Medical second opinion from German experts: your chance for a better treatment plan

Even the most competent and experienced doctors can make mistakes or come to a standstill: such situations require the additional opinion of an outside medical expert. This is when a second opinion can serve as an excuse for making the right further decisions in the organization of treatment of the patient at home or by the experts in Germany. The practice of rendering a second opinion service in Germany has existed for many years and is applied to German patients as well as to patients from abroad.

Alternative to "medical tourism"

If you need a competent second opinion, follow the following steps:


Call us or fill out the contact form on our website, indicating your details: name, surname, date of birth, and a description of your problem. Please send us the latest medical reports and scans that could be relevant to your case per email.


Please send us the latest medical reports and scans that could be relevant to your case per email. To share the digital information (CT, MRI, PET-CT, X-rays, etc) you can use one of the cloud storage providers, like Dropbox. We will forward this information for evaluation to our specialists, who have a vast experience and expertise in such cases.

ATTENTION: the pictures should not be older than 3 months.


After identifying the medical specialists that meet your request and obtaining the necessary information, our international patient office will send you an official letter with the invoice. After receipt of the advanced payment, the evaluation of your case begins.

Depending on your medical case, the second opinion of one of our medical experts will be made as an extended written document.

Advantages of the medical second opinion from German experts

Receiving a result within 48 hours

In just 48 hours, the German doctor will diagnose and give advice on treatment

Without visas and flights

No flights, visas, hotels and other expenses! Get a translation of the conclusion without leaving home!

The best doctors of Germany

Leading professors, doctors of medical sciences in Germany

The accuracy of the result of second opinion

We have the experts of world level. Minimum 17 years of study. Experience with the most difficult cases.

What is medical second opinion?

When a person is not satisfied with the diagnosis or proposed treatment plan, there’s a possibility to ask for another doctor’s opinion. Based on your medical background, results of analysis and other information related to your health condition, a specialist will make a diagnosis and offer possible treatment options.

GMG allows getting second opinion online, which means you may send all documents and certificates via email and receive the answer with recommendations the same way. Sometimes Skype and video conferences are organized between doctors and patients to establish direct communication and acquire all possible useful information.

You can do without expensive costs in the amount of several thousand dollars and do not waste time on a trip to another country. In some cases it is sufficient to apply for a second opinion.

How does medical second opinion help?

Some medical cases can be too complicated and dangerous to be treated by one specialist only. If a doctor finds it difficult to state a precise diagnosis, second opinion is a way out! If you don’t trust your doctor, or he needs an advice of some competent specialist, don’t hesitate to address German doctors.

You will get a unbiased, detailed medical assessment report of your health condition from a specialist who has rich experience and skills in concerned medical branch. Don’t miss your chance to receive the opinion of tried and trusted German doctors with degrees and years of practice in leading German clinics and hospitals. This is your opportunity to get an alternative overview of stated diagnosis and suggestions concerning treatment options. Besides, you may get additional valuable information about disease management and some tips.

Second opinion is asked not by patients only – doctors also need their colleagues’ distant eyes. It helps to make a final diagnosis and figure out suitable therapy. It is widely known that multidisciplinary approach practiced in German clinics allows reaching better results and making more correct decisions.

Therefore, with a second opinion, you can have your treatment plan changed to the better.

Choose GMG medical provider service

German Medical Group helps patients from all over the world to find competent and skilled German doctors that can render second opinion online. You just need to send documents and certificates in PDF or other formats, and diagnosis with recommendations will be sent in 48 hours.

Leading German doctors with 12 years of practice and more will provide you with a detailed view of your case. No flights, Visa requests and other expenses! You can receive the documents without leaving home. You can connect with us and doctors any convenient way (email, phone, Skype) and get competent and truly helpful medical help in a matter of two days.

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Consultation in orthopedics and general surgery

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More on the second opinion after Directions: Oncology Orthopedics Cardiology General Surgery

Oncology: Second opinion is high important

It is simple: Second opinion saves time and money of clients, since you get an objective medical inquiry from at least one more expert, specializing in your clinical case. Besides, it is worth getting second opinion, if you have a complex surgical case or several treatment options are available. In particular, this service gives a real opportunity to

  • receive an additional consultation;
  • reduce travelling costs;
  • learn about alternative surgical or non-surgical care methods;
  • get objective and non-biased estimation of your condition;
  • avoid the unnecessary diagnostics and consequences of erroneous treatment
  • obtain remote medical counseling from the reputable specialists.

The processing of your case is highly confidential. Only the trustworthy medical experts have access to your health information and we inform you about his/ her name and specialization.

Cancer is complicated to manage and diagnose. Getting a second opinion in Germany helps to clear up the situation as quickly as possible and with the maximum precision. Only the board certified oncologists and radiologists are involved into the “second opinion program”.

Cancer Treatment: Second Opinion

Many patients from abroad want to seek second opinion, because they are not confident in doctor’s ability to treat cancer properly. Some cancer types are resistant to the definite types of therapy, which means that the treatment plan should be adjusted. In many cases second opinions lead patients to different cancer treatment opportunities which are

  • less invasive,
  • have fewer side effects
  • are more adjusted to their clinical case

Second opinion in the case of hip pain: save the cost

Patients usually apply for second opinion at German orthopedic centers, clinics and departments, in case the surgical treatment is indicated. The top German orthopedic specialists offer qualified second opinion related to

  • Joint replacement
  • Foot & Ankle surgery
  • Hand, Wrist, Elbow or Shoulder Surgery
  • Spine Surgery/ Surgery on vertebral column
  • Meniscus surgery
  • General orthopedic issues (osteoarthritis management)
  • Arthroplasty
  • Postoperative problems.

Second opinion in the case of hip pain

Chronic hip or knee pain changes the life dramatically, limiting your ability to participate in normal daily activities. Pain in the hip can be caused by different reasons: osteoarthritis, bursitis, hip microcracks or fractures. If your physician offers you hip surgery or hip replacement to treat hip pain, it is a good idea to consult one more specialist. Mostly hip pain can be managed medically or in a minimally-invasive way (arthroscopic repair).

Second opinion in the case of knee pain

If knee pain interferes with your ability to move and live comfortably, it’s time to seek medical advice for a diagnosis. Pain of the knee can occur from tendonitis, ligament tears or osteoarthritis among other diagnoses. The reputable German orthopedic specialists will look into your case and will express their opinion on the general situation with the knee. All you need for getting a case estimation and professional advice is to send the imaging of knee as well as the laboratory tests.

Second opinion in the case of arthritis: arhtroscopy or joint replacement required?

Getting a second opinion is a good idea when it comes to the necessity of joint surgery. Joint replacement is a serious decision, which should be taken after getting at least two medical opinions at different medical centers. Sometimes the less-invasive surgeries, such as inflamed joint linings dissection or arthroscopic repairing of ligaments and cartilage help to avoid the massive surgery on joint replacement. The world-renowned specialists in orthopedics (doctors of medical sciences and professors) are chosen specifically for each patient case.

Cardiology. Second Opinion in Case of Heart Diseases

When it comes to heart surgery, German specialists encourage the “second” and even “third” opinion. The best German heart surgeons will make sure that the diagnosis is correct and you really need the surgical intervention on heart. Usually the patients apply for second opinion concerning the need of the following interventions:

  • Minimally Invasive Heart Bypass
  • Heart Valve Repair
  • Heart Valve Replacement
  • Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)
  • Transmyocardial Revascularization (TMR)
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

If you have a complex surgical case or some concomitant diseases, the specialists will also advise you on the softest and safest techniques of heart surgery in Germany.

“Second Opinion” for General Surgery

If you need surgery, a second opinion could become decisive for you in answering the following crucial questions:

  • Are there really indications for surgical treatment?
  • Is there a need for additional surveys?
  • Whether surgery is necessary or are there alternative ways?
  • What are the medical forecasts in your individual case?
  • Will I have to rehab and how long it will take?

To have these questions answered, you will have to fill in the contact form and send us your existing medical records, scanned X-ray, ultrasound data, MRI etc.

Some patients apply to second opinion service in Germany, in case the surgery is risky for them. A German surgeon will look into your case and express his or her opinion regarding the necessity of surgery.


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