Both Hip Replacement

In Germany there is by far a high level of expertise in the field of implantation of the artificial joints.

Often, both hip joints are replaced in one operation if necessary. If the patient's state of health permits the replacement of both hip joints, then the procedure is not significantly more complicated, especially when replacing one hip joint. The hospital stay is also not much longer. It is usually 5-7 days if there are no complications. The rehabilitation period afterwards is between 10 -14 days, rarely up to three weeks. A stay in a rehabilitation clinic is not mandatory, but it makes sense, because the therapists observe and support the physical development.

As part of modern rehabilitation after joint replacement, such as hip joint replacement on both sides, the early mobilization, which had already started in the hospital, is seamlessly continued in the rehabilitation clinic.

We achieve the goal of returning our patients to their home environment and / or their workplace as quickly as possible after a bilateral hip joint replacement by intensive, multimodal therapy under inpatient conditions. At the end of rehab in one of our clinics, patients can usually go free again with little or no pain. In order to maintain this in the long term, the patient will be given a concept for further therapy as part of the final examination, including with regard to returning to work.

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