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Some women have the changes in the shape of body during their lifetime. When the shape of your body changes and fat accumulates in some places, there are short-term or long-term solutions to getting a nicer, slimmer figure again. Short-term solutions offer you liposuction, long-term solutions are sport and diet.

If you want to be slimmer again quickly, then the lipposuction is certainly a good solution. If you are one of them and are not satisfied with your look or shape of your body and have decided to make correction with liposuction, then it is best to consult an expert on liposuction in Germany.

On this page, you see some of the best plastic surgeons for liposuction in Germany. International patients prefer these specialists for liposuction in Germany due to the following reasons:

  • Innovative and gentle liposuction (body shape correction) methods
  • If you make liposuction in Germany, there is no plastic surgery further needed

Advantages of these specialists for liposuction in Germany:

  • In Germany ist up to 99 % success rate in liposuction. The experts listed below apply the latest techniques to achieve such a result.
  • The clinics for liposuction in Germany have international healthcare accreditations and certificates. It means that they provide the iliposuction as an alternative in plastic surgery and it is in accordance with the worldwide recognized treatment protocols.
  • Outstanding results of our experts in liposuction and countless satisfied patients are the best proof that the liposuction is well developed in Germany.
The liposuction is already possible at a price from €2,000. Please send us your inquiry with a current x-ray image to get a detailed estimate cost.

Estimate liposuction costs + details:
Liposuction of a smaller body zone
e.g. Double chin or knee
from € 800
Liposuction on a body zone
e.g. Belly or hip in local anesthesia
from € 1,450
Liposuction on 1-2 body zones
e.g. abdominal wall, hips or thighs
from € 1,900
Liposuction on 3-4 body zones
e.g. abdominal wall, hips and thighs
from € 2,100

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Our services do not affect the price for liposuction, you pay the bill right in the chosen clinic.

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Follow these steps to choose the best doctor for liposuction:

  1. Learn the info about doctors for liposuction listed below. It represents top specialists in Europe.
  2. Submit a request on German Medical Group specifying the purpose of the treatment.
  3. Our manager will call you back to book the chosen specialist for liposuction or offer another one according to the diagnosis, health condition, and financial ability.
  4. If you approve the chosen doctor for liposuction, our manager schedules the date of your arrival.
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Liposuction is the most popular type of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. Learn all about types of liposuction, surgery & recovery, plus how to tell if you might be a good candidate. 2019-11-14 Liposuction

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Latest News in Liposuction

Water jet assisted liposuction: effective treatment of lipedema


Are you interested in the possibilities of liposuction? And have you heard of water-jet-assisted liposuction (WAL)? WAL is an innovative and efficient method of liposuction.

Patients can choose different options for liposuction. What is the principle of liposuction? Tumescent liposuction involves injecting several liters of sterile water with medication (saline, adrenaline and local anesthetic) into the desired body zone. This will allow the fatty tissue to be slightly absorbed and allow the fat to be sucked off better.

How does waterjet-assisted liposuction differ from tumescent liposuction? Water-jet assisted liposuction does not introduce large amounts of tumescent solution prior to self-liposuction.

A thin suction cannula is inserted into the skin via a tiny cut. This cannula sprays water evenly and thus the fat is released from the surrounding connective tissue and simultaneously sucked off.

Thus, the treated body zones are not washed up and you can assess them already intraoperatively good. The irregularities can thus be better estimated and the fat can mobilize more effectively.

What are the advantages of water-jet assisted liposuction? The fat cells are softened from the connective tissue and also the vitality of the cells in the water jet assisted liposuction is significantly higher than other methods of liposuction, which is particularly advantageous in the autologous fat transplantation. The autologous fat growth rates are very high in water-jet assisted liposuction.

The water-jet-assisted liposuction is a very gentle procedure, with which we can achieve the original vascular supply. Thanks to today's beauty medicine, lipoedema can be optimally treated so that you can feel better in your body.

Body tite: radio frequency liposuction


It is a liposuction method that uses the principles of radiofrequency and which is offered to interested people - with a worse skin condition. In combination with the Vibrationsliposuktion is the best liposuction method for the slightly wilted skin areas or for the back area, where the skin is strengthened and tightened by the device in maximum way.

Body Tite can also be used to partially remove cellulite, in addition to reducing the formation of swelling and bruising during surgery and remodeling collagen fibers. Body Tite has special end pieces that can also be used for double chin (Neck Tite) liposuction and Face Tite tightening.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia - according to the size of the area to be treated.

To achieve optimal performance, it is combined with tumescent liposuction, which gives you more information about classic liposuction.

For liposuction, we use fine cannulas, which are inserted with a small puncture in a size of 5 mm.

At the surface of the skin is an external electrode in operation, which measures the temperature so that the tissue does not overheat. Under the skin is an internal electrode in operation.

Through both electrodes radiofrequency current flows through which the lipolysis - the fat decomposition - is effected.

Immediately after the liposuction procedure, you must wear special compression clothing.

Are you interested in new liposuction techniques? Are you suffering from dead skin and a classic liposuction is not suitable for you? Make an appointment with our specialist for a consultation and discuss with them the application possibilities for the Radiofrequency liposuction Body Tite.

Gentle and fast liposuction with the vibration technique


The body is subject to many stress situations from the inside, which cause some fat reserves are preserved: hormonal fluctuations, age, diseases and of course the genes. The PAL method is a gentle, innovative and fast liposuction.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery in women and men worldwide. The liposuction by vibration technology is also called Power Assisted Liposuction, short PAL or Vibrationslipolyse. An operative procedure, which serves to remove fat in unwanted areas and thus come closer to his ideal of beauty. PAL liposuction is more innovative and tissue-friendly than other techniques of liposuction and should only be performed by experienced liposuction specialists.

To make the figure more aesthetic again, a PAL can be performed. The goal is a reduction in size by eliminating the problem areas, especially in otherwise slim people. For obese patients, a liposuction with the vibrating technique is also in question, where always first a weight loss should be tried. If this proves difficult, for example because exercise is made difficult by mechanical obstruction of the fat deposits, then liposuction may be considered.

The patient is injected with tumescent solution and the surgeon inserts the cannulas through small incisions. These special vibration cannulas are placed at the point which is to be aspirated and vibrated by means of a motor. As a result, the fat cells burst and even faster than other methods of liposuction. The vibration liposuction thus takes less time. Between 50 and 80 times a second, the cannulas shake and loosely vibrate the fatty tissue or facilitate the movements of the cannula. The vibration liposuction is therefore gentler than other methods of liposuction.

Liposuction in lipedema - a safe procedure!


"Liposuction is a safe and sustainable procedure in the treatment of lipedema", states Prof. Dr. med. Riccardo Giunta, President of the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC). The DGPRÄC therefore welcomes the initiative of the Minister of Health to enable the affected legally insured patients to receive this treatment option as quickly as possible.

According to Giunta, lipoedema is a painful symmetrical fat or leg fat accumulation that is often inherited. Most women are affected. Often they would not know for a long time what they are suffering from and would be stigmatized, as this morbid distribution of fat distribution is often misinterpreted as obesity. Contrary to the commonly recommended diets that do not reduce adipose tissue on the affected extremities, patients should be treated with compression stockings, decongestive therapies, and physiotherapy. However, a cure is often not possible - in the best case, the further progression of the disease can be delayed. In the worst case even threatened the occupational disability, as patients finally, due to movement restrictions, joint deformity and arthritis, due to the accumulation of fat, are no longer mobile. The secondary costs for the social security systems are enormous. This is different with a surgical intervention: "The treatment here is a liposuction, which frees the patient of their burden. We are convinced that this helps patients sustainably. For this reason, since 2014 DGPRÄC has been intensively involved in the Joint Federal Committee's (GBA) Opinion and has always endorsed the therapy, "says Giunta, clarifying that expensive reimbursement procedures for each individual case unnecessarily prolong the patient's suffering.

Liposuction: fast but safe! Giunta points out that this method should be used by Specialists in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, as they are the only specialist group to learn liposuction in their continuing education. "Since the fat cells are pathologically altered, the extraction is more demanding here than in healthy people. At the same time, we therefore call for the MAV to draft clear requirements for the qualification of service providers in order to ensure the quality of treatment for patients, "explains the Plastic Surgeon. This has always been stressed at the GBA. "As far as we can see from the amendment to the Term Service Act (TSVG), the trial study at the GBA will continue to be carried out and the MAVs will be valid until the end," reports Giunta. "Of course, we will continue to actively contribute to strengthening the evidence of the method. Current scientific contributions to the topic of liposuction in lipoedema can also be found in the current issue of the journal "Hand Surgery, Microsurgery, Plastic Surgery". Here, it becomes again clear how sustainable this intervention increases the quality of life.

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