MD N. Messerschmidt
Capio Hospital

MD N. Messerschmidt

Main Focus

    • Knee arthroplasty
    • Hip arthroplasty


Hermann-Löns-Straße 2
29451 Dannenberg
Nearest airport: Hanover (130 km)

The team of orthopedists, traumatologists and reconstructive surgeons under the guidance of the head physician of the doctor med. Norbert Messerschmidt offers orthopedics at the highest level.

Our team of experienced, highly qualified specialists uses constructive cooperation in both conservative and surgical therapy.

We see ourselves as a team of specialists that eliminates or removes musculoskeletal discomfort with the help of individual therapy adapted to the patient. All forms of therapy comply with the recommendations of professional associations.

Satisfied patients are an important measure of our services, and they depend not only on treatment, but also on service in our institution. Therefore, processes are constantly analyzed and optimized from the point of view of health economics.

The range of services provided

Progressive osteoarthritis of the hip and knee

Individually adapted endoprosthetics (replacement of an artificial joint) of large joints:

  • Anatomical reconstruction using high modulus models
  • Gentle recovery, high primary stability and good osseointegration due to a three-dimensional increase in the surface of titanium-coated prostheses and complex surgical techniques
  • Preventing abrasion and wear thanks to modern delta ceramics
  • Optimization of planting and physiological reconstruction due to computer planning of an individual prosthetic solution (simulation operation with digital support using Orthoview and an appropriate calibrated digital X-ray)
  • Surgical operations on soft tissues and muscles, based on optimized surgical instruments and minimally invasive implantation methods
  • Good mobility, low sprains and collision avoidance thanks to a custom-made large-head endoprosthesis and optimized implant placement.
  • Targeted treatment with individual prostheses adapted to the age and degree of osteoarthritis: partial replacement of the surface, endoprosthesis, replacement of an isolated patella, combined procedures
  • Alternative treatment for osteoarthritis
  • Differentiated modular cemented and non-cemented revision arthroplasty in case of damage to the prosthesis

Shoulder surgery

Arthroscopic procedures: minimally invasive keyhole surgery with preservation of soft tissues and muscles for treatment:

  • Chronic Bursitis
  • Rotator cuff lesions
  • Acromioclavicular osteoarthritis
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Instability of the long biceps tendon
  • Shoulder instability and shoulder dislocations

Arthroplasty of the shoulder with progressive osteoarthrosis and arthropathy of the cuff:

  • Restoration of bones with prostheses
  • High modulus, double and reversible to reverse prosthesis
  • Cement and cementless restoration using three-dimensional prostheses with a titanium coating for surface augmentation to achieve high primary stability and optimal osteointegration
  • Reverse shoulder prostheses for cuff arthropathy

Knee surgery

Arthroscopic procedures / keyhole surgery:

  • Cartilage damage: transplantation of autologous cartilage cells (ACT), abrasive arthroplasty, micro-fracture, osteochondral transfer with diamond milling (OATS)
  • Damage and rupture of the meniscus: smoothing the meniscus and stitching the meniscus with minimally invasive arthroscopic suture systems
  • Balancing the patella (lateral release, etc.) With pello-femoral pain syndrome and patella
  • Osteochondritis
  • Autologous arthroscopic cruciate ligament surgery
  • Axis correction: axis correction with 8 plates in children, angle correction close to the knee
  • Cartilage Surgery: Autologous Cartilage Cell Transplantation (ACT), Osteochondral Transfer (OATS)
  • "Baker" cystic surgery, bursar surgery
  • Patellar tendon rupture, quadriceps tendon rupture and collateral ligament damage
  • Tumor surgery: Enchondroma, cartilaginous exostosis (osteochondroma), anerismatic bone cyst, osteoid osteoma and others
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