it within 15 years; most of them die from another cause. In spite of this, doctors, associations, specialist societies and journalists behave as if they were trying to render a predator harmless with the heaviest artillery (radical operation, radiation).

The common consequences are well known: impotence and bladder emptying disorders. Therefore, before the invasive treatment, which is usually recommended, you should obtain an independent second opinion in order to find out about alternatives.

Second opinion helps clarify whether one should treat

This is not just about weighing the operation against the radiation, but also discussing with you and your relatives in the context of the second opinion whether treatment is required at all and whether there are gentler procedures that can be used to maintain the quality of life can. In doing so, not only the tumor disease should be assessed, but the health should be recorded holistically.

Get a second opinion on prostate cancer in peace instead of operating too quickly

In any case, you can give yourself plenty of time to make a decision, including obtaining comprehensive information and getting a second opinion. Often the man regrets it if he decided hastily to have an operation and it was not necessary. It is irreversible.

We recommend that you definitely get a second opinion in the case of prostate cancer

You should therefore claim a second opinion in the case of prostate cancer, because in more than half of the cases the tumor detected early does not have to be treated immediately - if at all. In particular, men who demand a certain quality of life should seek advice on delayed or gentle treatment in our second-opinion consultation for prostate cancer.

Active monitoring in prostate cancer diagnosis is often sufficient as a control

So-called active monitoring is often sufficient and the appropriate procedure in which you are merely checked. In our second opinion consultation, older men also receive detailed advice on wait-and-see observation, in which only later symptoms are treated with medication or irradiated, if they occur at all. We are happy to see relatives or close friends for advice in our second opinion consultation hour, because four ears hear more than two.

We offer economically independent prostate cancer advice and knowledge of all therapy facilities.

We advise independently and beyond economic interests that could be related to a treatment. We work with members of prostate cancer self-help groups. We know the different facilities with their special treatment offers.

Second opinion in orthopedics: Quality is our specialization!

Patients who would like to obtain a second opinion for further therapy decisions are welcome in our support.

Second opinion - more security before important surgery and treatments

A second medical opinion can be useful before an operation or if you are unsure about treatment. This can help you to put away the uncertainty and to consolidate your decision. The experts at the GermanMedicalGroup support you as a patient in finding a suitable doctor.

What makes our second opinion so special? Quality is our specialization!

High degree of independence...

...because independence is the basic requirement for an objective second opinion.The independence of every medical practitioner is ensured by the fact that he is independent of the future treatment process because further treatment is generally not permitted by him.In addition, when issuing the second opinion, strict care is taken to ensure that the doctor entrusted with the second opinion is not working in the same federal state and not for the same clinic as the patient's doctor.

Highly qualified and specialized specialists

The requirement profile for our doctors is very demanding.Our doctors are characterized by a high degree of specialization, knowledge of the current state of medical science and years of professional experience in both the conservative (non-operative) and the operative field. We have recognized specialists in the orthopedics specialist areas of knees, back, hips, shoulders and feet.

Creation of a second opinion within a few days

The creation of our second opinion takes only 3-4 working days and this without cumbersome journeys and long waiting times for an appointment.

Data security is very important to us

Therefore, the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) is used for data encryption during data transmission.In addition, we are subject to a duty of confidentiality towards third parties and your treating doctor. In other words, nobody but you will not be informed of the result of the second opinion and your treating doctor will not find out that you have asked us for a second opinion.

The second opinion for knee, hip, shoulder, foot and back problems is created on the basis of the following documents:

  • Specific medical history questionnaire,
  • Treatment documents (e.g. imaging material, findings, doctor's letters).

Do you have any questions about the required documents or other questions? Call or write to us, we are happy to help.

Patients usually apply for second opinion at German orthopedic centers, clinics and departments, in case the surgical treatment is indicated. The top German orthopedic specialists offer qualified second opinion related to

  • Joint replacement
  • Foot & Ankle surgery
  • Hand, Wrist, Elbow or Shoulder Surgery
  • Spine Surgery/ Surgery on vertebral column
  • Meniscus surgery
  • General orthopedic issues (osteoarthritis management)
  • Arthroplasty
  • Postoperative problems.

Second opinion in the case of hip pain

Chronic hip or knee pain changes the life dramatically, limiting your ability to participate in normal daily activities. Pain in the hip can be caused by different reasons: osteoarthritis, bursitis, hip microcracks or fractures. If your physician offers you hip surgery or hip replacement to treat hip pain, it is a good idea to consult one more specialist. Mostly hip pain can be managed medically or in a minimally-invasive way (arthroscopic repair).

Second opinion in the case of knee pain

If knee pain interferes with your ability to move and live comfortably, it’s time to seek medical advice for a diagnosis. Pain of the knee can occur from tendonitis, ligament tears or osteoarthritis among other diagnoses. The reputable German orthopedic specialists will look into your case and will express their opinion on the general situation with the knee. All you need for getting a case estimation and professional advice is to send the imaging of knee as well as the laboratory tests.

Second opinion in the case of arthritis: arhtroscopy or joint replacement required?

Getting a second opinion is a good idea when it comes to the necessity of joint surgery. Joint replacement is a serious decision, which should be taken after getting at least two medical opinions at different medical centers. Sometimes the less-invasive surgeries, such as inflamed joint linings dissection or arthroscopic repairing of ligaments and cartilage help to avoid the massive surgery on joint replacement. The world-renowned specialists in orthopedics (doctors of medical sciences and professors) are chosen specifically for each patient case.

Cardiology. Second Opinion in Case of Heart Diseases

When it comes to heart surgery, German specialists encourage the “second” and even “third” opinion. The best German heart surgeons will make sure that the diagnosis is correct and you really need the surgical intervention on heart. Usually the patients apply for second opinion concerning the need of the following interventions:

  • Minimally Invasive Heart Bypass
  • Heart Valve Repair
  • Heart Valve Replacement
  • Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)
  • Transmyocardial Revascularization (TMR)
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

If you have a complex surgical case or some concomitant diseases, the specialists will also advise you on the softest and safest techniques of heart surgery in Germany.

“Second Opinion” for General Surgery

If you need surgery, a second opinion could become decisive for you in answering the following crucial questions:

  • Are there really indications for surgical treatment?
  • Is there a need for additional surveys?
  • Whether surgery is necessary or are there alternative ways?
  • What are the medical forecasts in your individual case?
  • Will I have to rehab and how long it will take?

To have these questions answered, you will have to fill in the contact form and send us your existing medical records, scanned X-ray, ultrasound data, MRI etc.

Some patients apply to second opinion service in Germany, in case the surgery is risky for them. A German surgeon will look into your case and express his or her opinion regarding the necessity of surgery.

Second opinion: helpful in the case of tumor diseases and endometriosis

Patients who would like to obtain a second opinion for further therapy decisions are welcome in our centre. After a detailed survey of the medical history and the evaluation of the available findings, the necessary examinations are arranged.After all information has been compiled, a recommendation will be made in an interdisciplinary conference.If necessary, opinions and advice from colleagues from all over Germany are obtained and taken into account by telephone or in writing. For this we use a broad competence network of specialists, in which we are also integrated.

Second opinion - more security before important operations and treatments

A second medical opinion can be useful before an operation or if you are unsure about treatment. This can help you to put away the uncertainty and to consolidate your decision. The experts at the GermanMedicalGroup support you as a patient in finding a suitable doctor.

In principle, all private patients have the option of visiting another specialist within the framework of the free choice of doctor. It is therefore your right to obtain a second medical opinion on a proposed treatment, examination, or operation. In addition, the legislature provides for a regulated procedure for certain interventions or predictable operations: the so-called second opinion procedure.

We can offer you an expert for a second opinion for the following indications:

  • Breast surgery (including cosmetic surgery)
  • Malignant diseases of the chest or abdomen
  • Changes in the external genitals, vagina and cervix
  • planned hysterectomy
  • planned mastectomy (breast removal) for breast cancer, etc.
  • Bleeding disorders caused by bleeding that is too heavy, too long or too frequent, or bleeding during menopause, Urinary incontinence, Subsidence of the uterus and vagina, Hysterectomy
  • Keyhole surgery (ovaries, uterus)
  • Cosmetic operations on the breasts and genitals

Remember, the main priority is your health!

Finding a doctor is an important task and not always easy. It does not always make sense to contact another specialist from the same institution, since employees of the same medical organization often adhere to a similar position on prescriptions and therapy.

It is advisable to opt for experts who will provide a truly independent point of view, without regard to the conclusions of colleagues.

In order to get a complete set of your medical documents - statements, conclusions, test results and studies, you need to contact your doctor and ask him for help in collecting data.

Many people believe that by doing this they offend a specialist, let him know that they consider him insufficiently competent, which is why the attitude towards them will not change for the better. They are silent, nervous, shy and... they don't do anything. Time passes, doubts remain, and stress and worries lead to a deterioration of well-being and regrets about missed opportunities. Such fears bring nothing but harm, because because of the desire to look "right" in the eyes of the doctor, a person sacrifices the main thing – his health and mental balance.

Asking for a second opinion is not an insult, but an established practice. Really competent doctors support this approach, as they understand that any additional information cannot be superfluous. Science is developing rapidly, additional data on methods of therapy are constantly coming in, and new discoveries are emerging in the field of treatment. Even specialists with extensive experience cannot know absolutely everything about the existing options for the development of the disease, treatment methods and reactions to them. There is no need to be shy and afraid of offending someone.

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