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Plastic Surgery Clinic Dr. Rene Schumann specializes in the following key areas:

Plastic surgery and its direction

  • Rhinoplasty plastic surgery to change the shape of the nose
  • Liposuction with Body -Zhirovye edema swelling, and painful or adipozalgiya lipomatosis, is a chronic progressive disease that occurs almost exclusively in women. It mainly affects the tibia, but may be distributed in a typical case, the entire lower half of the body. In our clinic offers treatment for this defect.
  • Correction ushey– Wish reduce the ears is a relatively rare correction in plastic surgery. By reducing the ears can be corrected too much on the nature of the ears. Large ear apparatus designated medical term makrotiya. The clinic presents common methods and pre- and post-operative treatment.
  • Correction of the upper and lower eye vector correction Eyelid plastic surgery refers to the least costly operations. Therefore, the upper and lower eyelids can be corrected in one session. The advantage is that the patient must undergo only phase of healing. This means that the swelling, pain, fear of surgery, vacation, sacrificed, and so forth. Will be only once.
  • Smoothing wrinkles with fillers Prix smoothing wrinkles with filling material principle is the formation of pads formed wrinkles. Here distinguish permanent and biodegradable (self-liquidating) filler material.
  • Anti-wrinkle injections, injection under the wrinkle correction means wrinkles by injection filling material. The principle is to form the lining for wrinkles. This is a kind of “implant” under the resulting wrinkles, which is why it is lifted.
  • Skin tightening, skin lifting superior performance is as much a symbol of beauty and youth. Clinic specialists use innovative technologies to regain the elasticity of the skin
  • Due to the removal of wrinkles, facial expressions and skin aging with age on his face formed more and more wrinkles. They are an integral part of the natural aging of the skin and facial expressions. However, many people with a tendency to premature wrinkles suffer from the fact that they look old, and ask for advice from plastic surgeons.
  • Operational skin tightening, skin tightening If this is the case as well as in most interventions in operative surgery: the severity of the suffering is crucial. Consequently, the patient takes a significant part in establishing the evidence. However, in extreme cases, there are also grounds for medical treatment, which we shall discuss in this article.
  • Lip augmentation using inektsiy– Many plastic surgeons have many years of experience here. Materials used today are safe and have side effects are very rare.
  • Correction of chin - chin correction methods without surgery by hyaluronic acid, chin augmentation on an ongoing basis with implants.
  • Correction of the labia majora, labia correction is a “trend.” More and more women are willing to correct the labia (= Labiaplasty), which they believe is not aesthetic. But also a desire to cause the correction operation can be physiological application.
  • Suction sweat glands, sweat glands Suction usually part curettage armpits. Operation begins in the same way as is customary with liposuction. First of all, the injection is made of so-called tumescent solution, which among other things contains a narcotic pain reliever. After some time, the action can be started sucking the sweat glands.
  • Lifting the forehead and Botox®-wrinkle on his forehead, in most cases today amenable to smooth out without surgical facelift forehead using botulinum toxin A (Botox®). When small doses achieved largely adequate smoothing of the forehead. If wrinkles are already very deep and scarred, the Botox® can not straighten them sufficiently. If we now use the higher dose of poison, the blockade because of the strong muscles of the forehead is often a danger of a sharp lowering of the eyebrows. Therefore, in such cases can be dealt with promptly lifting the forehead.
  • The increase in calves using calf implants to increase information-calf using calf implants and hyaluronic acid (Macrolane ™): an increase in the calves are often seen in these patients, whose calf muscles in the course of the disease become too atrophied (in the extreme case of the so-called “stork legs” ). The relevant conclusion can be done also unilaterally. Increase calves for aesthetic reasons is often seen in the so-called wheel legs.
  • Lift and buttock augmentation

Breast augmentation and other breast surgery

Breast augmentation plastic surgery is the most common operation.

Cosmetic breast augmentation in Germany enjoys the highest demand among aesthetic plastic surgery on his chest. In the clinic, you will get information about the indications for intervention, during the operation, methods of operation, run by the cut, postoperative treatment, as well as breast implants made of silicone and salt.

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