MD D. Alamouti
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MD D. Alamouti

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Schulstrasse 30
44623 Herne
Nearest airport: Duesseldorf (70 km)


  • MD D. Alamouti
  • MD D. Alamouti
  • MD D. Alamouti
  • MD D. Alamouti
  • MD D. Alamouti
  • MD D. Alamouti
  • MD D. Alamouti
  • MD D. Alamouti
  • MD D. Alamouti

The Center of Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery of Doctor Alamouti in Herne, Ruhr area in Germany offers many different services. Specialists of the clinic have more than 15 years experience in plastic surgery and are able to provide a wide range of treatments supporting beauty.

Doctor Alamouti

Dr. Alamouti, managing director of the Center, is a recognized specialist in field of dermatology and hair transplantation. He became a senior physician being 32 years old and now runs the private clinic. Since 2012 Dr. Alamouti became a winner of magazine FOCUS award, which is annually given by competent and independent jury, in nomination ‘Best Physician in field of liposuction’ four times. Dr. Alamouti is well known not only in Germany but also internationally.

Mission and Services

The main goal of Dr. Alamouti’s aesthetic center is improving of appearance and correction face and body defects, both congenital and acquired. Nowadays, not only women but also men are interested in plastic surgery to look more attractive. The doctors of the clinic use modern minimal invasive technologies such as endoscopic and vacuum methods in order to avoid rough scars after surgery.

It is possible to name the four main directions of the clinic’s professional development as below:

  • achieving of patient’s aesthetic appearance;
  • reconstruction of damaged tissues and body parts;
  • restorative medicine after burns and injuries;
  • hands defects correction.

But, of course, specialists of the clinic are skillful in many other areas cosmetology. It is not possible to enumerate all of the surgical and non-surgical treatments provided in the center, as liposuction (removal of fat deposits, aprons); excessive sweating treatment; lips shaping; eye contour correction; wrinkle removal; skin lift and facial hair removal; cellulite treatment; skin cancer prevention and treatment; varicose veins; hair transplantation; breast enlargement or reducing; nose and ears shape correction; genitals plastic.

The motto of the Center is ‘giving the best technique for lesser money’, when it is possible. Every treatment is advised individually. Doctor Alamout himself focuses on creating of maximal natural look for patients of any age, and gives professional recommendations on aging prevention before surgery. If you can avoid surgery, it is better to. But if it is recommended, resort to experienced doctors for maximally safe and good result.

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