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Red veins on the face: What is couperose?

02.12.2019 15:22:04

The phenomenon of the red, "burst" veins in the face is called in medicine Couperose. Some experts see the problem as one case in dermatology, the others even as a case of cardiology. It meets fair-skinned women with reddish and blond hair rather than dark-skinned women. Incidentally, the red, branched capillaries that can be seen in the face only look as though they have burst. They have lost their ability to contract and are almost constantly overstretched.

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Vitamin D supplementation can not stop knee osteoarthritis

15.03.2018 16:10:00

Vitamin D supplementation does not reduce pain or cartilage loss in patients with osteoarthritis of ...

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The osteoporosis drug strontium ranelate also works in knee osteoarthritis

02.05.2018 14:00:00

Strontium ranelate may prove to be an alternative to knee arthrosis surgery. The substance has been ...

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Knee pain in osteoarthritis: Motivated patients benefit most from conservative therapy

02.04.2018 13:54:52

What is the best conservative therapy for patients with knee pain and knee osteoarthritis? Possible ...

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Calcium Supplementation: Good for the bones, but bad for the heart?

15.03.2018 13:38:25

Calcium supplements have a beneficial effect on bone health. But with decades of use, they increase ...

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25.04.2018 12:32:15

Admittedly, the word "madness therapy" does not sound very appealing. However, fly maggots can actua...

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Dominikus Hospital Berlin has new MRI

02.04.2019 14:30:00

The new MRI enables extensive spine and joint diagnostics and expands the scope of examinations in p...

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