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The term "tennis elbow" is often misleading, since not only tennis players suffer under the tennis elbow. The tennis elbow is an irritant to the extensor tendon attachment on the outside of the elbow.

How is a tennis elbow created?

Most of the causes for the tennis elbow are one-sided stress and overuse of the hand, forearm and finger extensor muscles. Another trigger is elbow instability, for example, as a result of acute injury. Similarly, working on the computer with a mouse, a wrong attitude in home and garden work as well as exercise can lead to the typical symptoms.

Most affected are men and women from 35 years. These usually suffer from burning pain in the elbow that pull into the forearm.

This mostly occurs when lifting, gripping or carrying objects.

How is a tennis elbow diagnosed and treated?

The diagnosis is made by clinical examination and special tests. In addition, an X-ray and MRI can be performed.

The tennis elbow is usually treated conservatively: Physiotherapy and stretching exercises usually bring good results. In addition, shock wave therapy and infiltration are used in addition. In particularly severe cases, an arthroscopic procedure may be required.

Tennis elbow treatment

The disease is "good-natured" because it has a high cure rate, but! - sometimes tedious. Therefore, keep calm! Only a few patients experience a chronic course. So, what to do?

  1. First of all, triggers should be avoided (for example, ergonomically designing workplaces, stretching in the breaks, improving tennis beating techniques).
  2. For analgesic use, local cooling may be used in the acute stage, and it may also help with anti-inflammatory use or ointment.
  3. For severe pain, cortisone infiltration and / or plaster rest is also conceivable.

Bandages or kinesiotape are often described as helpful.

If the damage is longer than 6 weeks, then warmth and connective tissue massages or even manual therapy are helpful.

  • a variety of physical measures such as ultrasound, laser, shock wave ... can contribute to healing and should be considered when the disease threatens to become chronic.

Also effective are injections of botulinum toxin and platelet-rich plasma.

Tennis elbow surgery

Before considering operative measures, x-rays should be taken or magnetic resonance imaging performed. It is generally recommended to be operative only after 6 months and unsuccessful conservative therapy, or after 3 months in case of threatened job loss. With a recovery of the ability to work after surgery is to be reckoned after 6-12 weeks.

New arthroscopic procedures are gentler and lead to faster rehabilitation.

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Estimate Costs For Elbow Joint Replacement
Endoprosthetics of the elbow jointfrom €15,000
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