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Dominikus Hospital Berlin has new MRI

02.04.2019 14:30:00

The new MRI enables extensive spine and joint diagnostics and expands the scope of examinations in primary diagnostics.

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For the First Time a Knee Joint Prosthesis Has Been Implanted by Means of a Robot

26.02.2019 09:16:30

At the University Clinic for Orthopedics in Innsbruck, for the first time in Austria, a knee joint p...

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Woman Has Lost 70 Kilograms

26.02.2019 08:59:13

Elvira Schiprowski had a stomach reduction in Hanseatic hospital Helios in Stralsund. After this ope...

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Coronary Heart Disease. A Bypass or a Stent?

18.02.2019 10:10:26

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the most common heart disease in the world. In Germany, about 1.5 mi...

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Artificial Impregnation. There are Fewer Risks Than With Appendectomy

18.02.2019 09:47:29

Doctor Gernot Tews explains why there are fewer multiple pregnancies now, and when IVF will not help...

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Artificial Impregnation Does Not Lead to Increased Risk of Autism

09.02.2019 13:24:53

What concerns progesterone therapy, it can increase the risks of developing autism spectrum disorder...

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Laser and Ultrasound for Cataract Surgery

08.02.2019 08:23:58

Visual impairment is a typical age-related phenomenon. There is often a cataract behind it. But lent...

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