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Many people do not find the shape of their ears beautiful and therefore want to beautify the shape of the ears with a surgical procedure. Whether ear repair is really needed is best explained by an experienced ear repair specialist. In Germany, there are many specialists for plastic surgery and exactly for the ear correction.

On the page you will see the best doctors for the earmould (correction of the ear molds) International patients choose these specialists for the otoplasty for the following reasons:

  • Innovative treatment methods for ear correction
  • Minimally invasive surgery for ear correction

Advantages of these specialists for the otoplasty(ear correction):

  • Up to 95% success rate. The doctors listed below apply the latest techniques to achieve such a result.
  • Organ-preserving therapies.
  • International accreditation. The otoplasty devices have international accreditations and health certificates. This means that they provide otoplastys in accordance with strict worldwide treatment protocols.

Correction of protruding ears

Children with protruding ears are often teased and marginalized at school by their comrades. This leads to a reduced self-esteem, which can accompany and affect them into adulthood.

Already in infancy (ie from birth to the end of the 5th week of life) can be corrected the ears of the child without surgery with the Earwell method ( In addition, the classic "ear-setting" method is generally used shortly before admission to school, although the intervention can in principle be made at any age.

Care is always taken that the application is made symmetrical and that the ear cartilage is not damaged. After the treatment, the child first has to wear a headband, then a headband.

The otoplasty is already possible at a price from €2,200. Please send us your inquiry with a current x-ray image to get a detailed estimate cost.

Otoplasty: details and cost
Ear Tummy (Double Sided)from €2,200
  • Duration of earmold (otoplasty) surgery: From 30 minutes
  • Anesthesia Local anesthesia or twilight sleep
  • Length of stay: Outpatient
  • Suture removal: After 10-14 days
  • Healing time: 3 weeks

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Follow these steps to choose the best doctor for otoplasty:

  1. Learn the info about doctors for otoplasty listed below. It represents top specialists in Europe.
  2. Submit a request on German Medical Group specifying the purpose of the treatment.
  3. Our manager will call you back to book the chosen specialist for otoplasty or offer another one according to the diagnosis, health condition, and financial ability.
  4. If you approve the chosen doctor for otoplasty, our manager schedules the date of your arrival.
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Otoplasty is surgical reshaping of the outer ear, to either correct deformities or improve appearance. It can solve the problem of prominent ears. 2019-11-14 Otoplasty

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