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The complete or partial endoprosthetic replacement of an injured or worn human elbow joint is referred to as an elbow prosthesis or an artificial elbow joint. Such an elbow prosthesis is typically used when the cartilaginous layer of the elbow joint is worn so severely that conservative and joint-preserving treatment procedures can not adequately restore mobility and functionality of the elbow joint nor relieve pain.

The elbow endoprosthesis offers excellent mobility, pain reduction and durability. However, it should not be loaded over 4-5 kg to avoid loosening or breaking out. This low load capacity is the main reason why the prosthesis should be installed only at a higher age and less demanding.

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For the persons with the pain in the elbow joint or with the wear of the elbow joint our orthopedic experts have several solutions. Depending on the case, the appropriate solution is used on the basis of imaging (MRI, X-ray) and the problem description: partial or total elbow joint replacement. Elbow joint replacement is done when conservative therapy is ineffective or in case of emergency. Most elbow joint operations are performed gently so that the patients have a normal quality of life in a timely manner. 2020-03-05 Elbow Replacement
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