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Second opinion online: your chance for a better treatment plan

Even the most competent and skilled doctors can make mistakes or come to a deadlock: such situations require taking a detached view. This is when second opinion can come in handy and even help specialists to take the right decision.

Alternative to "medical tourism"

If you need a competent second opinion, follow the following steps:


Call us or fill in a contact form on our website and we will send you a special questionnaire and patient disclaimer form for telemedicine services.


Please send us the latest medical reports and scans that could be relevant to your case per email. To share the digital information (CT, MRI, PET-CT, X-rays, etc) you can use one of the cloud storage providers, like Dropbox. We will forward this information for evaluation to our specialists, who have a vast experience and expertise in such cases.


After determining a specialists and getting the necessary information, the clinic will issue an official letter of invoice, which will be forwarded to you. Upon payment, your case estimation begins.

Depending on the clinical case, the second opinion can be rendered either in a written form, via telephone or Skype.

Advantages of the "second opinion"

Diagnosis in 48 hours

In just 48 hours, the German doctor will diagnose and give advice on treatment

Without visas and flights

No flights, visas, hotels and other expenses! Get a translation of the conclusion without leaving home!

The best doctors of Germany

Leading professors, doctors of medical sciences in Germany

The accuracy of the diagnosis

Experts of world level. Minimum 12 years of study. Experience with the most difficult cases.

What is second opinion?

When a person is not satisfied with the diagnosis or proposed treatment plan, there’s a possibility to ask for another doctor’s opinion. Based on your medical background, results of analysis and other information related to your health condition, a specialist will make a diagnosis and offer possible treatment options.

GMG allows getting second opinion online, which means you may send all documents and certificates via email and receive the answer with recommendations the same way. Sometimes Skype and video conferences are organized between doctors and patients to establish direct communication and acquire all possible useful information.

Spending days and thousands of dollars on travelling to another country can be costly and stressful. It goes without mentioning acute diseases that require urgent medical assistance. Such service as online second opinion helps to save time that can be precious in extreme situations.

How does it help?

Some medical cases can be too complicated and dangerous to be treated by one specialist only. If a doctor finds it difficult to state a precise diagnosis, second opinion is a way out! If you don’t trust your doctor, or he needs an advice of some competent specialist, don’t hesitate to address German doctors.

You will get a unbiased, detailed medical assessment report of your health condition from a specialist who has rich experience and skills in concerned medical branch. Don’t miss your chance to receive the opinion of tried and trusted German doctors with degrees and years of practice in leading German clinics and hospitals. This is your opportunity to get an alternative overview of stated diagnosis and suggestions concerning treatment options. Besides, you may get additional valuable information about disease management and some tips.

Second opinion is asked not by patients only – doctors also need their colleagues’ distant eyes. It helps to make a final diagnosis and figure out suitable therapy. It is widely known that multidisciplinary approach practiced in German clinics allows reaching better results and making more correct decisions.

Therefore, with a second opinion, you can have your treatment plan changed to the better.

Choose GMG service

German Medical Group helps patients from all over the world to find competent and skilled German doctors that can render second opinion online. You just need to send documents and certificates in PDF or other formats, and diagnosis with recommendations will be sent in 48 hours.

Leading German doctors with 12 years of practice and more will provide you with a detailed view of your case. No flights, Visa requests and other expenses! You can receive the documents without leaving home. You can connect with us and doctors any convenient way (email, phone, Skype) and get competent and truly helpful medical help in a matter of two days.

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