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Some women have the changes in the outer intimate genitals during their lifetime. If you are one of them and are not satisfied with the look or shape of your genitalia and have decided to make intimate correction with plastic surgery, then it is best to consult an expert on intimate plastic surgery in Germany.

On this page, you see some of the best plastic surgeons for intimate plastic surgery in Germany. International patients prefer these specialists for intimate plastic surgery in Germany due to the following reasons:

  • Innovative and gentle intimate plastic surgery (correction) methods
  • Minimally invasive intimate plastic surgery

Advantages of these specialists for intimate plastic surgery in Germany:

  • In Germany ist up to 97 % success rate in intimate plastic surgery. The doctors listed below apply the latest techniques to achieve such a result.
  • The clinics for intimate plastic surgery in Germany have international healthcare accreditations and certificates. It means that they provide the intimate plastic surgery (intimate genitals modelling) in accordance with the worldwide recognized intimate plastic surgery protocols.
  • Outstanding results of our experts in intimate plastic surgery and countless satisfied patients are the best proof that this kind of intimate plastic surgery is well developed in Germany.

German Medical Group is a medical platform that does not represent interests of specific hospitals or doctors.

Our services do not affect the price for intimate plastic surgery, you pay the bill right in the chosen clinic.

Submit a request on German Medical Group website - our manager will give you all the info regarding a particular doctor for intimate plastic surgery or hospital. This consultation is FREE. Together we choose the best specialist for intimate plastic surgery for your case. With German Medical Group you avoid waiting lists, get 24/7 support until your coming back home. Learn more about us here.

Follow these steps to choose the best doctor for intimate plastic surgery:

  1. Learn the info about doctors for intimate plastic surgery listed below. It represents top specialists in Europe.
  2. Submit a request on German Medical Group specifying the purpose of the treatment.
  3. Our manager will call you back to book the chosen specialist for intimate plastic surgery or offer another one according to the diagnosis, health condition, and financial ability.
  4. If you approve the chosen doctor for intimate plastic surgery, our manager schedules the date of your arrival.
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Many sexual problems arise from people’s dissatisfaction with their genitals because of real or perceived defects. There is intimate plastic surgery to correct them. 2019-11-14 Intimate Plastic Surgery
Profiles of Doctors for Intimate Plastic Surgery

Latest News in Intimate Plastic Surgery

Intimate surgery in women is no longer a taboo topic


The number of imitation operations has also risen sharply in Germany in recent years, because on the one hand, the aesthetic sensibility to the own body has increased, on the other hand, however, has contributed to the much better and faster education on the media. The acceptance of our gynecological colleagues for these operations has also increased.

Like most surgeries in aesthetic medicine, intimate surgery improves the subjective physical sensation of our patients and thus has a significant impact on self-esteem. Affected women may be more open to issues of sexuality and partnership. Not to mention the intimate surgery offers many women not only aesthetic help but also the correction of painful changes and thus a better sense of life.

Overall, wound healing disorders after patch surgery on the labia are rather rare. We advise our patients to abstain from physical activity and sexual intercourse for 6-12 weeks, depending on the initial findings. Furthermore we recommend the daily multiple intimate shower without soap additives.

Acute complications after corrective surgery on the labia are rebleeding and inflammation. In the long term, it can come in very rare cases technology depending on annoying scarring.

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