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Some people have in her opinion not good-looking face, that change during the lifetime. If you are one of them and are not satisfied with the look of your face, you can make face lift surgery (facelifting). It is best to consult an expert on facelift surgery (facelifting) in Germany.

On this page, you see some of the best plastic surgeons for facelifting in Germany. International patients prefer these specialists for facelifting (face surgery) in Germany due to the following reasons:

  • Innovative and gentle facelifting (face surgery correction) methods
  • Minimally invasive facelifting surgery

Advantages of these specialists for facelifting in Germany:

  • In Germany is up to 96 % success rate in facelifting. The doctors listed below apply the latest techniques to achieve such a result.
  • The clinics for facelifting (face surgery) in Germany have international healthcare accreditations and certificates. It means that they provide the facelifting (face surgery) in accordance with the worldwide recognized facelifting protocols.
  • Outstanding results of our experts in facelifting and countless satisfied patients are the best proof that this kind of plastic surgery is well developed in Germany.
The facelifting is already possible at a price from €3,000. Please send us your inquiry with a current x-ray image to get a detailed estimate cost.

Estimate Facelifting Costs
Laser facelift (Laser OA-Straffung)from €3,000
Laser face resurfacing (complete)from €5,000
Facelift, Minimally Invasive S-Liftingfrom €6,500

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When am I ready for a facelift?


A facelift comes into question when alternative methods such as injections, Fadenlifts or radiofrequency no longer bring the desired success. By tightening the face, we can eliminate the sinking of the cheeks and neck and a missing jaw line. The facelift surgery is purely aesthetic and should therefore be discussed in detail with an experienced plastic surgeon.

Before the facelift, the patient's surgical ability is examined by anesthetists. As far as gender is concerned, women and men are suitable for a facelift.

Ideally, the patient should be healthy, lean and low or non-smoking. But here too the individual selection applies. There is a facelift in a variety of variants and the process can also be limited to a so-called minilift.

Face lift is out of the question if the patient suffers from cardiovascular disease, smokes badly or has poorly controlled diabetes.

Likewise, mental illness should be included in the assessment if, for example, the face-lift candidate shows dysmorphophobia.

Why is facelift an effective method of skin tightening?


A facelift will tighten the entire area of ​​the face, reducing severe wrinkles. Particularly recommended is the so-called double-layered facelift, as it tightens the underlying Unterhautbinde- and the fatty tissue and the skin.

In the upper facelift, the skin of the forehead, temples, eyebrows and nose root is smoothed. To the neck lift and to the cheek lift it comes with the lower facelift. Both interventions can also be carried out at once.

The facelift takes about two hours and the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The incision is made in the ear area and in the hairy temple area. There is a detachment and tightening of the tissue and an increase in the sunken soft tissue. Skin excesses are removed.

The patient should stay in the hospital for one night after a facelift and wear a head bandage for one night. After about one to two weeks, the patient is socially acceptable again.

The scars are covered by the hairline, so they are almost invisible after the facelift. In addition, the scars are in the ear fold, which also contributes to the invisibility of the scar. In a facelift, a natural result comes first, for this reason, there is no change in the facial expressions of humans.

Also, men often wish for a facelift, as it is an effective method of skin tightening. A youthful appearance is very significant for successful men.

Women long for modern, good-looking men. A facelift can help every man minimize the signs of aging. Men can also look fresh and vital! Your well-being is in the first place.

Facelift or filler?


"A healthy diet, sports, low levels of alcohol and sun as well as abstinence from nicotine can only delay, not stop, the aging process and therefore also the wrinkles on the face", emphasizes Dr. med. Walther Jungwirth, President of the Austrian Society for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (ÖGPÄRC). "The skin becomes thinner, the subcutaneous fatty tissue disappears, and wrinkles develop on the face and neck," says the plastic surgeon. He is delighted that botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid infill and autologous fat treatment offer a wide range of products, with which one can meet the skin aging early.

"In particular, young patients often already suffer from their first wrinkles, in these cases, a facelift would be too far-reaching surgery," emphasizes Dr. med. Jungwirth. With modern minimally invasive procedures, wrinkling can be specifically counteracted in these cases, the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon continues to explain. "The relining of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid or even autologous fat is often complementary to the use of botulinum toxin. Thus, further deepening of the wrinkle of the wrinkle can be prevented, for example with regular botulinum toxin injection, and underfeed already formed wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, which also stimulates a regeneration of the skin and leads to a mitigation, which is preserved when the active ingredients have already degraded," reports Dr. Jungwirth from daily practice. With such interventions, Dr. Jungwirth, an operative facelift in any case to delay some time.

"Volume alone fills the cheeks, but does not tighten the skin. Only a facelift can permanently correct age changes on the face - simply because the sagging facial skin is tightened and removed. Studies on twins showed that the operated twin looks lifelong better than the untreated one. We thus see a lasting effect, "the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon clarifies, adding that the surgical techniques are highly individual and require extensive experience. "Everybody ages differently, here it is up to the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon to analyze the face exactly and to choose the optimal treatment in dialogue with the patient", explains Dr. med. Jungwirth and points out that nowadays you also always remove the subcutaneous fatty tissue with and thus avoid a maskenhaftes appearance. "Available are methods that merely tighten the midface or the neck, or the 'facelift developed with', in which I have combined a variety of methods to achieve ideal results," says dr. Jungwirth and emphasizes that even with a facelift, it is beneficial not to wait until the wrinkles dig deep: "In general, a facelift achieves the best effect when it is done before deep wrinkles have buried in the skin relief."

At what age is a facelift recommended?


A face lift is for more and more people in question

With increasing age the connective tissue becomes flaccid. Individual parts of the skin begin to hang and the face loses its youthfulness. Fewer and fewer women and men want to accept this natural aging process. Finally, there is the opportunity to do something with a facelift for sagging skin. When considering a facelift, age plays a role. The chances of success of surgery also depend to some extent on age.

At what age is a facelift recommended?

The time when the skin begins to age is genetically determined. Although the process can be slowed down by a very healthy lifestyle, it is not possible to stop it. Conversely, external influences such as too much sun or smoking can accelerate skin aging. The relaxation of the skin begins in some people earlier, while others may look forward to a higher age over a firm face. By the age of 40, however, most people find noticeable signs of skin aging in the face. Without an intervention, the signs of aging can not be reversed.

A general recommendation for the right time to have a facelift can not be given accordingly. Given the conditions, a mild facelift can be recommended in most cases around the age of 40 years. Sometimes a small facelift is already in the mid 30s into consideration. More extensive interventions are useful from the age of 50 years. Decisive is the personal suffering. The decisive factor is therefore whether the patient wishes a facelift and how the surgeon assesses the prerequisites from a technical point of view. It also shows how good the prospects for success and a nice result are.

At the top there is also no rigid limit to the age of the facelift. It is important, especially in older age, that there are no health concerns about the procedure. Therefore, a surgical face lift is often still possible after the age of 70, in some people, the operation is still around 80 feasible.

What happens during a facelift?

Face lifts are cosmetic surgeries in which facial skin is toned. The excess tissue is removed, leaving the face taut and youthful again. Especially often, the skin under the eyes, forehead, neck, cheeks and temples is tightened. Accordingly, a distinction is made between upper (upper face) and lower face lift (lower face).

Especially in the places where the skin is already hanging, a good success can be recorded. Finally, the face regains its original contours through the procedure. A face lift does not have to be limited to surgery. It is also possible to integrate further procedures. This can be a laser peel or a botulinum toxin (Botox®) treatment.

However, the procedures are not without side effects. Although the incision in a facelift is performed in such a way that scars are as invisible as possible, it can take some time to heal. Immediately after surgery, pain and swelling can be expected.

What speaks against a facelift?

However, there are also arguments or facts that speak against a facelift. A completely wrinkle-free face does not exist even through a facelift. Also, it does not make sense to opt for such an intervention, if only disturb individual wrinkles. The prerequisite for an intervention is that the patient is health-stable enough for an operation under anesthesia. If there are any conditions that are associated with wound healing disorders, the surgeon will advise against a facelift. Age alone is no reason to opt for a facelift. Experienced surgeons also lift senior women when they are stable.

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