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Belly button surgery, also known as umbilicoplasty, is a procedure designed to reshape the navel. 2020-03-19 Navel Surgery
All you need to now about Navel Surgery

In aesthetic surgery, plastics of the navel are also called “umbilicoplasty”. This is a plastic surgery that helps to correct the navel.

Inborn navel abnormalities can be a possible reason for surgical navel correction, because they lead to different problems in childhood. Besides, some women resolve to navel surgery due to purely aesthetic reasons: tattooes, crop tops and navel piercing have become widespread trends. But if you want the navel to be in the center of attention, it should be attractive enough.

A slightly stretched, but not too deep or protruding navel is considered to be ideal. However, pregnancy and serious loss of weight can deform the navel, because it stretches and then suddenly gets back to the previous form: it can make it unaesthetic.

Besides, liposuction can also affect the form of the navel. To top it off, skin elasticity is decreasing with aging, making the navel wrinkled. It’s one more reason to go through umbilicoplasty

In the vast majority of cases, the navel can be located too high, or too low, and patient isn’t satisfied with that. Plastics of navel allows changing its form with a single cut so that it would acquire the right slightly stretched oval or round shape and was relocated to the right positions.Preparations for the surgery

The shape of the navel

A perfectly shaped navel should be narrow, oval and slightly indented. However, there are several factors that affect the shape of the navel. The appearance of the navel is significantly influenced by the birth, which specifies the individual shape and appearance. It can happen that the navel sits too high or too low or simply has no aesthetic contour.

In addition, the birth can lead to umbilical abnormalities. These include, for example, the amnion navel and the meat navel, which can be operated on in childhood under certain circumstances to prevent teasing or bullying. Pregnancy, weight loss or liposuction as well as weakening skin elasticity also contribute to the deformation of the navel.

These unwanted deformations can be corrected with a belly button correction. The patient will be given a satisfactory and aesthetic result.

What should be considered before and after the belly button operation?

Navel correction is a very small operation that involves only a very low risk. In order to ensure an optimal healing and surgical process, there are still some basic things to consider. Before the navel correction can be carried out, a personal consultation with the doctor is held in which the patient's individual medical history is discussed. This is important to clarify any complications that may arise during treatment and the exact process.

Knowledge of certain allergies is particularly important, especially with regard to intolerance to certain medications or antibiotics. In addition, in preparation for the operation, alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed and blood-thinning medication should be avoided. Excessive contact with natural sun, such as extensive sunbathing or using the solarium should also be avoided. If all points are properly and conscientiously considered, there is nothing standing in the way of umbilicoplasty.

Because of the relative simplicity of the procedure, the aftercare of the resulting abdominal wound is quite straightforward. Within the first few days, the injured tissue is protected with a small bandage or compress and treated with an aseptic agent for wound healing. Contact with the wound, for example due to unnecessary friction, can lead to increased scarring. Therefore, you should wear clothing that is as wide as possible after the operation and avoid using belts.

On the day of the navel modeling, you should still avoid showering, but you can then take a shower again safely. Extensive bathing or swimming, as well as going to the sauna, solarium or strength training should not be carried out for about one to two weeks after the procedure. Sports activities in particular are of concern as they can lead to serious infections.

Such infections can then spread to the peritoneum and thus cause peritonitis. This represents a medical emergency and is therefore very dangerous. As with any skin and tissue injury, redness, swelling and sometimes hematoma (bruising) can also occur. However, these are relatively harmless and can be quickly reduced again by extensive cooling.

How umbilicoplasty is performed?

For umbilicoplasty, the incision must first be drawn with a pen. This is important because the muscles relax under anesthesia and the result could be falsified. Then a small incision is made along the lines drawn. This will adjust the navel shape and bring it into the desired shape.

The opened parts of the skin are then pushed into the navel and sewn with self-dissolving threads. Since it is a very small procedure that often lasts no longer than an hour, it is often associated with a tummy tuck or liposuction. The duration of the operation increases accordingly.

Since it is a very small procedure, which usually takes less than an hour, the operation can be performed under local anesthesia. However, the procedure is often combined with a tummy tuck or liposuction. The anesthetic methods and the cost of navel correction can vary widely. A belly button operation is also a very low-risk procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis.

The belly button correction in Germany is carried out and accompanied by experienced experts in plastic and aesthetic surgery. A highly qualified team is available to advise the patient throughout the entire treatment period. Even after the operation, those affected are provided with specialist information that ensures optimal follow-up care.

Post-surgery treatment

First time after the surgery, the patient is allowed to wear wide clothes without belt so that not to interfere with the process of navel recovery. Besides, it’s recommended to obtain from sports and serious physical load. Such exercises as heavy lifting may stretch the stitches and slow down the process of recovery causing unattractive scars.

If no complications took place, a patient is allowed showering a day after the operation. Bathing, swimming, sauna and sun room are prohibited until the doctor gives permission for that.

Risks and side effects

Navel correction is a low-complication procedure, which in most cases is without complications. Despite years of experience in plastic-aesthetic surgery and the use of scar-saving therapies, remodeling of the navel always leaves a small scar at the incision site. The patient should therefore carefully weigh up whether the intervention can represent the desired result.

In addition, there may be slight swelling, redness or hematomas, which can be quickly reduced by uncomplicated aftercare such as extensive cooling. However, care should be taken to avoid rubbing the abdominal wound. This leads to increased scarring and a falsified and undesirable result.

The specialists give the patient professional recommendations for an optimal healing process, which should be followed. If this is not the case, infections of the wound can occur, which can spread to the peritoneum. The technical term for this is "peritonitis" and represents a medical emergency.

Cost of operation

As a rule, the operation costs about 2000-4000 Euro. The costs depend on many factors: whether general anesthesia and staying in hospital are required. If a patient needs additional treatment measures, such as liposuction, additional costs will apply.

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