MD B. Schweigert
Orthopedics Clinic

MD B. Schweigert

Main Focus

    • Top class specialist in the sphere of surgical orthopaedics and orthopaedic traumology
    • Endoprosthesis replacement of hip joint
    • Endoprosthesis replacement of knee joint
    • Prosthesis replacement


Ebertplatz 12
77654 Offenburg
Nearest airport: Stuttgart (150 km)

About MD B. Schweigert

Ortenau Orthopedics Clinic in Offendurg in the South of Germany is a part of the alliance Ortenau Klinikum including three clinics considered among the best clinics of the region. The clinic has been specializing in treatment of joint diseases for a long time. The Medical Director of the clinic is Dr. Bruno Schweigert, who is also the head of the Emergency Surgery Department in the subdivision Ortenau Klinikum in Oberkirch.

In addition to Conservative Orthopedics Dept, Surgery and Rheumatology Dept the clinic has a subordinated certified Center of Arthroplasty and Rehabilitation.

Center of Arthroplasty and Rehabilitation

Clinical Department of Endoprosthesis makes about 1,000 arthroscopic operations and more than 1,100 joint replacements annually, including 500 total knee replacements and 500 hip replacements. The center offers to its patients

  • modern facilities with high tech equipments,
  • minimally invasive surgical techniques,
  • the latest designed prosthesis,
  • high-qualified medical staff,
  • effective rehabilitation programs.

Treatment, surgery and rehabilitation plan is designed individually for each patient taking into consideration patient's medical indications, health issues and financial capabilities.

The hospital has a blood bank, a bone material bank, a donor room and Intensive Care Department.


The center is equipped with high-precision diagnostic equipment Toshiba and Siemens, computer surgical navigation system OrthoPilot, operational microscopes with Carl Zeiss lenses, endoscopes and arthroscopes, MIOS.


The center has a choice of prosthesis made of titanium, porcelain and polymers designed to adapt to the human body. The material and design are normally suggested individually to each patient.


The quality of medical services of the orthopedic center confirmed by a certificate EndoCert of independent German association of orthopedists and orthosurgeons, which means that the center in Gengenbach is specialized orthopedic institution and meet European quality standards.

Pediatric orthopedics

There is a Department of Pediatric orthopedics for 10 small patients in the center, which cooperate with the Center of Mother and Child, Pediatric and Teenagers Medicine in Ortenau Klinikum in Offenburg, and also with the Centre of neuro-orthopedic care for children and adults in Cork.

Ortenau Klinikum alliance have more than 2000 people working in Offenburg and Gengendach and they ready to help 24-hour every day having to those who suffer of cute and chronicle orthopedical issues.

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