MD M. Kratschmayr
Dental Clinic at the Augustaplatz

MD M. Kratschmayr

Main Focus

    • TMJ diseases
    • Aesthetic dentistry
    • 3-D implantation
    • Homeopathy


Lichtentaler Str. 35
76530 Baden-Baden
Nearest airport: Stuttgart (100 km)

About MD M. Kratschmayr

If you visit us, you will be coming to a dental practice for adults and children with an expert team of qualified dentists in a relaxed atmosphere. You can find us right on the Augustaplatz in the heart of Baden-Baden.

Our team – our equipment

The practice concept of the "Dentists on the Augustaplatz": treat with calmness and care. We take plenty of time for our patients so that we can discuss all their questions and wishes and then concentrate on treating them.

The team and the technology used are always up to date. All dentists participate in regular training courses, are involved in dental research and are open to technical innovations. The dental hygienists and dental assistants also undergo training at seminars.

Dr. med. dent. Michel Kratschmayr

Dr. med. dent. Michel Kratschmayr has specialised in TMJ diseases in addition to general dentistry. Many different complaints, such as headaches, neck tension, grinding teeth, etc. are caused by the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ.) To be able to form a diagnosis, different investigations and analyses are required; Dr. Kratschmayr has practised these for many years. This includes functional analysis. Trust in his experience.

Holistic dentistry is another approach that Dr. Kratschmayr has been following for 25 years. Here, the entire organism is considered, not just the teeth and the interaction between tooth and organism. Alternative healing methods (homoeopathy) come into play where conventional medicines and treatments have no effect.

Individual treatment plans – step-by-step with quality

You will meet a team of specialised dentists in our practice who, alongside sound knowledge and professional experience, have various additional qualifications. We place particular importance on effective prevention, i.e. prevention. Regular check-ups play a large part in ensuring that your dental health is maintained for a long time. The quality of dental medicine has improved exceedingly over the last two decades The reasons for this are new dental and interdisciplinary findings, but also high technology. In our practice, we consistently use new, sensible technology to increase treatment success. Dental aesthetics, that is to say the good appearance of your healthy teeth, is naturally something we place great value on.

The following applies to the treatments: Every patient is different. For this reason we plan every individual therapy process individually for you – and together with you.

We, the Dentists on the Augustaplatz, get to the root of your symptoms. We do not want to paper over the surface, rather we want to achieve and maintain health. Therefore we frequently employ holistic methods which consider the entire organism. We only use proven materials, high quality and of traceable origin, to care for teeth. This includes the fact that we do not use mercury amalgam in our work. All replacement tooth work, i.e. manufacture of crowns, bridges or similar, is done in regional laboratories that have shown careful handiwork and with whom we have had a long-standing, trustful cooperation. Our dental care spectrum ranges from small caries procedures up to high-end 3-D controlled implanted prosthetics.

Aesthetics is now an independent area of dentistry. A comprehensive aesthetic restoration is, however, only performed where strongly medically indicated. At the "Dentists on the Augustaplatz", the usual aesthetic treatments such as bleaching and veneers are offered. If you want an optical correction of your teeth, we will advise you in advance if this treatment is suitable for your teeth.

For restorations, ceramic inlays and fully ceramic dentures are a high-quality long-lasting solution to restore the chewing function. We advise you individually and in detail.

Implants – replace teeth comfortably

Implants are one of the greatest achievements of modern dentistry. With artificial tooth roots, lost teeth can be replaced so well that they approach the comfort of a natural tooth. As with all the materials we use, we also rely only on the highest-quality materials. We use the globally proven, biologically optimised implants from BIOMET 3i. The new teeth are placed on the latest generation high-tech titanium screws. The teeth are manufactured precisely using the latest technology by highly qualified dental technicians. All dental laboratories are located in our immediate vicinity. We do not use foreign dental services for the manufacture. As he has over 20 years of experience in implantation, the implants are normally made by Dr. Kratschmayr.

To be able to accurately determine the ideal seating of the implants in the jaw, we use a computer-assisted 3-D system. The new teeth fit harmoniously into the bite and the optical appearance. The operative effort of performing the implants depends on the individual and the anatomical conditions. In some cases, however, several preparatory steps are necessary. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment steps in detail to you in advance.

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