Prof. MD G. Germann
Surgery Clinic "Ethianum"

Prof. MD G. Germann

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Vosstrasse 6
69115 Heidelberg
Nearest airport: Frankfurt am Main (80 km)


  • Prof. MD G. Germann
  • Prof. MD G. Germann
  • Prof. MD G. Germann
  • Prof. MD G. Germann

Heidelberg clinic Ethianum is one of the leading medical institutions in Germany specializing in orthopedic, esthetic and reconstructive surgery as well as in dermatology, physiotherapy and vein treatment. All departments of the clinic are equipped with state-of-the-art appliances including advanced diagnostic high-field 3-Tesla magnetic resonance tomography.

A team of higly competent specialists in the fields of orthopedics and esthetic medicine can boast a great medical experience in top-rate world clinics and they provide a full range of medical services in any of the above-mentioned fields of medicine, from large-scale diagnostics (including computer-aided diagnostics) to conservative and surgical treatment and further rehabilitation procedures.

Working principles

There is no patient or case which doctor Gunter Germann or his colleagues can refuse to deal with. Among the clinic’s working principles are the following:

  • totally individual approach to each patient - and more than 10 thousand people have received treatment in the clinic;
  • regular update of diagnostic and medical equipment and implementation of all latest technological and medical innovations;
  • willingness to put as much effort into work as doctors’ experience and knowledge allow them – both as specialists and just people;
  • willingness to perform work so that the clinic’s patients would like to recommend Ethianum to their friends and relatives.


Ethianum clinic in Germany offers a wide range of medical services including such fields as:

  • spine diagnostics and treatment (including surgical treatment);
  • complex hand surgeries;
  • arthroscopic shoulder and hip surgeries;
  • other orthopedic surgeries including endoprosthesis replacement;
  • esthetic surgery and such procedures as liposuction, abdominplasty, rhinoplasty, breast and ear correction;
  • treatment of all kinds of vein pathologies using various types of sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, bypassing as well as a new advanced method of treating varicose veins – laser miniflebectomy;
  • treatment of dermatological pathologies: psoriasis, hemangioma, hyperhidrosis, allergic dermatitis as well as skin cancer screening and treatment.


Apart from highly-skilled supporting personnel, Ethianum’s team consists of 18 doctors of medicine (12 of which are also professors). Many of them including professor Germann himself are recognized luminaries of great reputation not only in German medical science but worldwide as well. Most doctors of Ethianum clinic have more than 30 years of experience and are not just one of the most competent specialists in their field, they are pioneers in a number of innovative techniques in orthopedic treatment.

Visiting Ethianum means being 100% sure that you will get the greatest results which can be achieved by worldwide medical science.

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